• The Art of Trapeze

    Oct 16, 2014 | 26 min
    How are you feeling right now? Do you feel like you are settled in and grooving along? Do you feel stuck and confused? Or are you on purpose, on track, and flying high? All of these scenarios are a part of life and if we can make peace with what is, we can ascend to higher heights! Bestselling, author, astrologer modern spiritual teacher and consciousness catalyst, Molly McCord shares tips, tools and timeless wisdom to support you in claiming greater grace and ease on your journey.
  • Whisper in the Wings, Claiming Your Destiny with Marti Tote

    Oct 9, 2014 | 28 min
    Do you know what your destiny, calling and greatest gifts are? And if so, have you said a resounding YES to sharing them with the world? Dr. Tammi and Marti Tote talk about being different, and celebrating those differences. Marti also talks about opening the door between heaven and Earth and inviting our angels to support us and guide us on our human journey.
  • Energies of Love with Donna Eden and David Feinstein

    Oct 2, 2014 | 27 min
    Why exactly do opposites attract? Have you ever been really attracted to someone, then later those very things that attracted you, now drive you crazy? Energy and relationship experts Donna Eden and David Feinstein explain WHY this happens and HOW we can start to understand ourselves and our partner in a deeper, more authentic way. They also share simple techniques that can bring us back to center when we feel stuck or start to go “off track”
  • Life After Death with Bob Olson

    Sep 25, 2014 | 27 min
    Has someone you love died? Would you like to know more about where they are and how they are doing? Dr. Tammi interviews investigator, researcher and “life after life expert” Bob Olson. Bob offers life changing insights, comforting information, along with science based answers about the death, dying, reincarnation, spirits, mediums and near death experiences and how to make the most of our human incarnation.
  • When it's Time to Say Goodbye with Marti Tote

    Sep 18, 2014 | 27 min
    Have you had to hold the hand of someone you love as they transition? Do you wish there was a guide, a friend, or someone who could relate to you and what you are going through? Well, there is. Marti Tote is a medium, angelic communicator and the author of “When It’s Time to Say Goodbye.” Marti compassionately supports those she connects with to relax into comfort and peace as the end of life approaches. In her book Marti weaves you into her memories and shares what can happen while having to face the final farewell of a parent and most cherished friend.
  • Answers About the Afterlife with Bob Olson

    Sep 11, 2014 | 27 min
    Are you curious about what happens after we die? Do you have questions about what you were up to before you incarnated as the human being you are right now? Dr. Tammi talks to afterlife authority and private investigator, Bob Olson, about his book Answers About the Afterlife. Bob also shares insight about the purpose of our human experience, the energy of God, communicating with our loved ones who have transitioned, and information about his program and incredible resource, Afterlife TV.
  • The Healing Power of Transcendental Meditation with Tom North

    Sep 4, 2014 | 27 min
    Do you ever experience stress or anxiety? Do you wish you could find some relief? Tom North shares information and his expertise about the healing power and practice of Transcendental Meditation and how it can help you. Tom also shares some of his story about the film that was based on his life, Yours, Mine and Ours, starring Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda, and how Transcendental Meditation not only reduced his stress, it healed his trauma and provided him with wisdom, wholeness and happiness.
  • The Power of Prayer with Rev. Maggie Oman Shannon

    Aug 28, 2014 | 26 min
    In a world that feels increasingly fragile, prayer can help soothe, comfort, direct and guide us. Rev. Maggie Oman Shannon shares information from several of her books about prayer and how it can help heal our relationships, our community and us. She also offers insights and information about how we can deepen in our communion with the Divine.
  • The Power of Choice with BJ Gallagher

    Aug 21, 2014 | 27 min
    Are you in the driver’s seat of your life? If so, how is that working for you? If there is room for improvement, perhaps you want to consider handing the steering wheel over to the Universe! BJ Gallagher and Dr. Tammi discuss the power of choice, the activity of surrender, the quality of courage and wisdom from BJ’s book If God is Your Co-Pilot Switch Seats - Miracles Happen When You Let Go.
  • Reaching Enlightenment with Polly Campbell

    Aug 14, 2014 | 27 min
    Do you think the path to enlightenment is for the select few? Or would you like to claim this intention and journey for yourself? With humor, authenticity and fun, Dr. Tammi and Polly Campbell discuss a comprehensive and accessible path to ascend in our consciousness. Polly also shares wisdom and life lessons from her book How to Reach Enlightenment.
  • The Shocking Truth About Yours, Mine, and Ours with Tom North

