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RED - Real Entrepreneur Development


RED 172: Podcasting And Your Business - How To Do It Right

When I started RED Podcast, I was coming in with 10 years of working on a radio show with episodes that were also available via podcast. But I didn't... Read more

August 27, 2015 | 33 min

RED 171: Podcasting - A Big Opportunity (For Some People)

Podcasting. It's a hot topic right now. A lot of the "learn to podcast" guys say that everybody should have a podcast. That's not true. Podcasting is... Read more

August 23, 2015 | 23 min

RED 170: You'll Never Sell Your Company (But You'll Make A Ton Of Money Anyway)

Life is a double-edged sword. Those doughnuts you like are making you fat. And sooner or later, the team you love to bet on (or the stock you're inve... Read more

August 13, 2015 | 16 min

RED 169: Business Lessons From Crossfit, Netflix, and Jesus Christ

This episode is about two things... 1. Finding people so ecstatic about your business, they beg you to take their money 2. Recurring revenue If you... Read more

August 8, 2015 | 34 min

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