Feb 21, 2014 | 41 min
    Who said fat people are funny? Is photoshopping okay? Are we sick of seeing Lena Dunham in sex scenes? Listen here for our 40 minute rant show all about fat hollywood!
  • The Truth About DICK!

    Jan 31, 2014 | 73 min
    Need to know the truth about penis? Not a problem, we've got facts! Join us in our 1-year anniversary as we drop some serious knowledge on our favorite topic: dicks!
  • A Comedy Girls Review in Love & Life!

    Dec 22, 2013 | 83 min
    Comedy Girls, Jenni & Jesenia, recap their year personally and professionally. The girls share secrets about their sex lives, finding love, and not finding love! Listen for their best show yet!
  • LISA LISA joins the Comedy Girls!

    Nov 01, 2013 | 67 min
    Your COMEDY GIRLS will be joined by the amazing Freestyle Diva - Lisa Velez-Mello (aka: Lisa Lisa)!!!!! We will be talking all about her life and about what she's doing now - including her role in the new webTV series sitcom - BECOMING RICARDO!!! We'll also be talking about another saucey topic.... TO MASTURBATE OR NOT TO MASTURBATE - THAT IS THE QUESTION!!! Trust us - you NEED to listen to this show!
  • 1 Cheater, 2 Cheaters, 3 Cheaters

    Nov 01, 2013 | 60 min
    YES!!! You guessed it! The Comedy Girls are back and we're talking all about those dirty low down good for nothing CHEATERS! From the dramas of Lucille Ball to the town-hall crying fits of the girl who lives down the block from me! We are talking about all CHEATERS from CLASS to TRASH! If you feel guilty reading this - well then we are talking about YOU! We will be talking about.... Motives Alibi's Signs Symptoms How hell feels when you get there We will also be joined by our very special guest - Actress, Melissa Duprey! AND.............of course..... we will have our AMAZING FACTS and another segment of the all new "RATCHET RUNDOWN". If you're ratche...
  • A Comedian's Life!

    Nov 01, 2013 | 60 min
    What does it take to be a comedian? Specifically a female comedian! Do you have to have SUPER POWERS? How does LIFE effect a comedian's life? Why and How do comedians keep hustlin when shit looks bleek? The COMEDY GIRLS are talking about all dat shit and a lot more, including.... Special Guest: Sketch Artist, KL Thomas Amazing Facts Ratchet Hoe's - could you be one? Gossip and much much more!
  • Summer Lovin - Comedy Girls Style!

    Nov 01, 2013 | 60 min
    Join the Comedy Girls as we talk all about.... Hot-ass summer flings.... no relationships.... no flings.... wait - which one is it? We'll tell you! Summer Blockbuster Movies Celebrity Summer Bullshit And we will be joined by our special guest, the amazing and extremely talented - PEACHES RODRIGUEZ!!!!
  • Dating, Relationships and Sex - OH MY!!!

    Nov 01, 2013 | 61 min
    The COMEDY GIRLS are talking about Dating, Relationships and SEX! OH YEAH! We'll be taking callers, giving advice and of course joking on errythang!!!! So if you're one of the lucky guys that has been on our dating roster - WATCH OUT!!!! hahahaaa! Kidding! (not really)
  • WOMEN IN COMEDY -- Take 2

    Nov 01, 2013 | 61 min
    Okay, so the first time our guest didn't dial in - so this is a re-do. And we have even more information! BOOM.
  • Comedy Girls - Women in Comedy

    Nov 01, 2013 | 24 min
    Women play an IMPORTANT part of comedy history! So we're gonna talk all about it and educate and inspire those that didn't know!!! Special Guest: Hollie Harper - Writer/Director/Creator of American Candy Sketch Comedy Show We're also talking..... Casting Couch - both male and female. Will you do it? Looks OVER Talent - is talent not enough anymore? Crazy Facts that you didn't know, so we're gonna tell you so you know. THE DON'T OF THE MONTH!!!
  • Comedy Girls - Diversity on TV and Film

    Nov 01, 2013 | 61 min
    The Comedy Girls talk about.... Diversity in the entertainment industry - focusing on TV and Film. Have you noticed that TV and Film are more white washed? Yup! We have too! Let's talk about it people! Hate Reality TV? Fashion trends - ghetto shit not to do! With special guest: Cartoonist, Leesa Dean of
  • Comedy Girls - Love Edition

    Nov 01, 2013 | 30 min
    We're talking comedy and LOVE! With our special guest: Casting Director, Jennifer Peralta-Ajemian of J&R Creative!

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