    Aug 7, 2014 | 27 min
    Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda played the loving Beardsley-North couple with 20 children in the 1968 film called “Yours, Mine and Ours."It was a massive success, but the film was not based on the truth. The actual Beardsley-North family experienced abuse, dysfunction and violence. Tom North, the second oldest son of Helen North, eventually made sense of the drama and trauma of life’s journey. With honesty and authenticity he shares his story, along with his healing revelations, and gives hope to anyone who is suffering and longs to be happy, healed and whole.
  • Crafting Calm with Rev. Maggie Oman Shannon

    Jul 31, 2014 | 27 min
    Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed from our high tech world? Would you like some support and ideas about how to slow down, connect with your soul, and relax into a place of peace? Dr. Tammi and Reverend Maggie Oman Shannon talk about the sacred power of creativity and wonderful practices from Maggie’s new book Crafting Calm: Projects and Practices for Creativity and Contemplation.
  • Do What You Love with BJ Gallagher

    Jul 24, 2014 | 27 min
    Do you ever feel you have gone down the wrong path of life? Do you harbor regret from making bad choices, or taking some wrong turns? BJ Gallaghar says if you are breathing there is the opportunity to embark on a path to a life you love. With wit, warmth and wisdom, BJ shares information from her book, It’s Never too Late to be What You Might Have Been – A Guide to Getting the Life you Love.
  • Imperfect Spirituality with Polly Campbell

    Jul 17, 2014 | 26 min
    Are there things about yourself that you would like to hide, deny or are embarrassed about? What if the things you judge about yourself are actually an opportunity or doorway to you being a happier, healthier and an even more spiritual human being? Polly Campbell tells us this indeed is the case! Polly shares wonderful wisdom from her new book Imperfect Spirituality, Extraordinary Enlightenment for Ordinary People.”
  • Living In Full Expression with Jim Phillips

    Jul 10, 2014 | 27 min
    Is it time to claim your magnificence? Are you ready to live a life in full expression? Dr. Tammi talks to Jim Phillips about releasing fear, living in faith and experiencing an enriched life of passion, peace, and miracles.
  • Relationships with Betsey Lewis

    Jul 3, 2014 | 27 min
    Have you ever wondered WHY you end up in certain relationships with certain people? Why are attracted to one person, and not another? And have you ever wanted to continue a relationship with someone who has died? Internationally acclaimed psychic medium, Betsey Lewis, discusses these subjects and also addresses what happens when we transition, orbs, walk-ins and other otherworldly topics.
  • Spiritual Evolution with Gwilda Wiyaka

    Jun 26, 2014 | 26 min
    Are you optimistic about ascending in your consciousness and bridging Heaven and Earth? Modern Day Shaman Gwilda Wiyaka talks about the current shift that’s happening in the world and how to claim our personal power. She also shares with us how shamanism can support us in finding our balance, experiencing joy and living life aligned with our soul.
  • Reduced to Joy with Mark Nepo

    Jun 19, 2014 | 26 min
    Would you like to reside in a more consistent state of joy? Mark Nepo says serenity and joy resides beneath all of the emotions. He shares with us wisdom about how to delve deeper into the experience of joy, and how to make peace with the waves of emotions, and sometime erratic tides of our lives. He also shares poetry from his book “Reduced to Joy”
  • Radical Manifestation with Colin Tipping

    Jun 12, 2014 | 27 min
    Do you ever find yourself thinking "If I had more money I would be happy" or "If only I could loose weight I would like myself more" ? Colin Tipping shares with us how we can start to radically improve our lives, finances and bodies with simple, yet radically transformational concepts and techniques. He also shares with us how we can download his free worksheets that can help us improve any area of our lives.
  • What Happens When We Die with Betsey Lewis

    Jun 5, 2014 | 26 min
    Do you have a conscious relationship with a guardian angel or spirit guides? Would you like to? Have you ever wanted answers to the big questions about life: What happens when we die? Why are we here? And what is the POINT of this human experience? Dr. Tammi and Internationally acclaimed psychic medium, Betsey Lewis, talk about these subjects and much more!
  • Live Conscously, Age Wisely with Barbara Marx Hubbard and Sedena Cappannelli

