• Frosty: From the New Book about the Clintons to Car Hacking and Cyborgs

    Aug 1, 2014 | 107 min
    On this, his final show, Frosty covers a lot of ground with talk about new job numbers, Google buses, soccer for the homeless, working with a southern accent, and Frosty closes the show with an explanation on why he is moving on.
  • Frosty: From Congress Sues President Obama to the Kim Kardashian Game App

    Jul 31, 2014 | 107 min
    Frosty provides comments on current topics like the face transplant GQ front cover, the new rules coming to the NFL, and the financial worth of Snapchat.
  • Frosty: From the Ebola Virus Pandemic to Sharknado 2

    Jul 30, 2014 | 109 min
    Topics highlighted during today's show include problems with Social Security, noisy children in restaurants, and the possible move of the Oakland Raiders to Texas.
  • Frosty: From Rising Sea Levels to Saving Money on Your Power Bill

    Jul 29, 2014 | 106 min
    As usual, it's a mixed bag with Frosty, including walking as exercise, how Geraldo Rivera put his foot in his mouth, and the controversy over a cross at the 9/11 memorial.
  • Frosty: From the Perils of Flying to the Naked Bike Ride

    Jul 28, 2014 | 108 min
    Frosty dwells on aviation topics for much of the show, but also talks about the high price of food at the new Levi Stadium, the Dwight Eisenhower memorial plans, and comments on listeners' emails.
  • Frosty: From the Border Crisis to the Doctor Who Confused Circumcision with Castration

    Jul 25, 2014 | 102 min
    Your Friday Frosty converses with Jim Gilchrist, president of the Minuteman Project, about the crisis at the U.S.-Mexican border, plus he shares lotto winner stories, and talks about Cuban refugees, Justin Bieber and Buzz Aldrin.
  • Frosty: From Botched Arizona Execution to On-Hold Music

    Jul 24, 2014 | 108 min
    Frosty engages us with talk on subjects such as Michael Moore's divorce, the Indian kid who grew too many teeth, and motorcycle lane splitting.
  • Frosty: From the Taiwan Plane Crash to Snoop Dog Smoking Weed at the White House

    Jul 23, 2014 | 108 min
    During the course of the show, Frosty comments on the soda tax being put on the San Francisco ballot in November, mortgage tax forgiveness, the iWatch, and the continuing family fued over Casey Kasem's body.
  • Frosty: From President Obama's LGBT Executive Order to Man's Spreadsheet with Wife's Excuses to Not Have Sex

    Jul 22, 2014 | 112 min
    During the show Frosty talks about the drought in Detroit, unisex bathrooms at colleges, and the National Guard being sent down to the border, among other topics.
  • Frosty: From Plane Shot Down Over Ukraine to Remembering James Garner

    Jul 21, 2014 | 110 min
    Frosty talks about the news of the day as well as how the No-Fly list is growing, how millenials don't know how to invest, and provides audio and comments about Dick Cheney's talk about Iraq.
  • Frosty: From Downed Malaysian Airliner to FedEx Drug Smugglers

    Jul 18, 2014 | 104 min
    Frosty closes out the week with talk about the latest shooting in Stockton, the Malaysian airliner shot down over Ukraine, President Obama being late for a press conference, and more about the Central American immigrant children at the border.
  • Frosty: From George W. Bush's New Knee to Free Marijuana for the Poor in Berkeley

    Jul 17, 2014 | 109 min
    Frosty loads up the show with info and comments on subjects such as higher grocery prices, ruling on the death penalty, the fake airport screener, and a family lotto feud.
  • Frosty: From Splitting California Into Six States to Anniversary of Moon Landing

    Jul 16, 2014 | 108 min
    Frosty offers comments on subjects such as the water school in Santa Cruz, the pansexual college student getting money from GoFundMe, an immigrant kids update and the Comcast call nightmare, and more.
  • Frosty: From Boston Bomber Update to Earthquake Movie Filming in SF

    Jul 15, 2014 | 111 min
    During this show Frosty takes on the homeless, brings up the new California over-usage charges for water, talks about the sex-worker website that was shut down, and notes U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder's comments about racism.
  • Frosty: From the Self-Cleaning Car to Richard Nixon's Sexuality

