• Scottish Gathering

    Oct 22, 2014 | 166 min
    David and Kirsten and Michael travel to Culrain, Scotland for an intimate gathering. Topics include inventorying beliefs as a way of healing, guidance, and living in Presence.
  • Healing is Practical

    Oct 21, 2014 | 115 min
    This talk with David and Kirsten from the last day of the week long retreat in Ireland deals with trust. When you give over all plans, personal concerns and future ambitions to the Holy Spirit you will be used in ways you cannot imagine. Kirsten shares a beautiful parable of healing a brain injury through being used in function. All choices in the world are offered from the ego. Holy Spirit offers one choice to end all choices - the Atonement. When you have learned to decide with the Holy Spirit then all choices are easy. You will be carried.
  • Giving Over Personal Concerns

    Oct 21, 2014 | 88 min
    This talk with David and Kirsten from the last day of the week long retreat in Ireland deals with trust. When you give over all plans, personal concerns and future ambitions to the Holy Spirit you will be used in ways you cannot imagine. Kirsten shares a beautiful parable of healing a brain injury through being used in function. All choices in the world are offered from the ego. Holy Spirit offers one choice to end all choices - the Atonement. When you have learned to decide with the Holy Spirit then all choices are easy. You will be carried.
  • Mr. Nobody, Movie Gathering IRL Part 2

    Oct 21, 2014 | 148 min
    This movie takes the mind into an experience of simultaneity. The main character is faced with an impossible choice and then different scenarios seem to play out simultaneously. In the end we see that all choices in the world are meaningless, the only meaningful choice is to transcend and join with Spirit.
  • How Do I Get Myself Out?

    Oct 21, 2014 | 131 min
    David and Frances answered questions around tools that can be helpful for applying the teachings of the course, and told parallels showing a way of life that is devoted to extending Love and Forgiveness. There is no need to ask hypothetical questions to find out where it all leads to. Spirit is leading the way one step at a time to unwind the Mind back to God.
  • The Confusion Between Joy and Pain

    Oct 20, 2014 | 147 min
    David and Frances shared in this one day workshop in Dublin that this world is a mask that the Mind is wearing, and we are here to drop the mask and know the Christ Self. Time and Eternity don’t coexist. There is nothing in this Cosmos that gives a glimpse of Eternity. When the Ego thought system is believed in, the mind is too confused to even tell the difference between pain and joy. We can’t wake ourselves up while trapped. Listen and follow the Holy Spirit is a way to drop the mask.
  • Uncompromising Presence

    Oct 18, 2014 | 139 min
    The step beyond exposing the games and attachments and self concepts of the ego, is to actually release them. Enlightenment is an empty and open mind, free of investment in the entire ego belief system. The people of the world are thoughts, and if you can the mind so completely the witnesses change as well.
  • Mr. Nobody - Part 1

    Oct 16, 2014 | 168 min
  • Dissolving Judgement

    Oct 16, 2014 | 116 min
    Positives and negatives, criticisms and compliments are all the same. Everything is judgement and you are none of it. God did not create judgement and therefore it cannot be true. Of yourself you cannot dissolve the judgement but you can notice it and let Spirit be the bridge to allow judgement through you and not by you. Spirit's use of judgement is Guidance.
  • Healing is Practical

    Oct 15, 2014 | 116 min
    Healing is not separate from life. When we say yes to healing and give our full selves to that, Spirit will work with us to guide everything in our lives for the purpose of purification. Relationships, logistics and practical tasks are all used as vehicles to channel the mind into alignment with Spirit.
  • Responsibility and Forgiveness

    Oct 15, 2014 | 125 min
    With David, Frances, Jason and Kirsten The real responsibility we have is peace of mind. When the attention is focused on spiritual awakening and the Kingdom of God instead of on survival, the ego's rules of responsibility in the world no longer apply. Forgiveness takes us beyond all beliefs of the world.
  • Responsibility and Forgiveness

    Oct 14, 2014 | 126 min
    From Ireland with David, Frances, Jason and Kirsten. The real responsibility we have is peace of mind. As attention is focused towards spiritual awakening instead of survival of the body, the ego's rules no longer apply.
  • Anger Management, Ireland

    Oct 14, 2014 | 127 min
    Movie gathering in Ireland with David, Frances and Jason You people the world with your own thoughts. Nobody makes you upset outside your own decision. You've brought them into awareness to get in touch with the self hatred. In the end you come to see that everything is for you and everyone is playing their assigned part for your healing.
  • Exposing the clever one

