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  • My Cool Inventions 7/19/2014

    Jul 19, 2014 | 45 min
    Staying cool in the hot summer sun is hard for Americans that love to golf and we've found the solution. Join Akos and John on My Cool Inventions Radio as they talk to Inventor Cynthia Wark and her invention the Pro Golf Fan. Check out the show and please ‘Follow’ us for the latest updates on the show!
  • My Cool Inventions 7/12/2014

    Jul 12, 2014 | 53 min
    Securing your home and desiring safety for you and your family is a growing area of invention. Join Akos and John on My Cool Inventions Radio as they talk to Inventor John Nichol and his invention the Dead Bolt Arrest.
  • My Cool Invention 7/5/2014

    Jul 5, 2014 | 45 min
    The medical profession has gotten tremendously more complicated and medical tests need to be accurate. Join Akos and John on My Cool Inventions Radio as they talk to Inventor Dr. Benidecto Fernandez and his invention the Uri-Test.
  • My Cool Inventions 6/28/2014

    Jun 28, 2014 | 45 min
    The medical profession has gotten tremendously more complicated with recent healthcare mandates and electronically storing health information even more so. Join Akos and John on My Cool Inventions Radio as they talk to Inventor Sandy Ingold and her solution...the 'msPAD'. We also have the latest information from the recent Electronic Retailing Association Convention in Europe.
  • My Cool Inventions 6/21/2014

    Jun 21, 2014 | 45 min
    Summer is here and it's time for all of those do-it-yourself projects that you've been putting off! Check out today's show as Akos and John talk to inventor Greg Freuler about his invention...The Freehand ErgoMaster Pro. It makes painting a breeze!
  • My Cool Inventions 6/14/2014

    Jun 14, 2014 | 45 min
    Antique black powder guns and their collectors are big at America's sport shows. Join Akos and John as they talk to Inventor Tim Friis as he presents his Kalver Black Powder Cleaning System! In the MCI Academy a look at what makes a successful infomercial.
  • My Cool Inventions 6/7/2014

    Jun 7, 2014 | 45 min
    Akos returns from his European Shopping Channel Tour with an exciting update for My Cool Inventions Inventors and and we feature the very first inventor on My Cool Inventions Radio - Jose Castillo and his invention the Knuckle Racket with an update on his inventive progress!
  • My Cool Inventions 5/31/2014

    May 31, 2014 | 45 min
    My Cool Inventions continues it's search for America's Top Invention with Inventor Haion Won, from New Jersey, and John talks to him about his latest invention - The Wall Frame Marking Tool! We also take a look at some of the Coolest Gadget Father's Day gift ideas!
  • My Cool Inventions 5/24/2014

    May 24, 2014 | 45 min
    From the pages of Sci Fi to reality Inventor Billy Marshall joins John and Special Guest 'The Tech Chic' from Tech Life Radio as they talk about his invention - The Asteroid Chaser! Plus, tips on talking to a possible investor about funding your invention.
  • My Cool Inventions 5/17/2014

    May 17, 2014 | 57 min
    The My Cool Inventions crew have found a new way to clean up after your pet called the Dookie Butler! Join Akos and John as they talk to inventor Jay Madill about his unique pet invention.
  • My Cool Inventions May 10, 2014

    May 10, 2014 | 45 min
    It's NFL Draft Weekend and My Cool Invention's Akos and John talk to Inventor Noel Horkan and his development of a football training invention called the Pro Holder!
  • My Cool Inventions 5/3/2014

    May 3, 2014 | 55 min
    Join Akos and John and they explore the world of inventor and cool inventions! On today's show inventor Greg Freuler of Portland, Oregon pitches his 'ErgoMaster Pro' paintbrush holder and Akos talks about his recent trip to the Hong Kong Electronics Show and the Canton Housewares Fair.
  • My Cool Inventions 4/26/2014

    Apr 26, 2014 | 54 min
    Ask any woman what there worst fear is when they go in to a public restroom or restaurant and the answer more times than not is putting their expensive handbag on the floor! On today's My Cool Inventions Radio show we have an inventor that has come up with the perfect solution! Definitely not a show to miss!
  • My Cool Inventions 4/19/2014

    Apr 19, 2014 | 50 min
    In the world of weapons there are modern and classic firearms. Our Inventor focus today is on the guns of a time gone by when black powder guns were all that were used (think Daniel Boone here!). Inventor Tim Friis from Minnesota joins us on this weeks edition of My Cool Inventions Radio and shares with us his invention..the Kalver Black Powder Cleaning System! Cool Inventions, Cool Gadgets...That's what this show is all about!
  • My Cool Inventions 4/12/2014

    Apr 12, 2014 | 50 min
    Inventor Ken Alley joins Akos and John and talks about the success of his invention called the 'Folding Wand' since being on My Cool Inventions and it's premiere airing on HSN, the shopping channel!
  • My Cool Inventions 4/5/2014

    Apr 5, 2014 | 50 min
    On this week's My Cool Inventions Radio, Akos and John talk to the inventors of the Doggie Doo All and talk about the shows efforts in supporting America's Inventors and Innovators!
  • My Cool Inventions 3/29/2014

    Mar 29, 2014 | 50 min
    Inventor Pete Banks joins Akos and John as they look into the development and creation of the Activator Home Security Scanner and it's us of infra-sonic wave technology!
  • My Cool Inventions 3/22/2014

    Mar 22, 2014 | 50 min
    Akos is back from the International Housewares Show that was held in Chicago earlier this week and will have a full report. Plus we'll also talk to an inventor that thinks he has the perfect plate for summer picnics and tailgating fans. If you're in to cool gadgets you'll want to go to our show store - MyCoolGadgets.Com and check our out Inventor's Showcase!
  • My Cool Inventions 3/15/2014

    Mar 15, 2014 | 50 min
    My Cool Inventions hosts, Akos and John, introduce you to the next new cool invention for the kitchen...The Masha! It's definitely a show not to miss!
  • My Cool Inventions 3/8/2014

    Mar 8, 2014 | 50 min
    My Cool Inventions hosts, Akos and John, update you on two incredible inventions that the audience voted 'Thumbs Up' for and are now on their way to airings on the television shopping channel HSN! You'll also hear of one inventor's way to cool down drinks and soups with his amazing invention!
  • My Cool Inventions 3/01/2014

    Mar 1, 2014 | 50 min
    On Today's Show we feature Inventor Rick Alexander, his invention the Cool Care and an inside look at what it takes to create an infomercial on this edition of My Cool Inventions Radio

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