• Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

    Mar 7, 2014 | 289 min
    There inevitably comes a time in life when darkness falls. In those times you need to use your internal light to navigate your way. There is not better strategy than dancing in the dark.
  • The Three Little Pigs and a Side Chick

    Feb 21, 2014 | 5 min
    Can a woman wreck your home? Not if it is strong enough to withstand the winds of life. But if she does, place blame where blame is due.
  • Side Chick Saturday

    Feb 15, 2014 | 7 min
  • The Courage to Be Me

    Oct 27, 2013 | 6 min
    Everyone struggles with being who they are at different times in life. The problem is that "me" is an evolving person so it takes different levels of courage at different stages.
  • Remembering the Nervous Laughter

    Oct 16, 2013 | 4 min
    Kamryn Adams reflects on past relationship turmoil
  • I Love Me First

    Sep 3, 2013 | 4 min
    In order for me to love others I have to love ME first. Once I learned to love me, the rest was easy.
  • Work What You've Got

    Aug 27, 2013 | 4 min
    It's foolish to brood over an ability you don't have while wasting the ones that you do.
  • My 3 Wishes

    Aug 9, 2013 | 6 min
    "Peace on Earth" is cliche' but I can still wish for a better world, don't you?
  • Parenting: When You Have to Go There

    Aug 5, 2013 | 6 min
    Parenting requires God-inspired levels of patience, love, discipline and consistency. It is undoubtedly, one of the most rewarding and most difficult tasks given to us as human beings. Though we are always mindful of our parental controls...sometimes...at least once, you'll need to go THERE with you children.
  • Words: "You Can't Take That Back!"

    Jul 29, 2013 | 5 min
    I do a lot of good with my words, but I can be equally as damaging.It is imperative that we choose our words carefully before putting them in the air for others to hear. Many relationships suffer because of the words we choose.
  • PISST! Parents In Shameful Society Teach

    Jul 18, 2013 | 6 min
    Parenting in today's social media world is hard because our children have access to information. I'm PISST. Are you?
  • Love thy Frenemy

    Jul 10, 2013 | 6 min
    A frenemy is someone who hates that they like you so much. You need to keep it in perspective and understand how to show that person love.
  • Intro

    Jul 9, 2013 | 1 min
  • A Tooth Fairy and a Post-Racial America

    Jun 27, 2013 | 4 min
    Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Boogie Man all share the same phantom reality as a Post-Racial America. Until you are old enough to know the truth it seems very real. Doesn't it?
  • Fix My Heart, Not my Car

    Jun 24, 2013 | 5 min
    Men and women have different love languages. Women SAY "I love you". Men DO "I love you. Sometimes you just have to appreciate the effort.
  • True Story: "My lips Drip With Honey"

    Jun 21, 2013 | 5 min
    Imagine being so sexy that your lips drip with honey and your worship is seductive. Yeah, I guess I was just that hot. True Story! Even so I chose to keep my relationship with Christ and end my relationship with Church Hurt.
  • "THE LIST"

    Jun 19, 2013 | 3 min
    Are the things you require in a mate Funny? Smart? Kind? Duh!!! Get something a little more concrete.
  • Who Can I love?

    Jun 18, 2013 | 3 min
    I love LOVE. So do you. But you better be careful. Love can sneak up on you. Who can I love? Can you love me?
  • Kissing Frogs: 5 Things You Should Know

    Jun 14, 2013 | 5 min
    The Princess and the Frog is a fairytale. Kissing frogs to find a prince is not the right strategy. How many frogs have you kissed? Do tell.
  • God Said What?

    Jun 13, 2013 | 8 min
    Everybody knows that dating is a "game" and nobody has more "G" than those folks talking about "GOD SAID". God said I'm your wife? Really? Do tell.
  • My 50 Shades Moment of Submission

    Jun 13, 2013 | 3 min
  • Kamryn's Confession

    Jun 12, 2013 | 4 min
    How I began on Spreaker and why I use social media.