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Under The Hood Car Advice Talk Radio

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1283 The Transmission Milkshake Machine

Russ, Shannon, and Chris delve into some crazy stuff today like Mothers age, Aerosmith, and Airbags. You never know what is going to happen in this Ca... Read more

June 28, 2015 | 101 min

1282 To Recycle OR Replace? Auto Choices

Tune-In and Tune-Up with the Motor Medics for #Automotive advice and #How-To tips. Join us on facebook.com/underthehoodshow for great giveaways. Thank... Read more

June 21, 2015 | 101 min

The State Of The Car Auction World Today

This is a special podcast episode interview with Yvette Vanderbrink "The Little Nordstroms Gal" about the state of todays car auctions and whats happe... Read more

June 18, 2015 | 20 min

1281 Bigger Smaller Cars. Lets Cruze

Small cars are getting bigger. How you ask, take a listen and find out. Thanks for tuning-In and tuning-Up with the Nordstroms Motor Medics on Under T... Read more

June 14, 2015 | 101 min

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