    May 29, 2014 | 54 min
    How do you feel about getting older? Barbara Marx Hubbard and Sedena Cappannelli discuss the powerful opportunities and potential of aging consciously, expanding energetically and how we can emerge into our best and brightest selves. These wise woman help us understand that transformation, beauty and metamorphosis is always available to us, no matter what our chronological age!
  • Seven Thousand Ways to Listen with Mark Nepo

    May 22, 2014 | 26 min
    If you want to embody and claim one skill that can transform your life and tap into the sacred, that skill would be deep listening! More than just listening to another person, we also have the life-changing opportunity to listen deeply to ourselves, tap the wisdom within, and dialogue with all of life. Mark Nepo tells us how as he shares powerful stories, life lessons, and inspiring information from his book Seven Thousand Ways to Listen: Staying Close to What Is Sacred.
  • Love Me Slender with Dr. Thomas Bradbury and Dr. Benjamin Karney

    May 15, 2014 | 27 min
    If you are ready to commit to a happier relationship, and a healthier lifestyle, Dr. Thomas Bradbury and Dr. Ben Karney share with us how! Bradbury and Karney share the 3 basic principles that strengthens partnerships, as well as easy to implement information that assist couples in achieving, rather than sabotaging, each others health goals.
  • 25 Practical Uses for Radical Forgiveness with Colin Tipping

    May 8, 2014 | 27 min
    Are you ready to let go of any and all toxic energy, so you can manifest a more joyful, happy and productive life? We may intellectually KNOW forgiveness is a good idea, but actually doing it can be much harder. Colin Tipping shares his simple 4 step forgiveness process and how this can help us heal from loss, help with lawsuits, improve our health,loose weight, heal addictions and even raise the consciousness of the plant.
  • Deep Yoga with Bhava Ram

    May 1, 2014 | 27 min
    While in the throes of suffering, it can be hard to believe there are great gifts and incredible opportunities. Bhava Ram, formerly known as Brad Willis, was an internationally acclaimed news correspondent living the life of his dreams, until one tragedy after another struck. He was diagnosed with stage four cancer and given two years to live. However, he found his way from the confusion of darkness, debilitating pain, addiction, cancer and chaos and is now cancer free and in the best health of his life. Now Bhava is sharing his wisdom and healing secrets with anyone who is ready to transform, be empowered and heal at the deepest of levels.
  • The Seat of the Soul with Gary Zukav and Linda Francis

    Apr 24, 2014 | 28 min
    What does it mean to live a life aligned with your soul? It means cultivating authentic power, ascending in our consciousness and so much more. Gary Zukav and Linda Francis talk about the 25th anniversary of the international phenomenon, the book The Seat of the Soul. Oprah Winfrey has said the power of this book is only second to the bible. Gary and Linda also share with us how to shift from fear to love and get to the higher altitude where life is more clear, more joyful and more fulfilling.
  • East Meets West with John Adago

    Apr 17, 2014 | 27 min
    Is a balance and blend of Eastern and Western beliefs compatible? And how important is meditation to a balanced, happy, fulfilling life? John Adago share’s the wisdom and teachings of some of the East’s most powerful teachers of recent times. John also explains how how we can integrate these teachings to uplevel and bring more joy to our busy lives.
  • Your Wild and Precious Life with Jesse Gros

    Apr 17, 2014 | 27 min
    Do you feel a little bored or listless? Would you like higher energy and more adventure in your life? Jesse is an adventurer, life coach and the author of “Your Wild and Precious Life, Adventure is Conscious Creation.” Jesse Gros shares how we can up level in our human experience, release our fear, and claim our vitality, vibrancy and joy. Jesse also shares how he moved out of his fear based relationship with money and claimed the career of his dreams - and how we can as well!
  • Health Journeys with Belleruth Naparstek

    Apr 10, 2014 | 26 min
    Do you feel as vibrantly healthy as you would like? Are you ready to replace bad habits with good ones? Would you like the process to be gentle, graceful and easy? You can have all of this and more through the process of Guided Imagery. Belleruth Naparstek shares with us how connecting with our imagination, accessing our subconscious mind, and relaxing into our inner realms can help us distress, transform, learn, shift and heal.
  • The Art of Empathy with Karla McLaren

