• BEYOND The Cheers 10-17-14

    Oct 13, 2014 | 61 min
    By the time college athletes arrive to campus, many have already been personally exposed to incidents of violence. Whether against women – through a teammate, friend or family member, most victims were never taught to understand, process or prevent situations from happening. The full impact of violent encounters is often extreme for victims and can affect them for the rest of their lives. The campus environment combined with the culture of big time college athletics can be seen as a devastating mix, especially since one in five women on campus will experience a sexual assault or an attempted rape. Athletes are often seen as role models and leaders in their communities. They can have a huge i...
  • BEYOND The Cheers- Breakthrough Thinking

    Oct 8, 2014 | 61 min
    On this edition of BEYOND The Cheers, Dave Ferguson tackles breakthrough thinking with Gene Gaudet.
  • BEYOND The Cheers - Concussion Effects

    Sep 29, 2014 | 59 min
    The medical world tells us that the majority of concussion symptoms are gone within two or three weeks. But what about those that are beyond the majority and deal with post concussion symptoms for days, years or the perhaps the rest of their lives? Concussions are completely different than other injuries. When you injure your knee, arm or collarbone there is a typical recovery time that is gauged by how you feel and by your ability to return to normal activity. Most injuries require rest or immobilization of the broken or fractured limb. However some activity may still be possible with limitations. With concussions it is estimated that 80% to 90% heal in about three weeks. There are no crutc...
  • BEYOND The Cheers - 9-26-14

    Sep 22, 2014 | 59 min
    Stress and anxiety accompanied by the pressures of daily life can have a significant impact to our overall well-being. From children to seniors, weekend warriors to elite athletes, all are affected in some way or another by varied levels of stress and anxiety. Not dealing with life’s issues can turn anyone into a percolating coffee pot. If you ignore situations and fail to diffuse or deal with them you can explode. Tai Chi makes your brain bigger, keeps you on your toes, and helps you shake off stress effortlessly. Researchers at the University of South Florida and Fudan University in China found that Tai Chi increases brain volume in seniors who practiced the discipline three times a week f...
  • BEYOND The Cheers - Breakthrough Thinkin

    Sep 15, 2014 | 60 min
    Hall of Fame baseball player and legendary wordsmith Yogi Berra famously said, “90% of this game is 50% mental.” While this math doesn’t add up, it points to a vital aspect of sports and athletic competition. Although the games we play and watch are visibly physical, the key to success in sports is based on mental preparation and approach. Whether you are a sports hobbyist or a top professional athlete, the mental component is what differentiates those who are continually frustrated from those who succeed. It almost always determines the outcome between two opponents who are fundamentally, evenly matched. Gene Jones is a nationally acclaimed thought leader and expert on breakthrough thinking...
  • BEYOND The Cheers 9-12-14

    Sep 8, 2014 | 61 min
    Dangerous, deadly and extreme sport offers the possibility of death or injury but, nevertheless, usually has the ability to attract a large audience. The greater the risk, the larger the crowd. Extreme injury in sport and untimeliness of death are often overlooked beyond the enjoyment of the fans. Armchair athletes, onlookers and even movie-goers enjoy watching others endure the blood, sweat, and tears of extreme competition. But for the thrill of individual competition or a sense of team accomplishment and a desire to do their very best, does the risk to the athlete outweigh the entertainment value? A dangerous sport has the potential risk of being deadly, but the incidents of actual death ...
  • BEYOND The Cheers - Gym's

    Sep 3, 2014 | 60 min
    Dave Ferguson talks about the good, the bad and the ugly of Crossfit and gym's
  • BEYOND The Cheers 8-29-14

    Aug 26, 2014 | 60 min
    Beyond the Cheers host Dave Ferguson brings you hard hitting off the cuff sports talk about the NFL, MLB and NBA
  • BEYOND The Cheers - Ken Berry

    Aug 18, 2014 | 60 min
    Major League Baseball is supposed to be in the in the midst of a “golden era” that has set the league up for a long and prosperous future according to commissioner Bud Selig. He made this statement prior to the All-Star Game at New York’s Citi Field. “The last nine years have been the greatest attendance years in the history of the sport,” Selig said. “We are at numbers that no one could have dreamed possible.” That’s an astounding and oft-repeated claim from the outgoing commissioner, especially given his travails. In the past 20 years, MLB has suffered through a canceled World Series, the steroid era and the desecration of its holy bible—the hallowed records book that linked generations of...
  • Beyond the Cheers - Tough & on the Cuff

    Aug 13, 2014 | 60 min
    Dave Ferguson tackles some tough, on the cuff discussions about various sports related issues.
  • BEYOND The Cheers - Concussions Kill

