• Gone Girl

    Sep 26, 2014 | 4 min
    Rather than let nuance intrude, Gone Girl doubles down on perversity, and its stars follow suit.
  • The Skeleton Twins

    Sep 12, 2014 | 4 min
    Two luminaries of Saturday Night Live are reunited in The Skeleton Twins ? Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader. It?s hard to say if they give wonderful comic performances with a tragic dimension, or wonderful dramatic performances with a comic dimension.
  • Telluride Film Festival

    Sep 5, 2014 | 4 min
    Joe Morgenstern reviews the new Pixar short Lava, as well as Birdman, Leviathan, and Mr. Turner from the Telluride Film Festival.
  • If I Stay; The Trip in Italy

    Aug 22, 2014 | 4 min
    Joe Morgenstern reviews the new Chloe Grace Moretz film If I Stay, and the new comedy The Trip to Italy from Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon.
  • The Hundred-Foot Journey

    Aug 8, 2014 | 4 min
    For all of its gastronomic and cultural crosscurrents, The Hundred-Foot Journey boils down to comfort food.
  • Get On Up

    Aug 1, 2014 | 4 min
    Get On Up is about the transformative power of performance. James Brown was a performer of legendary gifts, immeasurable influence and almost infinitely renewable energy.
  • Lucy

    Jul 25, 2014 | 4 min
    Lucy doesn't keep track of its own logic, but it's gleefully bold, often funny, surprisingly concise, and 100% entertaining.
  • I Origins

    Jul 18, 2014 | 4 min
    I Origins, the second feature from director Mike Cahill, features intriguing characters, but the script lays out more highways and byways than a single movie could possibly navigate.
  • Boyhood

    Jul 11, 2014 | 4 min
    On rare occasions a movie seems to channel the flow of real life. Richard Linklater's Boyhood is one of those occasions.
  • Jersey Boys

    Jun 20, 2014 | 4 min
    In Clint Eastwood's film version of Jersey Boys, the first signs of trouble come in the opening scene...
  • The Fault in Our Stars

    Jun 6, 2014 | 4 min
    What can you say about a movie that brings two beautiful teens together in a cancer support group? Listen Download
  • We Are the Best!

    May 30, 2014 | 4 min
    Disney's "Maleficent" and Seth MacFarlane's "A Million Ways to Die in the West" are opening this week, but the significant event is a little independent film from Sweden. Listen Download
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past

    May 23, 2014 | 4 min
    A film that's as remarkable for depth of feeling as it is for action.... Listen Download
  • Godzilla

    May 16, 2014 | 4 min
    No one can accuse "Godzilla" of lacking plot elements or themes. Listen Download
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2

    May 2, 2014 | 4 min
    This franchise needs more than a reset. It's ripe for retirement. Listen Download
  • Locke

    Apr 25, 2014 | 4 min
    What makes the drama "Locke" so powerful is the quality of the writing. Listen Download
  • Transcendence

    Apr 18, 2014 | 4 min
    A cautionary fantasy about artificial intelligence... Listen Download
  • Only Lovers Left Alive

    Apr 11, 2014 | 4 min
    You don't have to be a fan if Jim Jarmusch's special brand of indie spookiness to enjoy his new film, "Only Lovers Left Alive." Listen Download
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier

    Apr 4, 2014 | 4 min
    With "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" Marvel has won a rebirth trifecta... Listen Download
  • Noah

    Mar 28, 2014 | 4 min
    Darren Aronofsky's "Noah" is a daring venture in mainstream entertainment, and it's pretty terrific for the most part. Listen Download
  • Divergent

    Mar 21, 2014 | 4 min
    "Divergent" features a strong heroine battling for survival in a dystopian future. Listen Download
  • Need for Speed

    Mar 14, 2014 | 4 min
    "Need for Speed" is nothing if not racy... Listen Download
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel

    Mar 7, 2014 | 4 min
    Hardly a moment goes by in "The Grand Budapest Hotel" when there isn't something to make us smile... Listen Download
  • Non-Stop

    Feb 28, 2014 | 4 min
    The suspense thriller "Non-Stop" plays a reliably old-fashioned game of finding the bad guy among 150 passengers and the crew. Listen Download
  • In Secret; Barefoot

    Feb 21, 2014 | 4 min
    Joe Morgenstern warns movie-goers off two films opening this week. Listen Download
  • Winter's Tale

    Feb 14, 2014 | 4 min
    One of my readers at the Wall Street Journal sent me an email: "Joe, Please tell me that "Winter's Tale" is a great movie befitting a wonderful book..." Listen Download
  • Tim's Vermeer

    Jan 31, 2014 | 4 min
    The documentary "Tim's Vermeer" is a fascinating work about the porous border between technology and art. Listen Download
  • Like Father, Like Son