    Apr 3, 2014 | 27 min
    Have you ever been told you are too sensitive? Or do you sometimes just know when someone else is not feeling good? Perhaps you are already in touch with one of the most life’s powerful, important and essential skills – the skill and art of empathy. Karla McLaren talks about how to harness, cultivate and apply this powerful sense to manifest and experience greater awareness and a deeper connection to others all of life.
  • The Purpose of Your Life

    Mar 27, 2014 | 28 min
    Carol Adrienne discusses the vital topic of life purpose. Carol has been interviewed by Oprah Winfrey, where she hailed her book: “The Purpose of Your Life: Finding Your Place in the World Using Synchronicity, Intuition, and Uncommon Sense” as an absolute must-read. Carol shares with us how we can start to discover our purpose, tap into it and begin to claim it NOW!
  • The Language of Emotions with Karla McLaren

    Mar 20, 2014 | 27 min
    Would you like to open more fully to a relationship with your soul? Then learn to honor your emotions – all of them! Many people believe by avoiding “negative emotions” such as anger, sadness and fear, is what will help them live happier lives. But it is not until we can honor all of our emotions, that can we be truly healthy, truly fulfilled and fully alive. Karla McLaren shares with us the upside and positive potential to our darker emotions, and how to claim a balanced, joyful life.
  • Unlimited Abundance with Edwene Gaines

    Mar 19, 2014 | 55 min
    What is your relationship like with Money? Do you consider yourself to be prosperous? Would you like to manifest more money and greater fulfillment? Dr. Tammi talks to Prosperity Expert Edwene Gaines. Edwene is the best selling author of The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance. Edwene transcended a life of abject poverty to one of great wealth by adhering to these four laws, and has made a 100% commitment to the transformation of the abundance consciousness of the world.
  • Manifesting Grace with Rosemary Sneeringer

    Mar 13, 2014 | 28 min
    Dr. Tammi and Rosemary Sneeringer discuss simple principles and concepts to assist you in taking responsibility for your inner reality, so your outer reality “smooths out.” If you are ready to surrender working hard and pushing, and ready to accept gentleness and joy, this show can support your shift!
  • Making Marriage Simple

    Mar 6, 2014 | 29 min
    What are the secrets to a long, lasting, loving relationship? It doesn’t have to be hard! If you are ready for greater fulfillment and joy in your partnership, Dr. Harville Hendrix, and Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt, tell us how! Called the “Relationship Whisperer” by Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Hendrix, and his wife Dr. Hunt. share tips from their latest book “Making Marriage Simple - 10 Simple Steps to a Happy Marriage” as well as the “Zero Negativity Challenge.” If you are ready for transformation, this couple makes the process comprehensive, accessible and fun!
  • Love Your Body, Don't Judge Your Body

    Feb 27, 2014 | 27 min
    Do you find yourself judging your body? Would you like to love your body and live at your ideal weight effort¬lessly, and happily? It is possible! Michelle Hastie, the author of “The Weight Loss Shift: Be More, Weigh Less” shares wisdom about how to shift into a higher way of being, experience a permanent weight loss solution, claim your joy and manifest the life of your dreams!
  • The Mystery of Numerology

    Feb 20, 2014 | 28 min
    Are you ready to get to know yourself in a deeper way? Carol Adrienne takes the mystery out of numerology, and shares with us the different ways this ancient art form can support and inform us. Carol talks about our world year, how to determine your personal birth number, and a brief description of your life’s path.
  • Keys to a Heart to Heart Relationship

    Feb 13, 2014 | 27 min
    The single greatest relationship myth in recorded history: "If only you would change, everything would be so much better!” Dr. Ron Hulnick and Dr. Mary Hulnick dispel this myth and share deeper truths about how to cultivate a happy, healthy and conscious relationship. They also share the REAL reasons for relationship, as well as simple tools that can transform, heal and nurture our heart connections with another.
  • The Artist's Way

    Feb 6, 2014 | 28 min
    Do you consider yourself an artist? Or is that title to big for you to claim? Every human being (including you) is an aspect of Creative Intelligence, therefore, creative and intelligent. If you are ready to claim greater creativity, improved health, more prosperity and deeper fulfillment, this conscious conversation with Julia Cameron will support in lining up with your soul.
  • Relationships 101 with Billy Farr

    Jan 30, 2014 | 27 min
    If you have ever found yourself arguing a lot in your relationships, blaming yourself or your significant other may not be the best answer. Billy Farr helps us figure out if we are compatible or incompatible with the people in our lives, as well as how to stay connected without conflict. Billy also gives us tips and tools to raise our vibration and align in body, mind and spirit.
  • Expanding Into Love with Colin Tipping

