• Episode 14-13: Impermanence.

    Sep 5, 2014 | 12 min
    Playlist: A Nice Theory, Watts Riots, Children of Africa – Symphony of Science, So, How Are You Feeling? Bamboozlers, Everything Changes – Suzuki read by Peter Coyote. All content presented for educational purposes and protected under international copyright laws. Podcast produced by Michael Dickes
  • Before The Herd - by michael dickes

    Aug 30, 2014 | 9 min
    Written & read by michael dickes for Awkword Paper Cut September 2014 (c) 2014 www.awkwordpapercut.com
  • The Watching Crowd by Susanna Crossman

    Aug 19, 2014 | 10 min
  • Who Sleeps?

    Aug 10, 2014 | 8 min
    Written and Produced by Michael Dickes for AwkwordPaperCut.com Video version: http://vimeo.com/60155215 Copyright 2012
  • EPISODE 14-12 The Lakeshore

    Jul 30, 2014 | 27 min
    City Drip - md Earth’s Song – Louise Hastings % Dream - md % The Lake - Edgar Allan Poe ^ The Heart Field – Gregg Braden Los Vestido Desgarrados – Alberto Iglesias Loon - Greg Budney # The Moon – Claudia Serea * Great Enlightenment (~) Wooden Boat - md Sisters at the Lake – Cherise Wolas Like Water ^ - md Desire (exerpt) – Talk Talk % Ambient Sound #3 by Erokia * ^ Voiced by Nic Seabstian. *Soundtrack by Jared Gibb Special thanks to the The Poetry Storehouse # Macaulay Library & Cornell Lab of Ornithology (~) Sanskrit Mantras: Vajra Guru and Maha Moksha Lake related sound effects recorded using a ZOOM stereo mic At Indian Lake, NY in July 2014. All content presented for educational purposes ...
  • Episode 14-11.

    Jun 29, 2014 | 32 min
    Spaghetti Cup, Leonardo in the Marketplace – Eric Norris, Phone call to Belgium – Marc Neys & MD, Charlie Testifies, In the Dearth of Books & Great Men, Mean Jerk Time, A Walk - TYKO. Contents of this podcast are intended for instructional purposes only. Individual titles protected by copyright owned by the creators and/or their representatives. © 2014 Awkword Paper Cut New York, NY www.awkwordpapercut.com
  • Episode 14-10: No Clearance in the Niche

    May 28, 2014 | 22 min
    Stacking Rocks, Unacceptable Shorts, Writers in the Niche, Childhood Factories by Matt Dennison, Hold me, he whispers. Tiens-moi by Susanna Crossman, Man Without Love, Bees in the Eves by Bill Yarrow^, Yoo-kuh-ley-lee she over god's pocket, Storytelling in the Modern World - Ken Brecher, No Clearance in the Niche by michael dickes* ^ Poem by Yarrow; Read by Sebastion; Piano by Quijack (CC) * Music by Album Leaf Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved Awkword Paper Cut New York, NY The contents on this page are the property of the respective authors, artists, and publishers. All content is provided for educational purposes only
  • Episode 14-9: Around 4am Last Thursday

    May 14, 2014 | 31 min
    On the Reel Who’s Fit for Teaching? The Best Cigarette – Billy Collins Around 4 or So Last Thursday Morning – MD Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll – Mason Jennings (If) Grief (Were) Briefly (to) Disappear * Stevie Ronnie Interview The Art of Drowning – Billy Collins Instead of A Love Poem – Rob Plath^ You Gotta Move – Mississippi Fred McDowell Arvo Pärt - Beatus Petronius excerpt *Poem by Stevie Ronnie, read by Nic Sebastion, produced by Swoon ^ Read & Produced by Michael Dickes. Poem by Rob Plath Produced by Michael Dickes Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved Awkword Paper Cut New York, NY The contents on this page are the property of the respective authors, artists, and publishers. All conten...
  • Episode 14-8 | Déjà Vécu (edit)

    Apr 12, 2014 | 21 min
    Despot’s Progress – Marc Neys & David Peake % Sometimes in Late Evening – David James Whole Love – Madeleine Slavick* Butter Cheating The Ferryman – Anthony Peake Whetstone Cowyboy ** Through The Woods – Rudyard Kipling^ Fran Ryan’s Kid Echo in a Jelly Jar^* Suffering – Peter Russell 1972 in Jersey Another Day – Album Leaf % Despot’s Progress: Poem & words: Robert Peake Concept,editing, music: Swoon (Marc Neys) * Whole Love: Read by Cherise Wolas **Jon Voit + Dustin Hoffman - Midnight Cowboy ^ Public Domain ^* Jelly Jar: Michael Dickes Podcast is © 2014 Awkword Paper Cut. Engineered by Alfonse DuBois Produced & Hosted by Michael Dickes All content is provided for educational Purposes.
  • Episode 14-8 | Déjà Vécu - Long

    Apr 12, 2014 | 31 min
    About Awkword Paper Cut Podcast: An imaginative encounter with words in motion and visually inspiring soundscapes. The experience is greatly enhanced by listening through headphones in a reclined position with eyes closed and mind wide open. Déjà vécu (pronounced vay-koo) is what most people are experiencing when they think they are experiencing deja vu. Déjà vu is the sense of having seen something before, whereas déjà vécu is the experience of having seen an event before, but in great detail – such as recognizing smells and sounds. This is also usually accompanied by a very strong feeling of knowing what is going to come next. Read more from The New York Times Despot’s Progress – Marc Neys...