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    Near Death Experiences, Dictionary Uproar, Consider the Fork, Portable Cottages for the Elderly & Baking

    Segment 1: Dr. Eban Alexander/Proof of Heaven Segment 2&3: David Skinner/Story of Ain't Segment 4: Bee Wilson/Consider the Fork Segment 5: Ken Dupin/... Read more

    February 7, 2016 | 54 min

    The Dictionary That Cause an Uproar

    In The Story of Ain't: America, Its Language, and the Most Controversial Dictionary Ever Published, David Skinner shares how the "truth is stranger t... Read more

    February 7, 2016 | 7 min

    Why powerful men cheat, chronicles of raising a gay son, behind the scenes on election night, spa vacations for pets & wine pairings

    Segment 1: Terry Orbuch/relationship expert Segment 2 and 3:John Schwartz/gay son Segment 4: Dave Wasserman/elections Segment 5: Bob Vetere/pampered p... Read more

    January 31, 2016 | 55 min

    Behind the Scenes of the Elections

    Dave Wasserman, the House Editor with the non-partisan Cook Political Report. For the past 3 elections cycles, Dave has projected the House races for ... Read more

    January 31, 2016 | 8 min

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