    Oct 12, 2014 | 143 min
    David visits Dublin, Ireland for a week long retreat. The ego is the clever one who attempts to trick the mind into believing that separation from Love, Source, God is possible. Though the ego is ingenious, ingenuity will never set the mind free to experience our true Identity as Spirit. There is need for Help beyond the dream, and Jesus and Holy Spirit (intuition) are that Help. If we listen and follow the Spirit, escape comes through forgiveness and Awakening from the dream or movie of the world.
  • Closing Circle: Chapala, Mexico

    Sep 30, 2014 | 66 min
    Participants gather for expressions of miracles and gratitude and an experiential eye gazing and movement exercise to the song "See the Christ in you."
  • Final Session: La Casa retreat

    Sep 29, 2014 | 138 min
    David, Nikita, Kirsten, and Michael show up for the final evening session. To learn trust you must Trust. Lots of examples are offered.
  • Sanctuary: the miracle of Love

    Sep 29, 2014 | 109 min
    Deep session about all that Is, and the opening of the Heart to the mystical.
  • Casa Movie Nite: 50 First Dates

    Sep 28, 2014 | 38 min
    David and Michael use this movie Classic in the escape from the repeating memory of time. The Journey to the Holy Instant and a reinterpretation or re translation of all perception.
  • Fear of Answering the Call

    Sep 28, 2014 | 138 min
    Participants declare their willingness to be used by Spirit and their fears of loss and resistances. Michael and David give examples and parables to light the way into life's Purpose and God's Calling.
  • For God's sake, let the parent go

    Sep 27, 2014 | 80 min
    Discussion at the end of the movie Saving Mr Banks with Kirsten and Nikita and David
  • Healing the chaos within

    Sep 27, 2014 | 137 min
    David and Michael follow up last evening's Inception movie with a discussion about facing and releasing feelings of chaos. Control, loss of control, comparison, and judgment are topics covered in this morning session at La Casa De Milagros in Chapala, Mexico.
  • Movie Night MX: Inception

    Sep 26, 2014 | 27 min
    Kirsten & Nikita set up the Awakening movie titled Inception. The tiny mad idea (inception) is exposed in a journey into the mind, and the "kick" to Wake Up to Reality works thru layers of dreaming. Love is inevitable!!!
  • Miracles & arranging time & space

    Sep 26, 2014 | 117 min
    David speaks of the Holy Spirit's use of time to collapse time and bring the mind to the awareness that Alpha and Omega are One in Truth. Giving, sharing, extending are all discussed in making forgiveness and Awakening rapido, transcending all perceived differences.
  • Thanks For Sharing with David and Nikita

    Sep 26, 2014 | 70 min
    We are addicted to linear time. We have a perceptual problem. The Awakening Mind community has similarities to the 12-step programs of recovery. We bring the darkness to the light. We bring up our upsetting thoughts and emotions in a safe environment that they may be seen and let go, forgiven. We trust our Higher Power take it from there. Enjoy this upbeat discussion of recovery from addiction.
  • Invitation to Join in October

    Sep 25, 2014 | 27 min
    October is filled with opportunity for community living with the Messengers. Chapala, Mexico, Kamas, Utah, Puna District Hawaii, and Sedona, Arizona are locations where there is an open invitation into a very devotional life. Contact us if this Calls to your heart.
  • Retreat at La Casa: releasing emotions

    Sep 25, 2014 | 116 min
    David and Michael lead a morning session about allowance of emotions to release the stories of the personality self. Healing abounds and need not be avoided. There is never a need to compromise when healing is the Purpose.
  • Mexico Retreat Opening Session

    Sep 24, 2014 | 125 min
    Welcome and Introduction to the 2014 Fall retreat in Chapala, MX
  • Releasing Addiction Discussion

    Sep 20, 2014 | 37 min
    Frances and David lead a healing discussion after the movie "Thanks for Sharing" at Cedar Rapids Unity Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
  • Joy Replaces Pleasure/Pain

    Sep 20, 2014 | 128 min
    Pleasure and pain in this world have served the same ego purpose of reinforcing the body, hence reinforcing the guilt. Therefore, pleasure and pain are the same in essence. Forgiveness undoes the guilt and set the mind free. There is no world outside of the Mind. The only responsibility of the teacher of God is to accept atonement for himself.
  • Untether the mind: Cedar Rapids

    Sep 20, 2014 | 114 min
    Many examples and metaphors are offered by Frances and David for freeing the mind of the limited beliefs and thoughts of the ego and soaring in Spirit.
  • Cedar Rapids Unity Center

    Sep 19, 2014 | 120 min
    David and Frances introduce their journeys with A Course In Miracles in this evening session. Q and A from the group included topics such as seeing everything as your own lesson and cause and effect and being non compromising.
  • Adam's Apples: How deep is your love?

