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Gadget Performance

This holiday season is going to be filled with gadgets - lots of little whiz-bang, awesomely cool, mini-computing, battery-powered doo-hickeys that wi... Read more

December 2, 2014 | 42 min

News of The Damned 9-14-2014

It’s Apple, Motorola, Canadians, Dehli Housing Authority, naked famous actors and free lasagna on this global episode of News of The Damned from back ... Read more

December 1, 2014 | 25 min

News of The Damned 9-1-2014

Posthumous posting from earlier this year, James and Mark cover a small suite of satanic shame in this episode of PerfBytes' News of The Damned. Airli... Read more

November 30, 2014 | 33 min

PerfBytes Live at STPCON Fall 2014

November 5, 2014 | 72 min

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