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Episode 190. Jello and Sleep paralysis

We began began the show by talking about the LA Mayor cursing at the LA Kings parade. Creepy stories about ghost paralysis, a game about porn movie names, teacher raped in prison. Woman poisons daughter to get facebook "likes". A parrot that impersonates a baby, a meth user burns down 3000 year old tree and a couple of teenagers hack an ATM.

June 20, 2014 | 72 min

Episode 189. A gun shaped...what!?

In this episode we talked about the 2014 World Cup debut, Mexicans at the game. NBA hot talk, Russian kid is groped and tried as an adult for having large genitals. The association of porn and the male brain, Mexican hockey players. Mandatory vagina inspections in a Minnesota high school. A man in gorilla suit shot in a zoo and a woman in Texas sla...

June 14, 2014 | 69 min

Episode 188. F****ing 5 de Mayo show

Don't let the title of this show fool you. It was recorded in June 2014. We talked about how things are in Mexico, driving a Dodge Durango in to there. Things we typically only as Mexicans do. The San Antonio Spurs, the L.A. Clippers, the world being in bad shape because parents forget to beat their kids when they get home, being stranded on an isl...

June 6, 2014 | 82 min

Episode 158. I'm going to dizz knee land

Hope you had a Happy Memorial Day!! We talked about Rich Manhattan moms hire retards at Disneyland, Arizona State University student left almost dead at hospital lobby with a post it on his forehead, Rod Stewart's dick is now half it's size because of steroids, Strong men tend to be Republicans and the news plus we play FILL IN THE BLANK! BS never ...

May 29, 2014 | 68 min

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