    Jan 24, 2014 | 4 min
    Stories about babies switched at birth follow a familiar pattern in the era of DNA, but… Listen Download
  • Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

    Jan 17, 2014 | 4 min
    Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is loosely based on the Tom Clancy canon... Listen Download
  • Her

    Dec 20, 2013 | 4 min
    Spike Jonze offers a vision of our era's evolution in a blissfully inventive fantasy called "Her." Listen Download
  • American Hustle

    Dec 13, 2013 | 4 min
    Ho, hum, another holiday season and another great movie from David O. Russell. Listen Download
  • Inside Llewyn Davis

    Dec 6, 2013 | 4 min
    "Inside Llewyn Davis" is a wonder evocation of an important period in popular culture. Listen Download
  • Frozen

    Nov 29, 2013 | 4 min
    Listen Download
  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

    Nov 22, 2013 | 4 min
    "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" is exceptional entertainment, a spectacle with a good mind and a pounding heart. Listen Download
  • Nebraska

    Nov 15, 2013 | 4 min
    Nebraska, a classic road movie, is remarkable for its kindness and generosity… Listen Download
  • The Armstrong Lie

    Nov 8, 2013 | 4 min
    Was iconic cyclist Lance Armstrong nothing more than a compulsive liar? Listen Download
  • Dallas Buyers Club

    Nov 1, 2013 | 4 min
    "Dallas Buyers Club" is a showcase of fine performances, some of them distinguished by their restraint. Listen Download
  • The Counselor

    Oct 25, 2013 | 4 min
    "The Counselor" represents Cormac McCarthy's screenwriting debut... Listen Download
  • 12 Years A Slave

    Oct 18, 2013 | 4 min
    Movie audiences have never been presented with anything quite like the intertwined beauty and savagery of 12 Years A Slave... Listen Download
  • Captain Phillips

    Oct 11, 2013 | 4 min
    The film is an exciting entertainment that makes us feel good about the outcome, and about the reach of American power, rather than its limits... Listen Download
  • Gravity

    Oct 4, 2013 | 4 min
    In one form or another, motion pictures have been with us since the middle of the 19th century, but there's never been one like "Gravity." Listen Download
  • Enough Said

    Sep 27, 2013 | 4 min
    "Enough Said" stakes a claim on our hearts before the first frame lights up the screen... Listen Download
  • The Best of the 2013 Telluride Fil Festival

    Sep 6, 2013 | 4 min
    It was feast or feast at this year's 40th anniversary Telluride Film Festival, just one terrific movie after another... Listen Download
  • Short Term 12

    Aug 23, 2013 | 4 min
    The setting of Short Term 12 might better be called Indeterminate Term 12... Listen Download
  • Cutie and the Boxer

    Aug 16, 2013 | 4 min
    Zachary Heinzerling's documentary gathers force slowly, but with such wisdom and calm mastery that... Listen Download
  • The Spectacular Now

    Aug 2, 2013 | 4 min
    The Spectacular Now is a story of adolescents on the brink of adulthood is refreshingly unlike the overheated features that define the genre. Listen Download
  • The Conjuring; Blackfish

    Jul 19, 2013 | 4 min
    Joe considers two very different films this week: "The Conjuring," a saga of demonic possession, and the enthralling documentary, "Blackfish." Listen Download
  • Fruitvale Station

    Jul 12, 2013 | 4 min
    Ryan Coogler's "Fruitvale Station" opens with a shaky cell phone video of a now-infamous event, the fatal shooting of Oscar Grant, a black unarmed 22-year-old... Listen Download
  • The Way, Way Back

    Jul 5, 2013 | 4 min
    "The Way, Way Back" is a coming-of-age story...bursting with life -- and blissful silliness, along with sweet anguish... Listen Download
  • White House Down

    Jun 28, 2013 | 4 min
    "White House Down" may or may not have certified Channing Tatum as an action hero, but it certainly displays his energy, bemuscled build and easy charm.... Listen Download
  • World War Z

    Jun 21, 2013 | 4 min
    Happily for us humans, World War Z's greatest asset is its star. Listen Download
  • 20 Feet from Stardom; Man of Steel

    Jun 14, 2013 | 4 min
    Two films about the story behind the story. "20 Feet from Stardom," spotlights the singers behind the singers. "Man of Steel" takes itself seriously as an origin story. Listen Download
  • The Great Gatsby

    May 10, 2013 | 4 min
    Baz Lurhmann's version of The Great Gatsby is a tale told idiotically, full of noise and furor, signifying next to nothing. Listen Download
  • Iron Man 3

    May 3, 2013 | 4 min
    You know the story of the emperor’s new suit… Listen Download
  • Mud

