(NEWSER) – The third Democratic presidential debate is being held Saturday night in New Hampshire. And while the Dem debates have been less dramatic than their Republican counterparts, a number of experts think that could change Saturday. Here are six things to watch when the prospective nominees (and Martin O'Malley) take the stage:

  • Bernie Sanders' "nuclear option": Slate thinks it's time for Sanders to really attack Hillary Clinton, if only for the headlines. "Doing that would break his campaign promise and go against his policy-above-politics mission statement—but it would also end his coverage drought."
  • Can Clinton stay cool?: Everything is breaking Clinton's way, Reuters reports. All she needs to do is avoid being drawn into a fight with Sanders. "She'll be fine," a former New Hampshire Democratic Party chair says. "She's just going to deliver her message and stay on point."
  • Lessons from Donald Trump: Sanders could look to the GOP in his search for a much-needed "big moment," according to the Los Angeles Times. "He will be under pressure to transform what has proved to be a staid platform this election season into something more akin to what the Republican debates have been: unpredictable, attention-grabbing."

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