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  • The national media can never seem to find a conservative Latino to speak on the big issues. It didn'...


Justin Barclay Fills In For Chris Salcedo & #ichoosehope

Justin Barclay fills in for Chris today and is joined by special guest, Pastor Sam of The Grand Rapids First Church in Michigan. Justin talks about the book "Tangled Destinies", written by Pastor Sam's sister, Johanna Garrison. It's the story of his family, the Rijfkogel's, who suffered great tragedy and loss during the Holocaust; the book has a ...

November 22, 2014 | 111 min

Work In Progress 11/15/14

Chris Salcedo discusses why the Keystone XL pipeline will lower gas prices, contrary to what Democrats and The Obama Administration are saying. Economist David Torrance joins the show and explains why more Americans are working part-time, consistently at multiple jobs. Daniel Boyd, acclaimed filmmaker and author, joins the show to chat about his ...

November 15, 2014 | 111 min

America's Shift Against A Progressive Agenda 11/8/14

Chris Salcado takes a hard look at the Democrats damage control tactics after the Republican's take control of Congress and why American's no longer believe in the Democrat's agenda. Chris also discusses Obama's decision to send over a thousand troops into Iraq and the administration's failure to react to Russia's invasion of the Ukraine. Plus,...

November 8, 2014 | 110 min

Justin Barclay Fills in for Chris Salcedo 11/1/14

1) Guest host Justin Barclay fills in today for Chris Salcedo. The news tries to engage you with scary headlines and gory stories to keep you watching. Barclay says you should focus on the positives of life and not let the negatives always get you down. Justin is joined by guest Bob Brenner, as they discuss his new book "Live an Extreme Life: Losin...

November 1, 2014 | 111 min

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