KCRW's Martini Shot

    KCRW's Martini Shot

    • KCRW's Martini Shot
    • Veteran TV writer and producer Rob Long shares his behind-the-scenes look at Hollywood life on "Mart...

    KCRW's Martini Shot


    Flipped Ghostbusters

    Rob takes a simple, successful movie franchise and extends its financial value by rebooting it, then reversing it -- which means he never has to come ... Read more

    July 27, 2016


    Rob dresses up as a famous movie character and beats the stuffing out of someone dressed up as another famous movie character, and they keep doing it ... Read more

    July 20, 2016


    Rob makes a series of painful confessions surrounding politics, Interstate 40, Hollywood pettiness, and trying to be happy for other people's success.... Read more

    July 13, 2016

    The Boss

    Rob helps actors with their headshots and writers with their pitches and even executives with their office politics. He says to stop worrying about th... Read more

    July 6, 2016

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