• Why Black people have problem dating.

    Oct 8, 2014 | 51 min
  • African American women need to Stop

    Oct 8, 2014 | 51 min
    Why Black Women do not respect Black Men? If you asked a black man why he decided to be with a Caucasian woman as oppose to a woman of his own ethnicity; these are the likely responses that you will receive. Black women are bossy, quarrelsome, nagging, disrespectful, ungrateful and conceited… And the list goes on and on and on… But what is the real rationale behind the contempt with which black women regard their men?
  • What going on in today world

    Oct 3, 2014 | 68 min
    Today I talk about what going on in today world and what's on my mind. I will talk about my Pittsburgh Steelers and week 5 prediction, talk about video games I played and what I think about them
  • Week 4 Of the NFL

    Sep 29, 2014 | 24 min
    This in sports, NFL week 4, Pittsburgh Steelers loss
  • Night of Champion WWE

    Sep 22, 2014 | 16 min
    Gold & Stardust's interstellar journey for the "cosmic key" reached its apex at Night of Champions, as the bizzare duo defeated The Usos to capture the WWE Tag Team Titles.
  • NFL week 2

    Sep 15, 2014 | 49 min
    Talking about week 2 of the NFL and more of Adrina Peterson. The Minnesota Vikings have seen the details. They have seen photos of the injuries that Adrian Peterson's 4-year-old son suffered at the hands of the star running back. They have a history of punishing players who have run into trouble with the law. The Vikings brought Peterson back to the team anyway even as the public furor over the NFL's approach to addressing domestic abuse reached a fever pitch. The Vikings reinstated Peterson on Monday, one day after he sat out a 30-7 home loss to the New England Patriots after he was charged with a felony in Texas for using a wooden switch to spank his son. Peterson, who said he was using a ...
  • Vikings' Adrian Peterson accused of chil

    Sep 13, 2014 | 32 min
    The easy smile that helped make him famous is not there. He's holding a switch. You are a little boy with your pants down and leaves in your mouth. The police report of what happened to one of Peterson's sons is sickening. The photos, which reportedly show week-old lacerations, are more so. The act of what happened in Texas to that little boy, if true, is worst of all. Peterson has been indicted for whipping a child repeatedly with a tree branch. There were injuries all over his body, including on his scrotum. There is a warrant for Peterson's arrest.
  • Destiny Game

    Sep 11, 2014 | 20 min
    It took more than four years for Bungie to develop its Destiny game, but just one day to make it a financial success. Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ: ATVI ) announced this week that it has booked more than $500 million in sales of the title by its first day of availability for the biggest new franchise launch in video game history
  • Ravens terminate Ray Rice Contract

    Sep 9, 2014 | 27 min
    Baltimore Ravens release Ray Rice. Destiny video game is out
  • The NFL Is Back

    Sep 8, 2014 | 25 min
    The Steelers blew a 24-point halftime lead as the Browns rallied behind quarterback Brian Hoyer, but escaped thanks to some great plays from quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and wide receiver Markus Wheaton. Roethlisberger hit Wheaton twice on the game-winning drive, including a 20-yard completion that put Suisham in range to send the Browns to their 10th straight season-opening loss. Roethlisberger passed for 365 yards and a touchdown for Pittsburgh
  • White-On-Black Murder

    Aug 22, 2014 | 38 min
    White-On-Black Murder In The New Millennium Is Rampant. White people who kill black people in 'Stand Your Ground' states are 354% more likely to be cleared of murder: Fresh questions over self-defence law.
  • NBA players losing weight.

    Aug 19, 2014 | 24 min
    LeBron James, Camilo Anthony NBA players that lose some weight. Madden 15 coming out next week on ps4 and X - Box 1
  • Amazon.com a new sponsor

    Aug 11, 2014 | 28 min
    Amazon.com sponsors james talk radio , Kevin Ward Jr. died on Saturday night when he came in contact with Tony Stewart's vehicle during a Sprint car race at the Canandaigua (N.Y.) Motorsports Park. Until the late hours of Saturday night,
  • What's up In Today's World

    Aug 7, 2014 | 31 min
    Why is lil Kim still upset with Nicki Minaj? Everything going up except our paychecks, and reading an email
  • Spike TV is Dropping TNA Impact

    Jul 28, 2014 | 32 min
    Spike TV will not renew TNA Impact contract
  • LeBron James heading back to Cleveland

    Jul 12, 2014 | 32 min
    LeBron james headed back to Cleveland while Chris Bosh staying in Miami
  • What will LeBron James do

    Jul 11, 2014 | 29 min
    The LeBron James watch is on, he need to decide so he can stop holding teams up so they can make a decision. It a shame that every year when your lease is up the raise the rent to live in an apartment.
  • James Talk Radio Is Back

    Jul 7, 2014 | 29 min
    Back from my vacation
  • Wednesday Stories, Sports

    Jun 18, 2014 | 30 min
    Spurs win the NBA championship LA Kings win NHL championship read an email
  • Spurs up on Miami 3-1