    Sep 17, 2014 | 36 min
    Nothing is as it seems. Don't even try to figure it out, just eat the apple pie.
  • God's Not Dead movie discussion

    Sep 16, 2014 | 162 min
    Jason, David, and the Kamas crew dive into the mini movie and the healing of the mind through God's Not Dead.
  • Movie Night in Oakland

    Sep 15, 2014 | 169 min
    David and Frances show the movie About Time with setup and discussion - the lesson of releasing hypotheticals
  • Do ACIM students date?

    Sep 14, 2014 | 167 min
    Expectations block the awareness of Flow, and this discussion is a reflection of the prayer to be free of them forever. Even with dating and relationships.
  • What is sacrifice? CMC Sunday Service

    Sep 14, 2014 | 53 min
    David gives a sermon on the meaning of sacrifice (the giving up of what you want) and Answering the Call to joy and happiness!
  • All That I Give is Given to My SELF

    Sep 13, 2014 | 72 min
    To given is to receive. A gift truly given is without conditions. We are to focused on the underlying purpose of everything we do instead of trying to derive meaning from words or forms.
  • The meek shall inherit the earth

    Sep 13, 2014 | 88 min
    Session 2 at Open Secret Bookstore. Topics include form vs. content, level confusion, transfer of training and making no exceptions
  • Open Secret bookstore session1

    Sep 13, 2014 | 88 min
    Transfer of training is the key to undo the human condition. David and Frances open up the all day workshop with examples of practical application.
  • An Evening with David & Frances

    Sep 13, 2014 | 119 min
    David and Frances visit Lafayette, CA and share an evening of Presence.
  • Community Talk and Cluelessness

    Sep 9, 2014 | 139 min
    David, Frances, Kirsten and the crew at Living Miracles Metaphysical Center share an afternoon discussion.
  • Movie Fest Closing Talk

    Sep 8, 2014 | 108 min
    For the closing talk of the Strawberry Fields Movie Festival, David, Jason, and Nikita join in the Love's Nest to give everyone a heart-warming send off. Recorded September 7th, 2014 at the Living Miracles Monastery in Utah.
  • Day 3, # 3, Transcendence, David, Nikita

    Sep 7, 2014 | 113 min
    Only the ego fears the transcendent experience of being taken over by something higher (A.I. or Spirit or God’s Love). Yet complete trust settles every problem. You can see that everything that happens in this movie is a reflection of mind. Watch the tendency to form alliances on the human level in fearful reaction to the presence of God’s Love. Fear sees something devious happening. Only the ego fears the loss of private thoughts. Yet forgiving them brings salvation. We don’t know that there is only Love. Transcended, Will Caster speaks to Evelyn with true empathy. Those who see the world has nothing they want can follow the call. Doubt thoughts, like “Run from this,” may arise in the face ...
  • Strawberry Finale - David & Lisa Cairns

    Sep 6, 2014 | 106 min
    For the closing talk of the Strawberry Fields Forever Music Festival and Enlightenment Retreat, David Hoffmeister and Lisa Cairns share the stage for a profound talk to undo the dividing lines between A Course in Miracles and other nondual pathways. Recorded Sept 3rd, 2014 at the Living Miracles Monastery in Utah.
  • Strawberry Day 7 - Humbleness

    Sep 6, 2014 | 130 min
    For the afternoon session on Day 7 of the Strawberry Fields Forever Music Festival and Enlightenment Retreat, David speaks on the topic of Humbleness and on how deep it really goes. Recorded on Sept 2nd, 2014 at the Living Miracles Campground in Utah.
  • Strawberry Day 7 - David & Messengers

    Sep 6, 2014 | 130 min
    For the morning of the last full day of the Strawberry Fields Forever Music Festival and Enlightenment Retreat, David and ALL the Messengers present at the Festival (Helena, Jenny, Jason, Frances, Nikita, Kirsten, Suzanne, Jackie, and Lisa) take the stage and share deeply from their hearts! Erik opens the gathering by playing some instrumental music and then singing an original called "The Silent Song". Recorded on Sept 2nd, 2014 at the Living Miracles Campground in Utah.
  • Liar Liar - Beauty in Breakdown

    Sep 6, 2014 | 137 min
    With Nikita, Jason & David on movie retreat. In a deep morning session of authentic expression all the threads of illusory control begin to dissolve & the retreat participants are relieved of seemingly managing their lives. Just like Jim Carey in the "Liar, Liar" mini movie everyone discovers that Love is the only consequence of telling the Truth and that there is no need to fear total transparency.
  • Lucy with David and Nikita

