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Be True to Yourself

Today's card of the Day: MAGDALENE The topic was go forth and be true to yourself. Dare to be different to make mistakes. In the stillness the unk... Read more

June 10, 2015 | 51 min

Meditating on the source of light within

The card of the day was God: You may be asking does God really exist and if so, where is God when you need God the most? Often, it is in our greatest... Read more

June 10, 2015 | 50 min

Opening the Heart

The card of the day was about realizing that any perception or belief you have about yourself or others is actually a deception. You judge your pos... Read more

June 9, 2015 | 46 min

Special Guest Cynthia Segal

Join Beth and Sharon with Cynthia Segal topic of discussion is Happy Ever NOW! quite suddenly one afternoon, she received what she calls a "download... Read more

May 30, 2015 | 50 min

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