    Apr 26, 2013 | 4 min
    "Mud," the third feature by Jeff Nichols, is a model of what an independent feature can be, starting with the homely grabber of a title. Listen Download
  • Oblivion

    Apr 19, 2013 | 4 min
    "Oblivion" is the new sci-fi adventure starring Tom Cruise. Listen Download
  • Disconnect

    Apr 12, 2013 | 4 min
    A new film from Henry-Alex Rubin, the co-director of the Oscar-nominated documentary, "Murderball." Listen Download
  • Trance

    Apr 5, 2013 | 4 min
    Listen Download
  • Olympus Has Fallen

    Mar 22, 2013 | 4 min
    "Olympus Has Fallen" starts with a bold idea, then throws massive firepower into the execution… Listen Download
  • Upside Down

    Mar 15, 2013 | 4 min
    Rather than star-crossed, the lovers in "Upside Down" are planet crossed; they come from adjacent planets with opposite gravities. Listen Download
  • Oz the Great and Powerful

    Mar 8, 2013 | 4 min
    With "Oz the Great and Powerful," Disney has produced two spectacles for the price of one... Listen Download
  • Stoker

    Mar 1, 2013 | 4 min
    Listen Download
  • Like Someone in Love

    Feb 22, 2013 | 4 min
    A young woman and two men make up the unlikely – and dangerously unstable – triangle of "Like Someone in Love," which turns on mistaken identities.  Download
  • No

    Feb 16, 2013 | 4 min
    "No" is an exceptionally smart political drama with a satiric edge about the 1988 referendum that drove the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet out of office. Listen Download
  • Parker; John Dies at the End

    Jan 26, 2013 | 4 min
    Anarchy defies scrutiny... Listen Download
  • The Last Stand

    Jan 19, 2013 | 4 min
    First he was the Terminator, then the Governator. Now Arnold Schwarzenegger has cast himself as the Rejuvenator, breathing huffs and puffs of new life into his screen career. Much of "The Last Stand" is a wheezy setup for an enjoyably preposterous showdown in a sleepy Arizona border town called Sommerton Junction. Listen Download
  • Gangster Squad

    Jan 12, 2013 | 4 min
    When the classic Warner Bros. logo comes on the screen at the start of "Gangster Squad," it's in a tint that is somewhere between color and black and white. It holds out a two-fold promise: Los Angeles in 1949 brought back to life in the lavish style that only a Hollywood studio can provide, and a movie from the studio that made many of the greatest gangster films in Hollywood. The first part of the promise pays off. Listen Download
  • Django Unchained

    Dec 29, 2012 | 4 min
    The safest thing you could say about "Django Unchained" is that it finds Quentin Tarantino hurtling over the top yet again... Listen Download
  • Amour

    Dec 22, 2012 | 4 min
    "Amour" has won all sorts of prizes all over the world, and no wonder... Listen Download
  • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

    Dec 15, 2012 | 4 min
    Joe Morgenstern spends two hours and 46 minutes in Middle Earth... Listen Download
  • Hyde Park on Hudson

    Dec 8, 2012 | 4 min
    Joe Morgenstern reviews Hyde Park on Hudson. Listen Download
  • Killing Them Softly

    Dec 1, 2012 | 4 min
    As a gangster thriller, "Killing Then Softly" is long on violence and short on thrills, but it does present a mystery... Listen Download
  • Life of Pi

    Nov 24, 2012 | 4 min
    The desperate hero in "Life of Pie" says that hunger can change everything you thought you knew about yourself... Listen Download
  • Silver Linings Playbook

    Nov 17, 2012 | 4 min
    Joe Morgenstern on David O. Russell's romantic comedy of prickly passions and rampant dysfunction... Listen Download
  • Skyfall; Lincoln

    Nov 10, 2012 | 4 min
    Joe Morgenstern reviews Sam Mendes' latest Bond action thriller and Steven Spielberg's portrayal of our 16th president within the politics of his day. Listen Download
  • Cloud Atlas

    Oct 27, 2012 | 4 min
    Six interwoven, interlocking story lines, in six separate time frames... Listen Download
  • The Sessions

    Oct 20, 2012 | 4 min
    Polio survivor/director Ben Lewin's film on a man in an iron lung who wants to lose his virginity... Listen Download
  • Argo

    Oct 13, 2012 | 4 min
    It's often said of incredible but true stories that you can't make such stuff up... Listen Download
  • Dredd 3D

    Sep 22, 2012 | 4 min
    Joe Morgenstern reviews "the iPhone of recent action thrillers." Listen Download
  • The Master

    Sep 15, 2012 | 4 min
    Is 'The Master' a story about Scientology? Well, sure it is. Still that's a limiting way of looking at this film... Listen Download