    Sep 5, 2014 | 66 min
    Awakening is inevitable! Lucy means light. She is a symbol of a mind that is ready to go directly to Light and Love, with no hesitation. This movie is exciting and powerful because it demonstrates that there really is no choice but to say “yes” to Jesus’ question, “Do I want to see what I denied because it is the truth?” T-21.VII.5 It exemplifies Lesson 139: “I will accept Atonement for myself. Here is the end of choice. For here we come to a decision to accept ourselves as God created us.”
  • “The Kid” Movie Session

    Sep 4, 2014 | 179 min
    On the evening of Day 5 at the Strawberry Fields Forever Music Festival and Enlightenment Retreat, David and Nikita share the Bruce Willis film, “The Kid” and pause to give commentary at certain parts. It is all about opening your heart, forgiving your “inner child”, and accepting the Love in place of the "image". Recorded Aug 31th, 2014 at the Living Miracles Monastery in Utah.
  • Strawberry Movie Fest Intro

    Sep 4, 2014 | 37 min
    Opening Circle of 3 day movie fest Sept. 4-7 at Living Miracles Monastery near Fruitland, Utah
  • Strawberry Day 5: Having and Being

    Sep 2, 2014 | 122 min
    This incredible Enlightenment talk by David (at the Strawberry Fields Forever Music Festival and Enlightenment Retreat) begins with some beautifully intimate music by Laura Schopen and ends in an explosion of a dance party! Join us!!! Recorded Aug 31st, 2014 at the Living Miracles Monastery in Utah.
  • Strawberry Day 4 - Guidance

    Sep 1, 2014 | 130 min
    David's morning talk on Day 4 of the Strawberry Fields Forever Music Festival and Enlightenment Retreat, with musical support from Joe Joppe: In Heaven there is no such thing as Guidance, but for the sleeping mind that still believes itself to be a body, following Guidance is absolutely necessary. Recorded Aug 30th, 2014 at the Living Miracles Monastery in Utah.
  • Strawberry morning #1

    Aug 28, 2014 | 114 min
    For the first morning session on Day 2 of the Strawberry Festival, David shares the depth of these teachings using the first 10 lessons of A Course in Miracles as a starting point. Many questions are asked by participants which David lovingly answers. Ricki provides musical support.
  • Strawberry is Here!

    Aug 28, 2014 | 93 min
    The opening talk for the Strawberry Fields Forever Music Festival and Enlightenment Retreat led by David and Nikita, with musical support from Erik. Recorded Aug 27th, 2014 at the Living Miracles Monastery in Utah.
  • Nothing and Everything

    Aug 24, 2014 | 77 min
    Time has Ended. Accept and Be Free. Just Be.
  • Unwinding In SLC

    Aug 22, 2014 | 78 min
    Listen to David Hoffmeister at the Golden Braid in Salt Lake City for a beautiful bookstore talk about his new title, "Unwind Your Mind ~ Back to God: Experiencing A Course in Miracles" now available through New Leaf Distributors. In this public gathering David answers the audiences deepest Spiritual questions in a profound and practical way. About David & the book: https://www.livingmiraclescenter.org/pr/About_David_Hoffmeister.pdf Distribution: publishing@livingmiraclescenter.org - Cody Public Appearances: PR@livingmiraclescenter.org - Sarah Music: Music & Lyrics by Pete James, Produced by Joe Joppe The "Unwind Your Mind" song is an instant classic of welcome and Forgiveness. Song availabl...
  • Movie discussion about "The Giver"

    Aug 20, 2014 | 44 min
    David joins with the Kamas Community after the entire group have returned from the movie "The Giver" with Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep.
  • Sedona 3: from past limits to Joy

    Aug 17, 2014 | 127 min
    Be open to the Shift and all that is Given obviously
  • Sedona 2: parables of true freedom

    Aug 16, 2014 | 162 min
    These parables of Awakening help show examples of releasing the stickiness of past roles and concepts and fulfilling your function as a miracle worker.
  • Sedona 1: lifted by Love

    Aug 16, 2014 | 142 min
    David, Jason, and Lisa show up in Sedona, Arizona for a morning session
  • Certain & Clueless

    Aug 10, 2014 | 100 min
    Certainty does not rest on contingency! It sits and rests and allows all things to be exactly as they are. Enjoy this Enlightening evening with David and the gang at the Living Miracles Metaphysical Center. For more deep teachings go to: www.acim.biz www.livingmiraclescenter.org www.awakening-mind.org
  • Casa de Padre Pio, Rio de Janeiro Brazil

