• J&A - Episode 11: Scientific Deception

    Apr 8, 2014 | 56 min
    Welcome to the Jeff and Alan Show Episode 11! Segment One: Lies in the name of SCIENCE! It is obvious, to Conservatives that liberals and scientists lie about whatever they need to in order to advance their agenda. This segment, Jeff and Alan talk about how '60 Minutes' lied about the "silent" sound that an all Green Car made. They take a moment to remember the late great radio host Ed Schultz as he makes a gravely mistake! On top of that Jeff goes on a rant about the lies of Global Warming as Alan adds in his randomness! Segment Two: Taxes are too dang high! Over Alan's hiatus, he called into the Jeff and Alan Show voicemail (323-813-5227) and ranted about whatever was on his mind! His subj...
  • J&A - Episode 10: Colbert the Communist

    Apr 1, 2014 | 57 min
    Welcome to the Jeff and Alan Show Episode 10! Segment One: Colbert, North Korea, Earthquakes and Suicide Bombers! Unfortunately Alan was not able to make this week's show, but Jeff was still able to cover and he talked about a lot of different topics. He started talking about the tweet from Steven Colbert in recognition to the Washington Redskins. He also hits on the topic of North and South Korea going to war and causing possible earthquakes and an amazing shot that killed a suicide bomber!= Segment Two: Waterboarding, The Boston Bombing and Glenn Beck! Some so called "experts" are telling us that waterboarding did NOT help with capturing Bid Ladin and Jeff explains how dumb they must be. A...
  • J&A - Episode 8: Plane Ride To Nowhere

    Mar 11, 2014 | 53 min
    Welcome to the Jeff and Alan Show Episode 8! Segment One: Democratic Filibuster & Malaysia Plane! The Democrats in the Senate are trying to filibuster an issue. That's right, no bill on the senate floor and they still want to filibuster... Climate Change? Why? Because they have nothing else to talk about, or spend tax payer money on. There is a plane that is missing. Where did it go? Off the grid. Jeff and Alan talk about these issues and more! Segment Two: Dumb Police and Pot Jeff and Alan talk about how dumb police can be/are and why they need to be stopped not only on the job, but on Facebook! Colorado Barber does not allow people who smell like pot get hair! Finally, someone with a brain...
  • J&A - Episode 7: International Money War

    Mar 4, 2014 | 60 min
    Welcome to the Jeff and Alan Show Episode 7! Segment One: Putin and Money! Putin never fails to surprise us on how crazy he is! Jeff and Alan talk about what Putin is planning on doing (or has done). They also give their opinions on if the United States should invade (hint: No!). Putin does vow to keep the military back as Kerry is in the Ukraine. A teen is trying to sue her parents because she was "kicked out of her parent's house" and she wants her parents to pay for her college. You can already tell where this is going... Finally, Evil Paul Ryan and his money... Oh his money... Segment Two: Interview with Megan Stoner! Jeff and Alan have an interview with Megan Stoner from TurningPoint US...
  • J&A - Episode 6: Genetically Sharp Death

    Feb 25, 2014 | 59 min
    Welcome to the Jeff and Alan Show Episode 6! Segment One: Knives, Brutality, and Genetics A young man was suspended from school and criminally charged for having his father's knife in his father's car. Police Brutality is bad, but happens all the time! Should a man and two women have children together? All three of these topics are broken down and talked about on the show! Segment Two: ObamaCare is right and America's Youth is left! Congressman Dingell(Barry) thinks ObamaCare is a right and America's youth continues to be more left and left as time goes on. Jeff and Alan give their opinions on both and speak out to the Youth of America! Segment Three: The Minimum Wage Debate! Jeff and Alan l...
  • J&A - Episode 5: Deadly Music

    Feb 18, 2014 | 60 min
    Welcome to the Jeff and Alan Show Episode 5! Segment One: Music is too loud and Dodgers fans are stabbed Why do people have to be so mean to others that they do not know over the internet and at sporting events? Jeff and Alan talk about two stories that hit the media over the past few months. Segment Two: Obamacare and Food Stamps Obama loves our troops so much that he wants to give them food stamps! Also, you NEED to sign up for Obama Care, I mean... It is apart of growing up! Segment Three: The Devil and Caiden Cowger Obama's look alike and Caiden Cowger have nothing to do with either other and we talk about them at the same time because of timing issues. Listen and hear both stories! Poll...
  • J&A - Episode 4: King Obama

    Feb 11, 2014 | 64 min
    Welcome to the Jeff and Alan Show Episode 4! Segment One: King Obama! Obama is trying to run this nation like a King. He can do what he wants, write what he wants, and act how he wants. Is it right? Is it constitutional? Segment Two: Openly Gay and Openly Socialist Michael Sam came out as openly gay and another political commentator comes out as being socialist! Jeff and Alan RANT! Segment Three: The Big Bang vs. Creation Who won the argument? Who cares? Jeff rants, again =D! Poll question of the week: Who won the Big Bang Debate? Do you really care?! Thanks so much for reading and listening to the show! Connect with Jeff and Alan on Twitter! @thejhp and @pizzaman721!
  • J&A - Episode 3: The Super Flop

    Feb 4, 2014 | 56 min
    Welcome to the Jeff and Alan Show Episode 3! Segment One: The Super Bowl! Seattle definitely beat the Bronco's. Was it the best ever because of Half Time? Was it the worst because of the actual game? How were the commercials? Alan and Jeff talk about everything! Segment Two: Weather and Racism The media and government always want us to focus on the little things. For instance, the weather is the biggest story in most of the east coast. On top of that, racism always seems to find a way to get itself into the media. Why is that? To distract us from what really matters. Segment Three: What is wrong with the world? The world is messed up and why does it have to be so cruel? LGBT Community groups...
  • J&A - Episode 2: The State of Confusion

    Jan 28, 2014 | 62 min
    Welcome to the Jeff and Alan Show Episode 2! Segment One: The State of Confusion! Obama is making his State of the Union speech tonight and Jeff and Alan talk about some of what he is addressing the nation about tonight! Segment Two: The NSA Jeff and Alan both HATE the NSA! Do you agree? Do you like the Patriot Act?? Segment Three: Gay Marriage (and their rights) Most Conservatives and Liberals only see two sides of Gay Marriage... But Jeff thinks that there is another side that no one is looking at. Thoughts? Poll of the Week: Who is going to win the Super Bowl?! Thanks so much for reading and listening to the show! Connect with Jeff and Alan on Twitter! @thejhp and @pizzaman721!
  • J&A - Episode 1: The Hype Is Real

    Jan 21, 2014 | 60 min