    Aug 7, 2014 | 60 min
    Late January in 2011, 14-year-old Ben Robinson played rugby union for his school. After being treated three times for blows to the head and sent back onto the field following each occasion, he collapsed and later died in hospital. Ben took too many hits to the head in too short a period of time. His death could, and should, have been prevented. Ben is one of the rare documented cases in the world of young athletes dying from Second Impact Syndrome (SIS). An athlete who is recovering from a concussion, but who has not yet fully recovered, is at risk for SIS that could result tragically in death. Typically, the athlete will experience post-concussion signs and symptoms after the first head inj...
  • BEYOND the Cheers - MMA a KO Sport

    Jul 31, 2014 | 60 min
    Boxing for youth had mostly been praised for promoting discipline and self-defense for athletes and for decades it was in the spotlight. But now, there’s nothing hotter than the UFC. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a sport that combines all facets of fighting into one and sees grown men fighting until one is knocked out or gives up. Unfortunately with the level of violence MMA includes, we’ve seen many men and women fight and come inches away from serious brain damage. The numbers of younger men and women training in MMA is growing, well beyond boxing. Regardless, of the intensity and violence of the sport, kids want to portray their heroes that they see in the fighting cage. The questions remai...
  • BEYOND The Cheers - Improving Youth Spor

    Jul 25, 2014 | 61 min
    Youth sports is really big business. It is estimated that up to 35 million kids between the ages of 5-18 are playing organized sports today and the trend continues towards kids beginning at even earlier ages. 67 percent of boys and 47 percent of girls are already playing on organized sport teams by age six. For young athletes, regular participation in youth sports can provide a combination of health and fitness related benefits, as well as an opportunity to learn about discipline, commitment, setting and achieving goals, teamwork, and fair play. The advantages can even extend to enhanced academic achievement. Sports can (and should) be a lot of fun too! But unfortunately, for both boys and g...
  • BEYOND the Cheers- Joga with Jana Webb

    Jun 26, 2014 | 60 min
    Athletes and active individuals are always looking for ways to become more competitive in their sport and want to stay injury free. Joga is growing in popularity as a workout that responds to the specific demands of athletes, who are both results and achievement oriented individuals. An athletic based style of yoga, Joga incorporates a unique blend of postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation tools to find balance in strength and flexibility, improve breath control and recovery, and maintain a calm mind in sport and in life. It focuses on the mechanics and movements of any particular sport and results in a targeted yoga program that enhances athletic performance for any specific discipl...
  • BEYOND the Cheers - Life Reflections

    Jun 19, 2014 | 60 min
    Athletes in pursuit of a gold medal are consumed by their training throughout a good portion of their lives, spending relentless time and energy in pursuit of Olympic glory. But some athletes like Alyson Dudek, think and dream much bigger, going after alternate goals in tandem with achieving Olympic success. After winning the 500-meter event and finishing second overall in short track speed skating at the U.S. National Championship Olympic qualifier in 2009, Alyson (Aly) Dudek and her teammates brought home the Bronze medal from Vancouver 2010 in the 3,000 meter relay. Aly has been determined since the day she was born, according to her mom. Her strategy has been to concentrate on improving ...
  • BEYOND the Cheers -Detecting Concussions

    Jun 19, 2014 | 61 min
    In the United States, the annual incidence of sports-related concussion is estimated at 300,000. In Canada, it is estimated to be 30,000. Estimates regarding the likelihood of an athlete in a contact sport experiencing a concussion may be as high as 19% per season. Although the majority of athletes who experience a concussion are likely to recover, an as yet unknown number of these individuals may experience chronic cognitive and neurobehavioral difficulties related to recurrent injury. During the last decade, Emergency Department (ED) visits for sports and recreation-related Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), including concussions, among children and adolescents increased by 60%. Overall, the ...
  • BEYOND the Cheers - Silken Laumann

    Jun 19, 2014 | 62 min
    Encountering obstacles throughout life can make it difficult, in many ways, to forge ahead. At times, it can seem like we are running a race. We encounter hurdles that may come as a shock or a surprise, but regardless, it is necessary to accept the difficulties we will all face. Understanding and acknowledging this, is the first step. Challenges that seem insurmountable are never impossible or impractical to solve. When faced with inevitable obstacles, you may sometimes forget that you have a choice; to overcome what is in front of you; or to let it stop you in your tracks. One thing you can do, is to try and shift your ‘perspective’. Perspective can be defined as the way in which you approa...
  • BEYOND The Cheers - Inside the KHL

    Jun 19, 2014 | 60 min
    Many young hockey players hold on to the dream of playing in the NHL some day. For some, the dreams turn into a reality, while others may never reach this far-fetched goal. Numerous hockey players end up in a minor league system waiting for the day the phone will ring to invite them to take their one shot chance at being drafted to the NHL. Others take an alternate path and take advantage of the opportunity to play in Europe. The “Kontinentalnaya Hokkeynaya Liga” in Russia, better known as the KHL, was started in 2008 with the support of then-Russian President Vladimir Putin. The aim was to create a strong cross-ocean rival to the NHL, a league that the best European players, particularly th...