    Aug 4, 2014 | 145 min
    Our friend Roberto takes us to a healing house named after the saint Padre Pio. The Spirit pours through David and Armelle, with Cristina translating into Portuguese. An evening of Joy erupts after Luis opens with a heartfelt prayer at the beginning of the night.
  • Releasing attack thoughts forever

    Aug 4, 2014 | 147 min
  • Belief in God, versus Knowing God

    Aug 3, 2014 | 36 min
    Beyond definitions and belief is the experience of Knowing
  • The Immediacy of Awakening

    Aug 3, 2014 | 122 min
    Let it all go, because you never had it in the first place.
  • São Paulo: session 4 David/Armelle

    Aug 3, 2014 | 56 min
    The involuntary nature of the Moment. Everything is thought. Holy Spirit looks not to effects, having overlooked their false cause (ego). Holy Spirit overlooks error and sees the Light of Atonement (Innocence). See the false as false.
  • São Paulo: session 3 David/Armelle

    Aug 3, 2014 | 85 min
    Ending the compromise, unable to describe or explain the experience in form terms, yet simply to listen and follow fully and without exception
  • São Pauli: session 2 David/Armelle

    Aug 3, 2014 | 54 min
    A meditation in letting go of all thoughts of the body and world and time
  • São Paulo: session 1 David/Armelle

    Aug 3, 2014 | 117 min
    David and Armelle open the weekend with welcome and greetings. The theme of the Present and "you are not the thinker of thoughts" emerges. Divine Innocence comes with seeing the impossibility of sacrifice in any form.
  • Lucy - Accepting the Atonement

    Jul 29, 2014 | 72 min
    This is a talk after the movie "Lucy." It takes the healing all the way to "I am everywhere." David talks about all aspects of the movie, such as devotion, certainty, and no people-pleasing. There is nothing about this world that is valuable. Leave it all behind and accept the Atonement.
  • It Could Happen to You Movie Talk

    Jul 25, 2014 | 1 min
    “It Could Happen to You” is a classic heart-warmer starring Nicholas Cage and Bridget Fonda about a New York City police officer who is committed to doing what’s truly right, even when it seems crazy to the world! Enjoy this pre-movie talk with David, watch the movie, and then the post-movie talk continues in this same recording. Recorded June 21st, 2014 at the Living Miracles Metaphysical Center in Kamas, Utah.
  • Exuberant Happiness, Part2

    Jul 24, 2014 | 79 min
    For sustained happiness, enlightenment is necessary. The world is a figment of your imagination. Bring everything that was projected out back to the mind. Holding onto worldly thoughts and concepts blocks happiness, so it is necessary to expose and release them. Rather than try to pin causation on anything in form, focus on being a miracle worker, with a mind open to the symbols Spirit brings you. You can only be consistently loving by staying in your function—happiness.
  • Exuberant Happiness at La Casa

    Jul 24, 2014 | 90 min
    David Hoffmeister and Maria Felipe christen La Casa de Milagros as an urban ministry base for extending the message of “I am not guilty” to the Spanish-speaking world.
  • Saving Mr Banks Movie Talk

    Jul 24, 2014 | 43 min
    A movie gathering with David for the “true story” film Saving Mr. Banks, with Tom Hanks as Walt Disney. This recording is includes the pre-movie talk that David gave for the film, followed immediately by the after-movie talk. Recorded July 2014 at the Living Miracles Metaphysical Center in Kamas, Utah.
  • The Cell, Movie Talk

    Jul 23, 2014 | 175 min
    A movie gathering with David for the psychological thriller “The Cell”. This recording is the full gathering including the audio of the movie, and the frequent pauses with metaphysical commentary. Recorded July 2014 at the Living Miracles Metaphysical Center in Kamas, Utah.
  • Truman Show with Jason and David

    Jul 22, 2014 | 141 min
    The Truman Show is a classic movie/parable about the seeming process the mind goes through towards stepping out of the ego's fictitious world and entering the real world. It illustrates how the ego (the Christoff character) will stop at nothing to keep the mind (Truman) trapped in the world it made up, but how ultimately it is the desire of the heart that always wins out in the end. This audio is from a movie-gathering hosted by Jason Warwick and David Hoffmeister in which they showed an edited version of the Truman Show (only the essential parts) which already had commentary by Jason spliced into the movie. While showing this "mini-movie", Jason and David pause it frequently to share additi...
  • Transcendence Movie Gathering