    Jun 13, 2014 | 28 min
    San Antonio Spurs won game 4 to move up 3 games to 1 , Pittsburgh Steelers there Center to a new contract
  • Reading Emails

    Jun 11, 2014 | 33 min
    This is a show where I will read some emails
  • WWE Payback results

    Jun 2, 2014 | 33 min
    WWE had it's pay preview last night this is a results all the winners who is the best wrestler male and female
  • Given God praise today

    May 16, 2014 | 23 min
    today I'm giving God all the praises for blessing me and looking over me
  • Recap in the NFL Draft

    May 12, 2014 | 22 min
    The NFL Draft was this past week I question my Pittsburgh Steelers 4 drafting two LB
  • Feel Like A New Man

    May 9, 2014 | 14 min
    I end my relationship from this dead beat woman and I feeling a gold lot better
  • When you not happy at home

    May 7, 2014 | 35 min
    I'm in a relationship which my girlfriend do not makes me happy she don't try to make me happy and I'm tired of the arguing
  • Donald Sterling Ban for life

    Apr 29, 2014 | 19 min
    The NBA has banned Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life and fined him $2.5 million for racial comments he made to his reported girlfriend. The NBA will immediately begin working to try to force him to sell the team. "The hateful opinions voiced by that of the man [on the tape] are those of Donald Sterling," NBA commissioner Adam Silver said. "…I'm personally distraught the views expressed by Mr. Sterling came from within an institution that has historically taken such a leadership role in matters of race relations." As part of the ban, Sterling is not allowed "to attend any NBA games or practices, be present at any Clippers office or facility, or participate in any business or...
  • Spreaker Podcast

    Apr 28, 2014 | 25 min
    You can start your own podcast or you can listen to many podcast here on spreaker
  • Email from Devon

    Apr 25, 2014 | 36 min
    If a person with you not trying to make you happy then maybe it time to get up
  • Relationships

    Apr 21, 2014 | 32 min
    Working on a relationship is like a job it can be hard work
  • SC Man HIV

    Apr 16, 2014 | 16 min
    SC man convicted again for exposing woman to HIV
  • Email from John from New York New York

    Apr 16, 2014 | 29 min
    This is an email from John from my last episode
  • If you in a relationship why flirt

    Apr 11, 2014 | 34 min
    So so many people today is in a relationship and flirted with the opposite sex is that a way of cheating I'm being disrespectful to your mate
  • Rest in peace to the Ultimate Warrior

    Apr 9, 2014 | 24 min
    This is a very special episode just learn to passing of the Ultimate Warrior. my heart goes out to his wife andhis little daughters. RIP Ultimate Warrior
  • Undertaker WrestleMania streak is over

    Apr 7, 2014 | 18 min
    Heroes fall. Legends fade. History is rewritten. We’ve learned to accept these truths about many things in this world, but not The Undertaker’s Streak. It was WWE’s one constant — a decades-long unbeaten WrestleMania run that had never been done before, and will never be done again. Every year, The Deadman would face down a worthy adversary — be it Triple H, Shawn Michaels, his brother Kane — and every year he would add another number to his win column until it stood at a towering 21-0. The Undertaker’s match against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania was meant to make it 22-0. The Phenom would conquer The Beast — although he’d suffer a tremendous beating in the process— and he’d return at Wrestle...
  • Thanks To All My Birthday Wishes

    Apr 1, 2014 | 17 min
  • My Birthday

    Apr 1, 2014 | 18 min
  • WWE And TNA Talk

    Mar 26, 2014 | 32 min
    Why is the other titles in WWE not mean something

    Mar 24, 2014 | 12 min
    Stanford's array of zone defenses turned Andrew Wiggins into the world's most athletic spot-up shooter. The freshman phenom and potential No. 1 pick in this June's NBA draft attempted only six shots and sank only one of them in Kansas' stunning 60-57 loss to the 10th-seeded Cardinal in the round of 32. Worse yet, Wiggins was content to float around the perimeter and take jump shots when he did shoot, a product of both his own lack of aggressiveness and Bill Self's unwillingness to go to a smaller lineup and try playing him in the high post. Regardless, it was a poor last impression for Wiggins to leave after a largely successful freshman season.
  • Sports

    Mar 20, 2014 | 27 min
    Talking about the world in sports
  • Female Infected 324 Men With HIV

    Mar 18, 2014 | 18 min
    The HIV positive girl, who attends the Kabarak University in Nakuru, is said to have been infected by a man at a party. The unidentified 19-year old is allegedly aiming to infect a total of 2000 men in revenge
  • Proverbs_18_22

    Mar 18, 2014 | 64 min
    Some time people use God for the wrong reason
  • Email From New York

    Mar 18, 2014 | 29 min
    This is an email from one of my episodes on the girl who affected over 300 men with HIV.
  • March Madness Is Here

    Mar 18, 2014 | 13 min
    NCAA March Madness is now here where team play to be the next champs