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Under The Hood Car Advice Talk Radio

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  • A fun car repair talk and advice show like you've never heard! Join the Motor Medics and learn how t...


1278 Is The Affordable Sport Car Dead?

We run down some of the least and most expensive sports cars on Under The Hood... Americas' Favorite Car-talk radio show. Tune-In and Tune-Up for some... Read more

May 24, 2015 | 101 min

1277 Ten Years For Chris! Is He A Keeper

Has it been 10 years already. We reminisce about 10 years of Chris on the air with us and have a little fun with Shannon and some callers. Americas' F... Read more

May 17, 2015 | 101 min

1276 Automotive Things, yeah Things...

Shannon takes some time off and Russ and Chris talk about things like some news about making sure some recalls get done. We have some fun with callers... Read more

May 11, 2015 | 101 min

1275 Can They Force You to Not Tinker?

These guys are a bunch of Automotive Nuts, Certified, if not certifiable. (: Can manufacturers stop you from working on your own car? Tune-in and find... Read more

May 3, 2015 | 101 min

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