    Jul 21, 2014 | 167 min
    The recent movie with Johnny Depp, "Transcendence" is a powerful, symbolic illustration of the Transcendent Mind (the Holy Spirit) and the ego's fear of being Used by It. Open your mind to the possibility of releasing the desire for autonomy, and surrendering to this One Mind beyond time and space. This audio is from a three hour movie-gathering with David with lots of profound commentary before, during, and after the movie. It was recorded on June 24th, 2014 at the Living Miracles Metaphysical Center in Kamas, Utah.
  • Transfer of Training Part2, Jacksonville

    Jul 19, 2014 | 64 min
    Make no exceptions to the miracle. The motivation for transferring the lesson of forgiveness is living a life free of the fear of consequences. Waking up to greet the new day full of miracles is a new way to live. Living the Inspired life of Joy!
  • Transfer of training: Jacksonville, FL

    Jul 19, 2014 | 92 min
    Make no exceptions to the miracle. The motivation for transferring the lesson of forgiveness is living a life free of the fear of consequences. Waking up to greet the new day full of miracles is a new way to live. Living the Inspired life if Joy!
  • Unlearning the world Part2, Jacksonville

    Jul 19, 2014 | 51 min
    A new Interpretation of the world based on unlearning beliefs and withdrawing meaning - allowing for the Holy Spirit's Perspective
  • Unlearning the world: Jacksonville FL

    Jul 19, 2014 | 79 min
    A new Interpretation of the world based on unlearning beliefs and withdrawing meaning - allowing for the Holy Spirit's Perspective
  • Unwind Your Mind: Session 1

    Jul 19, 2014 | 155 min
    Frances and David begin the weekend gathering covering decision making, the impossibility of mistakes in form, and the involuntary nature of miracles.
  • Preachers Wife Movie post-talk

    Jul 11, 2014 | 19 min
    Getting lost in "church responsibilities" - trying to maintain or grow something in form - is a favorite ego defense against the Present Moment for those who've devoted their life to God. In this classic movie, "The Preacher's Wife", we see the main character get caught in this trap but then become lifted out of it through the help of an angel. Enjoy this post-movie talk with David at the Living Miracles Metaphysical Center, recorded on July 11th, 2014.
  • Back to God-Experiencing ACIM

    Jul 8, 2014 | 135 min
    Using David's new book "Unwind Your Mind Back to God", Frances and David tapped into the deep metaphysics and practical applications of the teachings of A Course in Miracles.
  • "Being There" After-Movie Talk

    Jun 23, 2014 | 51 min
    Enjoy this post-movie enlightenment talk about the 1979 film "Being There" with Peter Sellers and Shirley McLaine: True Love is innocent and beyond the judgments of the world. Innocence is beyond fear and want, for it contains everything within Itself. Life is nothing more than a state of Mind. Mind over matter is the lesson reflected in the final scene of this movie. In defenselessness is true safety, and this lesson shines clearly in the parable of this innocent, sweet, simple gardener. Recorded June 22nd, 2014 at the Living Miracles Metaphysical Center in Kamas, Utah.
  • "Being There" Movie Setup

    Jun 23, 2014 | 8 min
    In this classic movie for Awakening, "Being There", our main character - Chance the Gardener - is a classic example of what it means to live in Divine Providence, clueless yet perfectly cared for. Chance lives in a state of non-judgment, watching the world through the innocent eyes of a child, Guided by the Spirit of gentle kindness and love. Enjoy this metaphysical audio setup before watching the movie, and then listen to the "Being There After-Movie Talk" for a Spirit-inspired perspective on it. Recorded June 22, 2014 at the Living Miracles Metaphysical Center in Kamas, Utah.
  • "Paycheck" Movie Post-Talk

    Jun 22, 2014 | 95 min
    After watching the movie "Paycheck" (with Ben Affleck), David shares deep ideas to support the mind in releasing the future in order to remember the Now. Recorded at the Living Miracles Metaphysical Center in Kamas, Utah on June 20th, 2014.
  • Church is a State of Mind

    Jun 15, 2014 | 82 min
    Most people associate the word "church" with a building, or an organized religion, but these are merely symbols that can be used to point towards the Kingdom of Heaven within. As Jesus taught, "My Kingdom is not of this world", and so it must also be true that "My church is not of this world", but is a Present Experience that comes when we are willing to lay aside all false idols and open our mind to Eternity. Recorded June 15th, 2014 at a Sunday Service at the Living Miracles Metaphysical Center in Kamas, Utah led by David Hoffmeister and Nikita Sparks. JP (Jason Press) opens and closes the service with improvisational piano music from the heart.
  • Green Lantern Mini Movie Talk

    Jun 15, 2014 | 76 min
    Accepting your Worthiness with the Green Lantern. Hal Jordan has been given everything but needs to accept his own worthiness in order to accept it. He must go past his own fear and the attempt to master fear. This is entirely a path of Mastery through Love. A talk with Jason and the Kamas crew!
  • Lego Movie: everything is awesome