    Jan 23, 2014 | 26 min
    If you have wondered why your connections with other people are so challenging, or if you are ready for greater fulfillment and finding your truest purpose, Colin Tipping, the author of “Radical Forgiveness” and “Expanding Into Love” tells us how we can shift our unpleasant patterns, improve all our relationships, and experience happiness, purpose and joy.
  • Radical Forgiveness with Colin Tipping

    Jan 16, 2014 | 26 min
    Is there anybody that you are angry with, holding a grudge against or having a problem forgiving? You may know in theory that you NEED to forgive, but actually DOING it can be infinitely more difficult. Colin Tipping, the author of “Radical Forgiveness” shares powerful information about the process of forgiving authentically and completely. This spiritual technology, when applied in our lives, not only heals our past, but it brings us peace in the present, and empowers our future.
  • Building Healthy Relationships with Food with Kimber Simpkins

    Jan 2, 2014 | 27 min
    Are you ready to come into a happier, healthier, and more loving relationship with food and your body? Kimber Simpkins gives us tips on how to make the journey from self-loathing, to acceptance, and self-love. Kimber talks about her healing process and how she wrestled with her inner demons of hunger and perfection. Kimber also shares how we can discover our inner best friend and invite love to soften the toughest parts of ourselves.
  • Recipes For a Sacred Life with Rivvy Neshama

    Dec 26, 2013 | 27 min
    Are you ready to connect more fully to your heart, to other people, and to the sacred in everyday life? Rivvy Neshama shares stories of forgiveness and generosity from her book Recipes for a Sacred Life to open us up to the celebration of the sometimes daunting human journey. With warmth, kindness, and humor, Rivvy reminds us of simple truths.
  • The Power of Choice with Carrie Jolie Dale

    Dec 19, 2013 | 27 min
    Did you know that you could choose to make more money? What about Better relationships, or even, more vibrant health? Carrie Jolie Dale shares with us some simple steps, and small powerful choices we can make to support us in going the direction of our dreams. Comprehensive and clear, powerful and empowering, if you master your choices, you will master your life!
  • Caregiving with Yosaif August

    Dec 12, 2013 | 27 min
    Are you a caregiver who’s giving more than you are receiving? Dr. Tammi talks to Yosaif August about his new book Coaching for Caregivers: How to Reach Out Before You Burn Out. Yosaif discusses the importance of self-care, balance and asking for what you want, so that you can give the best of yourself to those that you love.
  • Quest for Meaning and Authenticity with August Turak

    Dec 5, 2013 | 27 min
    Are you confused about bridging the worlds between spirituality and worldly success? August Turak, says you don’t have to choose one or the other. We CAN manifest and live a committed, authentic and financially prosperous life. August shares his life lessons about cultivating great worldly success while also implementing what he has learned from working alongside the Trappist Monks. Authenticity, commitment, and transformation from selfishness to selflessness are the key to having it all.
  • Christina Steinorth - 'Relationships and Money'

    Nov 28, 2013 | 27 min
    Relationships and money are two hot topics, and when combined, can be terrain filled with land mines! Author, expert, and psychotherapist, Christina Steinorth, shares powerful wisdom about how to make the subject of finances smoother in your partnership or marriage: When and how to discuss money; combining finances; sharing expenses; prenuptial agreements and much more. You may also visit her web site to take her Financial Compatibility Quiz.
  • Writing to Wake the Soul with Karen Hering

    Nov 21, 2013 | 27 min
    Are you ready to explore greater intimacy with your spirituality, your soul, and your world? Karen Hering shares wonderful tips on how to open more fully to the voice of your inner wisdom and “wake up” your Soul Self. If you are ready to release your inner critic and open your heart, writing to wake the soul (whether you are a writer or not) can support you.
  • Dr. Dain Heer - 'Be You, Changing the World'

    Nov 14, 2013 | 27 min
    Are you ready to change the world? Are you ready to claim your magic? Dr. Dain Heer, the author of, “Be You, Change the World,” gives us empowering information about how we can claim those intentions for ourselves here and now. Dr. Dain also shares his powerful, yet simple, “Energy Bubble” exercise that can help us attract all that we want, need, dream of, and desire.
  • Sonia Choquette - 'Let Your Intuition Guide You'