    Jul 14, 2014 | 108 min
    During the course of the show, Frosty talks about coffee and cheap teachers, Bowe Bergdahl's therapy, and how people spend too much time on their phones, and more.
  • Frosty: From the California Drought to an Update on Kid Found in Basement

    Jul 11, 2014 | 107 min
    Frosty brings up subject such as the woman who was knocked out after the Giants-A's game, where LeBron James is headed next, and the latest heckling of President Obama.
  • Frosty: From The Crisis on the Border to Britney Spears' Voice

    Jul 10, 2014 | 106 min
    Frosty offers a mixed bag of topics including more on the child immigration problem at the U.S.-Mexican border, the Bryan Stow case verdict, and the eviction of a 98 year old tennant.
  • Frosty: From Ray Nagin Sentencing to Signs Your Partner is Lying About Money

    Jul 9, 2014 | 107 min
    Frosty fills the show with talk about Sarah Palin's desire to impeach President Obama, the sleeping fan who is suing the New York Yankees, and the continuing saga of the Oakland A's stadium deal, among other items.
  • Frosty: From Anthony Lopez Case Update to Sex Contracts for College Students

    Jul 8, 2014 | 59 min
    Frosty gives several issues of the day his time including a lotto winner's vow of poverty, the drought's effect on golf courses, and Dr. Sanjay Gupta's 180 on the medicinal value of marijuana.
  • Frosty: From Immigration Problems at the Border to the Colostomy Bag Model

    Jul 7, 2014 | 110 min
    Frosty is back and ready to talks about, among other things, the continuing friction at the U.S.-Mexico border, abandoned malls in America, the new Pink Floyd album, and audio of Joan Rivers cutting an interview short.
  • Frosty: From Middle East to Rating Modern Presidents

    Jul 3, 2014 | 110 min
    Filling in for Frosty is Talk910 Political Analyst John Rothmann. During the show John discusses the U.S. economy, gun control, the Middle East, modern presidents and the auctioning off of Lou Gehrig's glove.
  • Frosty: From Nanny Nightmare Update to Serena Williams' Sickness

    Jul 2, 2014 | 71 min
    Frosty touches on several issues such as the repealing of the food handler glove law, a Bowe Bergdahl update, and a rant about Berkeley's sugary drink tax proposal.
  • Frosty: From Judge Jeanine's Scathing Take on President Obama to Vet Fired for Giving Away Food

    Jul 1, 2014 | 91 min
    Frosty comments on the news of the day including hate crimes against lesbians during SF Pride weekend, campsites being closed because of the drought, and President Obama's crack joke.
  • Frosty: From SF Pride to Supreme Court Ruling on Contraceptive Coverage

    Jun 30, 2014 | 110 min
    Talk 910 Political Analyst John Rothmann fills in for Frosty. Topics covered during the show are the United States Supreme Court's ruling in the Burwell v Hobby Lobby, news of the death of the three kidnapped Israelis teens, ISIS declaring independent statehood, the SF Pride celebration, and President Obama's plan to carry on immigration reform without Congress.
  • Frosty: From Suicide Net for Golden Gate Bridge to Stealing Passwords with Google Glass

    Jun 27, 2014 | 107 min
    Frosty has his say about several topics including sexism in the media, the cheapest car ever, and the arrest of Shia LaBeouf.
  • Frosty: From John Boehner's Desire to Impeach Obama to Suicide Net for Golden Gate Bridge

    Jun 26, 2014 | 109 min
    Frosty opines on several issues including the upcoming Gay Pride Weekend, House Speaker John Boehner's plan to impeach President Obama, and how college kids are having a hard time moving out of the house.
  • Frosty: From Supreme Court Ruling on Cell Phone Searches to Drunk Diane Sawyer

    Jun 25, 2014 | 109 min
    Subjects covered by Frosty today include George Luca's film museum being located in Chicago, binge TV watching, and the no-fly list being found unconstitutional.
  • Frosty: From New White House Press Secretary to Terrorist T-Shirts