    Jun 14, 2014 | 46 min
    This Inspirational Awakening movie combines "matrix-like" depth with wonderful humour. Main character, Emmet, is "The One" and extends the true message of humility that if he is "The One" then so is EVERYONE!
  • Play Day Gathering at the Love Nest

    Jun 12, 2014 | 84 min
    After a day of mudding new abodes at Angels Landing and cleaning the campsite for the www.strawberryfieldfestival.com Music, Enlightenment and Movie retreat, the greater community came together in the Love Nest at the monastery to unfurl and bask in the Love. David asked us "What is your wish for the Summer?" and on the edge of a sunset canyon, we danced our heart-songs of Joy and True belonging. Ricki, Erik and Helena also delight us with music in this gentle home team gathering. To share in all that we offer go to www.livingmiraclescenter.org
  • Star Trek: Simultaneity beyond concept

    May 25, 2014 | 46 min
    David talked after the movie Star Trek - Into Darkness about our purpose of "remembering who we once were and who we must be" - the Christ. The mind is tempted to give in to the beliefs that somethings needs to be protected and someone can be hurt. There really is no future, only a projection of the past. The only problem is linear time and therefore the solution is simultaneity.
  • Eureka!

    May 24, 2014 | 117 min
    Come into the unknown to Know God. Truth is consistent. Love is consistent. We have found our purpose! Ricki and Kirsten talk about leaps, demystifying the mystery, and how they came to handing their lives over to God. Alisa Amor's angelic voice and powerful songs touch everyone.
  • Mostly Music and a Touch of True Love

    May 20, 2014 | 75 min
    Kirsten, Ricki and Helena share Spirit-Inspired music and awakening experiences in North Carolina... preceding an angel bath that had everyone glowing with God's Love :)
  • Chapel Hill NC Morning Session

    May 17, 2014 | 124 min
    Render unto Ceasar that which is Ceasar's, and Follow God.
  • Align with God to Receive Everything

    May 17, 2014 | 119 min
    God's will for us is Love; perfect happiness, and the way to know this and experience living in His Grace is to align with His Will and allow ourselves to be Guided in every aspect of life. To only allow Spirit into some areas of life is to put limits on Love. The undoing of the self concept and the belief in an external world happens through allowing Spirit to be our reference point, rather than the world. Being present with whatever is arising in consciousness leads to deeper awareness of Self. David, Kirsten, Ricki and Helena in North Carolina
  • Ricki's song for the morning

    May 15, 2014 | 8 min
    Witness for turn around and Life inspired by Spirit
  • Empty Mind is Full

    May 14, 2014 | 151 min
    David visits Unity of Greensboro, NC with Helena, Jason, and Nikita
  • Love Rocks!

    May 13, 2014 | 122 min
    Kirsten speaks on Love being True Identity, Home, and Reality - and how it cannot be changed by anything of this world. The ego is terrified of love because in love, it is dissolved. To the ego, love is death, and the fear of death is projected onto life in this world, the future, and the unknown. To the Spirit, there is no death, and in this talk, the experience of Truth; of our eternal nature, is felt. The script is written and Who we are is beyond it all. With joy and laughter, Ricki shares her undoing parables, and the Presence she finds herself Identifying with, and the music pours through, blessing everyone.
  • The Great Gatsby Exposure

    May 13, 2014 | 146 min
    You will hear a 2 hour talk with Jason, David and Nikita as they go over the mini movie "The Great Gatsby". It is the undoing of possession and the attempt to repeat the past. It is a great exposure of the ego's plan for salvation which always leads to death. Very Deep! Your world will be undone!
  • Tron There is No Life on Earth

    May 13, 2014 | 83 min
    A Commentary on the Movie Tron. The movie has been cut out so if you are familiar with the movie or want a great precise setup, listen to this audio.
  • Tron mini movie with commentary

    May 10, 2014 | 166 min
    David, Jason, and Nikita lead a movie session with a group of friends in Jacksonvile Florida.
  • Unity of Jacksonville, FL Gathering

    May 10, 2014 | 184 min
    David, Jason, Nikita, and Helena discuss many topics, including questions about the devil and exorcism
  • What is the Happy Dream

    May 9, 2014 | 33 min
    The 'Happy Dream' is the experience of a forgiven mind. When you are free from reciprocity and the bindings of specialness, happiness shines from within, blessing the world and everyone in it's happy glow. Kirsten and Ricki speak about forgiveness and the need for prayer and non-compromise to continually stay with the Spirit's Plan and what serves the whole. Being in the 'Yes' sometimes means saying 'No' - from the beach house on the Jersey shore.
  • Its About Time (set up)