    Nov 7, 2013 | 27 min
    Are you ready to open more fully to your inner voice, expand your sixth sense, and claim your intuition? Sonia Choquette says your intuition and heart’s guidance is the most important sense and everyone’s birthright. Sonia also shares a simple exercise from her latest book: ”Let Your Intuition Guide You To Fulfillment and Flow" to help you tap into your heart’s wisdom here and now. The heart is the bridge between your mind and your soul.
  • Discover your Emotional Age with Crystal Andrus

    Oct 31, 2013 | 27 min
    Are you tired of living small or feeling angry? Are you a women ready to claim her power? Imagine discovering a clear and simple way to handle every situation in the best, most appropriate and empowering manner. Imagine claiming your authentic power and loving your life on every level! Crystal Andrus shares with us important information about understanding our emotional age, how to “grow up” and transform into the peaceful empowered spiritual adults we were destined to be!
  • Christina Steinorth - 'Cue Cards for Life'

    Oct 24, 2013 | 27 min
    Are you ready to bring greater grace, communication and ease to ALL of your relationships? Dr. Tammi Talks to psychotherapist and relationship expert, Christina Steinorth, about her book “Cue Cards for Life – Thoughtful Tips for Better Relationships” Christina shares tips about how to nurture our romantic relationships, navigate arguments, and have meaningful conversations with our children. Even, our teenagers! Christina also shares simple wisdom about improving our work environment and how to deal with those that are grieving.
  • Control Versus Authentic Power

    Oct 3, 2013 | 27 min
    Do you feel powerful? And are you ready to claim and experience authentic power? Dr. Tammi and Rosemary Sneeringer discuss surrendering the need to control, and relax into the space of authentic confidence, peace and faith within.
  • Tammi Balizewski guest Penney Pierce

    Oct 1, 2013 | 27 min
    Intuition is one of the most powerful tools we can have to navigate in our relationships, career, our spiritual path and every area of our lives! If you are ready to open more fully to your intuition, Penney Peirce, the author of: “The Intuitive Way- The Definitive Guide to Increasing your Awareness” tells us how. Penney gives practical tools to counterbalance burnout and more fully cultivate the alignment with our soul
  • Tammi Balizewski guest Penney Pierce

    Oct 1, 2013 | 28 min
    Are you tired of feeling like a victim? Are you ready to take greater responsibility for your relationships, experiences and your life? Penney Peirce, the author of Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration says: “If your energy frequency is lower, slower, more distorted frequency begets a life of snags and disappointments. But if it is high, fast, and clear, life unfolds effortlessly and in alignment with your destiny.” Penney gives us practical tools on exactly how to increase our personal vibration, improve our life on all levels and claim true empowerment.
  • People Pleaser No More!

    Sep 26, 2013 | 27 min
    Do you take what others think about you personally? Are you attached to being liked or loved? Perhaps you are a People Pleaser! Dr. Tammi and Rosemary Sneeringer talk about how to shift this challenging, “toxic” energy and start to make yourself a bigger priority in your own life. Listen to this show if you are ready to claim your importance, claim your power and claim the life of your dreams.
  • Listen to Your Body

    Sep 19, 2013 | 27 min
    Would you like to love your body? Would you like to know how to tap into its important information and innate wisdom? Dr. Tammi talks to Blossom Benedict about simple tools and techniques to help us become better friends with our physical selves. Blossom made the journey from complex health challenges to vibrant health, and supports us in claiming the same!
  • What's Right With Your Life?

    Sep 12, 2013 | 28 min
    Would you like to have a better relationship with your body, with other people, or with money? It is possible and despite what many may believe, it does not have to be hard. Dr. Tammi and Penny Orloff discuss simple steps we can begin to take to become more empowered, more peaceful and more fulfilled effective immediately. These simple steps, applied consistently, ensure that we will eventually manifest the life we deserve and desire.
  • The Importance of Chiropractics with Dr. Scott Fletcher

    Sep 5, 2013 | 28 min
    Are you feeling aligned and vibrantly alive? Dr. Tammi interviews chiropractor and motivational speaker, Dr. Scott Fletcher, about the importance of chiropractics, helpful hints to choosing the right chiropractor for you and four building blocks of good spinal health. Dr. Fletcher also shares other tips and tools to claim a healthy and happy life.
  • Modern Day Proverbs with Reverend Larry Hickey

