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091 Do More, Work Less- Productivity Secrets and Personal Hacks

You are doing things that are stopping you from being productive! I'll tell you some things that will help you start being more productive. I've been ... Read more

July 17, 2015 | 22 min

090 Six Secrets to a Great Administrative Assistant

The ability to let your admin help you become successful has become a lost art. Both leaders and admins should listen to this episode to learn how to ... Read more

July 12, 2015 | 21 min

089 How To Get Promoted with Dr. CK Bray

I get this question asked all the time! Whether I am doing speaking events or working one-on-one they ask me if there are any secrets to getting promo... Read more

July 6, 2015 | 21 min

088 How to Change the World in 1 Day with Dr. CK Bray

I'm really excited about today's podcast because it's going to hit you square between the eyes! You'll see your life in a different way than you have ... Read more

June 29, 2015 | 20 min

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