Las Vegas Prepares For First Democratic Presidential Debatenewser

(NEWSER) – The Democrats debate for the first time Tuesday night, with the festivities from Las Vegas starting at 8:30 Eastern on CNN.

You can expect Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O'Malley, Jim Webb, and Lincoln Chafee on stage, with Joe Biden still a wild card. Some related developments:

  • Biden's lectern: CNN isn't just figuratively holding a spot for the vice president if decides to join the debate—it has a sixth lectern set aside. Right now, however, most analysts don't expect Biden to participate, reports the Hill.
  • The wild card: If one emerges, it's likely to be Webb, according to the Washington Post. The former Virginia senator has "idiosyncratic" views that don't fit the usual mold. He's to the left on some things (an early opponent of the Iraq war) and to the right on others (the Confederate flag issue is "complicated," he says).

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