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  • The Back Channel: Reloaded

    Mar 21, 2014 | 13 min
    Taking your privacy back. A casual tech discussion about the NSA, Snowden, Prisim, and our digital foot prints
  • Dr. Mark Mazzetti tech expert, Author, reporter

    Jan 09, 2014 | 11 min
    Dr. Mazzetti covers national security as a correspondent for the New York Times at the Washington, D.C. office. Dr. Mazzetti has worked with the New York Times since 2006 and writes articles pertaining to politics and international relations. Early career In 1998, shortly after receiving a master's degree from Oxford University, Mazzetti began reporting on national politics as a correspondent for The Economist. After leaving The Economist in 2001 Mazzetti joined the staff of US News & World Report and began reporting on defense and national security as its Pentagon correspondent. In 2004 Mazzetti joined the staff of the Los Angeles Times, and continued working with the Pentagon as a military...
  • Don't look up: Drones!!

    Jan 09, 2014 | 10 min
    An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot on board. Its flight is controlled either autonomously by computers in the vehicle or under the remote control of a pilot on the ground or in another vehicle. The typical launch and recovery method of an unmanned aircraft is by the function of an automatic system or an external operator on the ground Privacy, NSA, civil liberties, emerging technology
  • The Cyrptowar Veteran

    Jan 09, 2014 | 10 min
    The legendary Phil Zimmermann The right to privacy is spread implicitly throughout the Bill of Rights. But when the United States Constitution was framed, the Founding Fathers saw no need to explicitly spell out the right to a private conversation. That would have been silly. Two hundred years ago, all conversations were private. If someone else was within earshot, you could just go out behind the barn and have your conversation there. No one could listen in without your knowledge. The right to a private conversation was a natural right, not just in a philosophical sense, but in a law-of-physics sense, given the technology of the time. But with the coming of the information age, starting wit...
  • CyberTerrorism

    Jan 09, 2014 | 11 min
    Cryptographer Dr. Matt Green from John Hopkins university joins us in studio Privacy, NSA, civil liberties, emerging technology
  • TheBackChannelOct2013

    Oct 31, 2013 | 13 min

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