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Heather Bond: Being a Pianist in Nashville, Songwriting, and Changes at the Blue

We talk to Nashville-based singer/songwriter Heather Bond-Nashville's piano–pop starlet whose pure, ethereal voice is taking music to new heights. Her heartfelt lyrical honesty pushes the boundaries of traditional songwriting while her melodic genius redefines the notion altogether. We talk songwriting, her move to Nashville, changes at the Bluebir...

November 21, 2014 | 30 min

Why Bill Cosby Needs to Respond and the Keystone Pipeline Failure to Pass Senate

Content-packed show today! Rob Haynes gives us a Sports Report and a Vex on his dislike of magic. Johnny Dam checks in with a DAMage Report, Angie Dorin with a Monkey Minute. Later, in Pop Culture we talk acne, scars and other new Barbie accessories, Will Smith's children, and the women who smoked pot for the first time and played Cards Against Hum...

November 20, 2014 | 49 min

Int w/ V3 MMA Fighter Justin Hartley AKA 615

Justin Hartley AKA 615 is gearing up for a big fight Saturday night in Nashville. This will be his first fight with the V3 league and he's working on meeting a new weight. We talk his techniques, the different styles of fighting he practices, how he got into all this in the first place and fitness in general. 3 nonathletic comics talking to an MMA ...

November 19, 2014 | 27 min

Is It Time to Tax Churches? A Potential Chocolate Shortage?

Angie Dorin kicks things off with a Monkey Minute. Johnny Dam joins us via Skype. In Pop Culture we talk the potential chocolate shortage in the world, new fossils found in New Jersey and of course, Charles Manson is getting married. Later, the town of Nome, Alaska is considering taxing Churches and other non-profits. We discuss the idea of taxing ...

November 18, 2014 | 42 min

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