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    • Cold War Radio is an effort to ensure this period in our history is not forgotten or rewritten. The ...

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    Cold War Radio - CWR#299

    Critics Pounce On Lynch’s Campaign Donations, Sweden Not Impressed With The Results Of Hillary’s ‘Reset’ With Russia, Plans For War (Updated), The Ass... Read more

    February 9, 2016 | 58 min

    Cold War Radio - CWR#298

    When Advisers Hate Israel, Ed Klein: ‘Total and Complete’ Bull for Hillary to Claim She’s ‘Absolutely’ Not Worried About FBI Investigation, Reince Pri... Read more

    February 5, 2016 | 59 min

    Cold War Radio - CWR#297

    Obama Uses Mosque Speech To Subordinate All Religion To The State, Top Pro-Amnesty Lawmaker Lashes Out at Special Immigration Status, Welfare for Cuba... Read more

    February 4, 2016 | 58 min

    Cold War Radio - CWR#296

    Hillary Classified Emails Included Names of Undercover CIA Agents, Germany's Migrant Deportation Plan: "Political Charade", Islam and Islamism in Amer... Read more

    February 2, 2016 | 58 min

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