    May 8, 2014 | 9 min
    Time is in the hands of the miracle worker. Forgiveness is bringing all thoughts and beliefs from 'the past' into the present, where they can be seen differently. Tim is given the power to time-travel. Which means he can act out forgiveness (re-playing scenes where he wished he had done things differently). When you are experiencing yourself as a character in the dream there seem to be many missed opportunities to extend and receive love. But when you are completely present, and there is absolutely no chance of failure, you can relax into the moment, and allow yourself to be used in ways that serve the whole and open the mind to innocence and a greater Love. With Kirsten in Pennsylvania See ...
  • Don't Be Normal-Jason and Nikita

    May 6, 2014 | 104 min
    Jason shares: "I Am the Message and I Am not of this world." There are no interpretations of ACIM, just an experience. Nothing can bring you to the truth but your own desire, nothing can hold you back. The key to clarity is being willing to "not be normal". Jason and Nikita.
  • Gratitude and Eternal Life

    May 5, 2014 | 91 min
    Thank you! This gathering starts with deep Love and Gratitude for the Gift that You are. The belief in death and the sorrow of loss lay heavy on the heart. A miracle is called for by a participant and everyone at the gathering received it. We are innocent. Every step we take and every move we make to be with God is a miracle and only the ego can judge something as a failure. Enjoy the laughter and joyful result of calling upon the Spirit for Truth! With Kirsten and Ricki in New Jersey
  • Sickness And truth

    May 4, 2014 | 66 min
    Sickness is a decision. When the power of the mind is given over to belief in sickness, the identification with the body is immediate and convincing. Only by seeing the decision for weakness and the reason for this decision can an alternate decision be made. Perception is a moment by moment awareness. To perceive sickness anywhere is to believe in it. The Christ cannot be sick and God's Plan is to see the Christ and awaken from the dream of separation, regardless of the form. Kirsten with Ricki, in Pennyslvania
  • No Abandonment with Shrek and Jason

    Apr 27, 2014 | 133 min
    A mini movie is used to go into the ideas of children, family, abandonment and following your calling. If you have a tiny thought that something can be different, it is reflected in the world. With True Loves kiss everything is brought back to the way it always has been.
  • At the Treehouse Center 1

    Apr 26, 2014 | 181 min
    David and Nikita share Presence and answer questions in the first part of an all day gathering.
  • Atlanta Treehouse Center 2

    Apr 26, 2014 | 122 min
    David and Nikita talk about a shift in perception with regard to business, parenting, and the gap between what one believes they are and Who they truly are.
  • Unity on the River

    Apr 26, 2014 | 82 min
    The path is non-compromise. The truth is recognized as an experience, and the 'journey' is simply staying with the truth and being willing to lay aside the world for it in every moment. Divine providence is for all - it is allowing God to provide all things, including Life. Kirsten, Ricki and David at Unity on the River.
  • Loving Kindness Always and Forevwr

    Apr 25, 2014 | 150 min
    Through the darkness into Light.
  • Knoxville with Jason, Helena and Nikita

    Apr 25, 2014 | 121 min
    Jason, Helena and Nikita share from the heart in Knoxville. Lots of joy and sweetness as they come together for the first time. A narrow path requires full devotion to have a stable mind. The movie Hereafter is used to share about getting into your function.
  • Maria Felipe and David: lessons of love

    Apr 23, 2014 | 156 min
    David and Maria share an evening at Unity of Burbank. Topics include relationships and going from specialness to holy relationships. Q and A about topics such as trust and purpose.
  • Community / Marriage topics

    Apr 20, 2014 | 93 min
    Exploring the practicalities of community and relationships and commitment.
  • Uncompromising Trancendence

    Apr 20, 2014 | 123 min
    It is time to accept the resurrection for yourself. All compromise about the past and future must come to an end. Jesus is not just a dead man. Christ lives. Are you ready to really know that?
  • The end of procreation

    Apr 19, 2014 | 127 min
    Living in Presence, the path thru the darkness by following the Light, heavenly songs vibrating Love, quantum field, who created the ego?, the end of procreation
  • On Cruise Control

    Apr 17, 2014 | 116 min
    Let all things be exactly as they are means that there is no control over the world the ego made. Miracles are involuntary and not under conscious control. This Flow is like auto pilot or cruise control.
  • Under the Twinkie

    Apr 16, 2014 | 138 min
    Letting go in relationships, going beyond the possibility of personal projection, releasing control and judgment under the food (Twinkie example), everything is released through Guidance, pathway of forgiveness.