    Aug 29, 2013 | 26 min
    Are you ready for a dose of upliftment? Dr. Tammi talks to Reverend Larry Hickey about his book “Modern Day Proverbs. Reverend Larry shares excerpts from his book as well as wisdom about how to open our hearts and live a more fulfilling, faith-filled and joyful life.
  • Amanda Adams Barney on Journey to Center

    Aug 15, 2013 | 27 min
    How do we keep our relationships fresh? How can we bring the sexy back and connect in a meaningful with our partner? Amanda Adams Barney, the author of “The 48 Hour Retreat” shares hints, tips, tools and techniques to re-energize and revitalize our primary relationship. It may sound like work, but Amanda promises it can be fun!
  • Amazing Mentors with Karilee Halo Shames

    Aug 8, 2013 | 28 min
    Is it time to claim your power? Are you ready to say YES and go to the next level of your life? Karilee Halo Shames can give your powerful wisdom and tools to do just that! Karilee is the author of Amazing Mentors – Real Hot Mamas Path to Power. Additionally she has a PhD, in Holistic studies, is a Clinical Specialist in Mental Health and Certified Holistic Nurse. She offers “Life Transition Guidance” to help people overcome their fear of change, she also supports women in claiming their inherent power so they can live their life to the fullest.
  • Conquering Self-Doubt: An Interview with Joyce Roche

    Aug 1, 2013 | 27 min
    Have you ever thought to yourself, “I don’t deserve my success,” or “if people really knew me, they probably would not like me” or have you ever felt like an imposter in your own life? If so, Joyce Roche’ has some powerful wisdom to share with you. Joyce is a board member on 4 Fortune 500 companies, the former vice president of Avon and the author of “The Empress Has No Clothes: Conquering Self-Doubt to Embrace Success” Joyce discusses the phenomenon of Imposter Syndrome, how to release self doubt, and begin to enjoy your journey of success!
  • Dr. Christine Page on Journey to Center

    Jul 25, 2013 | 27 min
    The relationship with our body can be confusing, especially in the throes of a health challenge, disease or cancer. Dr. Page says these are messages from the soul and our physical body is our most loving friend and advocate, no matter what, all the time. Dr. Page also discusses the detriment of being too nice, the incredible power of natural cycles, the divine feminine, and her latest book: The Healing Power of the Sacred Woman: Health, Creativity and Fertility for the Soul.
  • Ruben Torres

    Jul 18, 2013 | 27 min
    Have you ever wondered why life is so hard? Or have you ever considered these questions: Why am I here? What is my purpose? What am I supposed to be doing? International Motivational Speaker, Ruben Torres, helps you find your answers to these questions and offers a big dose of upliftment, inspiration and motivation.
  • Turning Broken Dreams into New Beginnings

    Jul 11, 2013 | 27 min
    If you have suffered a great loss or experienced a broken dream, Sheridan Voysey can give you hope, healing and perspective while discussing his new book: “Resurrection Year, Turning Broken Dreams into New Beginnings.” Dr. Tammi and Sheridan talk about navigating through pain and finally arriving at peace. Sheridan and his wife, Merryn, tried for over a decade to have a child, but had to surrender their dream. His book is part spiritual memoir and part love story, Resurrection Year is an honest, heart-felt book about recovering from broken dreams and reconciling with a God who is sometimes silent but never absent.
  • Kathryn Tristan on Journey To Center

    Jun 27, 2013 | 53 min
    Do you find yourself spending significant amounts of time in worry, stress and anxiety? If so this show is for you. Kathryn Tristan, author of “Why Worry? Stop Coping and Start Living” shares powerful information to not only reduce stress but release it completely. She also gives suggestions on how to open more fully to our souls and cultivate more coincidence and synchronicity in our lives.
  • Jeff Brown - "Soulshaping A Journey Of Self Creation"

    Jun 20, 2013 | 57 min
    Have you said YES to your soul? Do you desire deeper authenticity and greater self expression? Then Jeff Brown, author of “Soulshaping A Journey of Self Creation” has words of wisdom, support and humor to accompany on your journey. Both down to earth and mystical, Jeff makes the spiritual path practical. Dr. Tammi and Jeff discuss the power of emotions, the loss of friends and addressing our past to arrive in the powerful and magical present moment.