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    • For the month of May, we're keeping you up to date with the latest in allergy medicine.

    Focus on Allergy


    The Chemicals We Bring into Our Homes: Are Common Household Items Making Us Sick?

    Host: Brian P. McDonough, MD, FAAFP For most people, the home is a refuge and an oasis, a place to feel safe. But few ever wonder whether their home... Read more

    June 3, 2016 | 14 min

    Discovering the Connection Between Allergies and Asthma and Understanding the Importance of Allergy Testing

    Host: Mario R. Nacinovich, Jr., MSc Guest: Inderpal Randhawa, MD What is the connection between allergies and asthma? And, why is allergy testing ... Read more

    March 31, 2016 | 12 min

    Help for People with Gluten Sensitivities at Restaurants

    Host: Matt Birnholz, MD The simple act of going out to eat can be a tricky proposition for people dealing with gluten intolerance or sensitivity iss... Read more

    March 10, 2016 | 14 min

    Taking a Bite Out of Food Allergies: From Assessment Through Management

    Host: Matt Birnholz, MD Guest: Robert Wood, MD The prevalence of allergic diseases, including food allergies are increasing worldwide and the comp... Read more

    September 28, 2015 | 15 min

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