    Jun 24, 2014 | 107 min
    Frosty engages the show with several topics from the new NTSB report on the Asiana Airlines crash at SFO to Queen Elizabeth's visit to the set of "Game of Thrones" to Lebron James' new contract.
  • Frosty: New Report on Asiana Crash to Monkey Parking

    Jun 23, 2014 | 109 min
    Frosty is back, talking about several topics including California's dealing with drought conditions, the new Harley Davidson electric motorcycle, and a new report about the Asiana Airlines crash at SFO.
  • Frosty: From Teacher Tenure to Summer Blockbuster Movies

    Jun 20, 2014 | 109 min
    Ed Baxter fills in for Frosty, dealing with issues such as the new court ruling regarding teacher tenure in California, international politics with John Rothmann, and a look at some of the summer blockbuster movies.
  • Frosty: From President Obama's Iraq Speech to the New Amazon Smartphone

    Jun 19, 2014 | 110 min
    Frosty airs President Obama's speech about Iraq and comments on it. He also covers topics, such as privacy laws for teen internet content, the new Amazon smartphone, and an update on Bowe Bergdahl.
  • Frosty: From Washington Redskins to Los Angeles Mayor's F-Bomb

    Jun 18, 2014 | 109 min
    Frosty comments on the stories of the day, including the planned mission to Mars, the Keystone XL Pipeline costs, and an update on the Washington Redskins controversy.
  • Frosty: From ISIS to Nursing Homes for Dogs

    Jun 17, 2014 | 110 min
    Frosty comments on several topics today, including the impact of ISIS in the Iraq conflict, nursing homes for dogs, and America's win at the World Cup.
  • Frosty: From the Crisis in Iraq to an Air Traffic Controller's Joke

    Jun 16, 2014 | 111 min
    Frosty fills the show with topics like war going on in Iraq, freedom of speech on Facebook, and a tribute to the late Casey Kasem.
  • Frosty: From Obama and Iraq to Miss USA

    Jun 13, 2014 | 113 min
    Frosty goes over some listener emails, talks about MUNI, and covers President Obama's statements on Iraq, as well as some Miss USA controversy.
  • Frosty: From Trouble in Iraq to Justin Bieber Cures Cancer

    Jun 12, 2014 | 109 min
    Frosty covers subjects such as Rick Perry's homophobic remarks, Justin Bieber's ability to help cure a little boy's mystery illness, and George Zimmerman's lawsuit against NBC.
  • Frosty: From Gun Violence in America to Protecting Your Pets from Weather

    Jun 11, 2014 | 110 min
    Frosty covers topics including gun violence in America, the Washington Redskins debate, and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's primary loss.
  • Frosty: From Portland School Shooting to Wizard of Oz Museum

    Jun 10, 2014 | 108 min
    Frosty topics include info about the shootings at a Portland high school and in Las Vegas, along with stories about the Wizard of Oz museum and Oakland Mayor Jean Quan's cell phone.
  • Frosty: From Seattle Student Hero to New Fart App

    Jun 9, 2014 | 108 min
    Some of the topics covered today include the Seattle student who took down the shooter at Seattle Pacific University, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan's car accident, and audio from California Chrome's co-owner following the horse's loss at the Belmont Stakes.
  • Frosty 06-06-14 Hr3: School Shooting in Seattle, Bowe Bergdahl Controversy, Wood Chipper Birds, North Korea Detainees, Cocaine Smuggling Pilot

    Jun 6, 2014 | 36 min
    During this hour, Frosty comments on the school shooting at Seattle Pacific University, the Bowe Bergdahl situation, North Korea detainees, and the pilot caught smuggling cocaine.
  • Frosty 06-06-14 Hr2: Happy Dog Story, Justin Bieber, Cheerleaders Pay, Internet Privacy, Casey Kasem is Dying, Bowe Bergdahl Controversy

    Jun 6, 2014 | 34 min
    Throughout the hour, Frosty talks about a particular happy dog, Justin Bieber, Cheerleaders pay, internet privacy, Casey Kasem's condition, and the Bowe Bergdahl controversy.