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Conscious Living on Empower Radio


  • What Happens Next with Mike McCord

    Aug 20, 2014 | 57 min
    Catching up with Mike McCord. His new book is out but there is so much more to the story. This show focuses on the quirks in our connections. Miracles and UFOs. It pays to be curious. If you think about them.. they come to you.
  • The Yes Frequency with Gary Quinn

    Aug 13, 2014 | 57 min
    Clarify your dream. Claim that vision, align with your creation frequency and POOF... Manifestation! Life ignites in awesome when you engage The Yes Frequency!
  • Positive Death :) with Robert Kopecky

    Aug 6, 2014 | 57 min
    Who knew talking about death would include singing the blues and stories about cartoon crocodiles? Ain’t life a kick ... Tune in for the unexpected and a radical reboot on how to be happy in this world and beyond with Robert Kopecky: 3X NDE credits.
  • Ready for a New Begining with Stewart Pearce

    Jul 30, 2014 | 57 min
    Stewart Pearce is a world renowned Voice Coach with a career spanning three decades, enhancing the presentations of wonderful people like Vanessa Redgrave, Diana Princess of Wales and Anita Roddick. Stewart was Head of Voice at the Webber Douglas Academy from 1980-1997, and Master of Voice at Shakespeare’s Globe from 1997-2008. Stewart is also a legendary Sound Healer, Seer and Angel Medium, having received a body of work through Angelic transmission during the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. This temple of sound healing teaches the intelligence and compassion of the heart through the breath and song of the soul.
  • The Guys Upstairs with Frank DeMarco

    Jul 23, 2014 | 57 min
    Check out a mind/spoon bending conversation with Frank DeMarco. Meet the Guys Upstairs and explore the Black Box at The Monroe Institute. Park your fear at the curb and explore the "what if..." Once awakened, reality bends and throws doors open to spaces undreamed. Muddy Tracks and more... Welcome to a conscious knowing upgrade.
  • The Flamboyant Texture of Classic Art and Astrology with Mary Jane Staudenman

    Jul 16, 2014 | 57 min
    Staudenmann’s book takes place everywhere and in every epoch, from ancient Greece in both history and mythology, up to our favorite pages of People. The main characters are artists, authors, musicians, kings and politicians, sheriffs and bandits, heroes and killers—though in the end they are, in fact, ourselves. This book will appeal to readers because it is not only a rich source of information about the author’s favorite planets and their specific quirks, and not only a new and fresh approach to their basic meaning in our lives. It is especially a sensual experience in feeling the energy of each zodiacal sign and seeing the manifestations of these energies through the influence of Venus an...
  • Do You Believe in Miracles with William R. Leibowitz

    Jul 9, 2014 | 58 min
    If you had encountered the most intelligent individual in human history, how would you want them to use their gift? The possibilities would be endless, and the reach of this power could potentially save millions of human lives. In Miracle Man, William R. Leibowitz presents the story of Dr. Robert James Austin, a modern day superman who possesses an extraordinary intelligence.
  • Walking the Illuminated Path with Wendy Garrett

    Jul 2, 2014 | 56 min
    Just me. Totem animals, guardian spirits, energy messengers - visions, symbols and animal wisdom. Today on Conscious Living. On Twitter at @consciousliving #empowerradio.
  • You are Your Guru Shift and Recover Your Insight with Alexis Brooks

    Jun 25, 2014 | 58 min
    Exploring the Magic, Mystery & Metaphysics of Potentiality and more shared by Alexis Brooks in her book Conscious Musings. Some of that magical potential includes a fantastic story about her cat .. and reincarnation. Death may be more like a transition rather than a finality and, rather than a state reserved for human souls, animals may also undergo a similar transitory process. The shift also appears to be relaxing some of the rules we apply for manifesting our reality. Join us in conscious exploration!
  • Listen Your Pet is Talking with Holly Jacobs

    Jun 18, 2014 | 56 min
    My guest today is Animal Communicator Holly Jacobs. Join us and find out what could really be going on inside of your pet, thoughts and feelings. You can reach Holly via phone 816-686-0858 or via e-mail (she might be slower to respond to e-mail) Holly can do sessions over the phone, as long as you send a photo of your kitty to her via e-mail. Be sure to get the details from Holly as to what she needs.
  • Metaphysics and Crystal Energy with Tina Erwin

    Jun 18, 2014 | 56 min
    Jam packed info session with Tina Erwin. Crystals, stones and residual energy - why some jewels, like the Hope Diamond, are considered haunted and not meant for anyone to wear or own.
  • And Did They Listen...With Michael Horn

    Jun 11, 2014 | 57 min
    "And Did They Listen" - The newest film from Michael Horn, once again introduces long term Contactee, Billy Meier. Review scientific validation of Billy's evidence and the prophecies he has been given. One of the most urgent messages from the ETs involves overpopulation. Failing to address that issue may be our undoing. Or we can change our behavior now and avoid catastrophe in that regard. But that isn't the only challenge we face.
  • Mind Over Miracle with Mike McCord

    May 28, 2014 | 57 min
    Each and every human contact offers the possibility of bringing new awareness to light. I called in a UFO report and met an extraordinary person. His life changing story is "One Step at a Time"'. The healing journey of a former quadriplegic.
  • Conscious Manifesting with Wendy Garrett

    May 21, 2014 | 57 min
    Insight, inside, outside and in between. Can you tell the difference? Ghosts and unwanted energy. Who ya gonna call? - Clean up your thoughts and your world will reflect the difference. Start where you are and begin cleaning house. One room at a time. This reality is a mind game and no matter what it looks like - you are in charge of your presentation and your reflection.
  • Dreaming Guiding Being the Shamanic Journey with Carl Greer

    May 14, 2014 | 57 min
    Change is the fine print written into every life story. What if you tapped into a universal, sacred resource to assist you in creating the life story you are dreaming? Learn how to actively engage Shamanic elements and tools to assist you in your personal transformation. Dr. Carl Greer details an easy to follow process to help you, "Change Your Story, Change Your Life.
  • Master Sio The Power to Heal

    May 7, 2014 | 60 min
    The beauty of energy healing is such that it requires nothing other than presence. No expectation, no preconditioning. To heal, one simply surrenders... The heart receives the vibration and the results flow. Let Master Sio, Founder Of The Results Healing Mastery give you insight about Kahuna healing. You might even notice a shift in your own energy as you listen to the show.
  • Choosing Reality is a Conscious Choice

    Apr 30, 2014 | 55 min
    Ghosts, UFO's, Talking Turtles and Interactive Nightlights .. Reality has many faces. Get rid of your fear and you can surf some amazing states in being. Consciousness is everywhere and it takes form for us to see. What is your reality? Let me show a bit of you mine. Oh, the places we can grow!
  • Diving Into the Whole Bag of Consciousness with Peter Anthony

    Apr 23, 2014 | 58 min
    We booked one show with Peter Anthony ... intriguing, engaging and compelling, like a potato chip, his story left us wanting more. Key Master is the first installment of a spiritual awakening trilogy. The catalyst: a near death experience. The profound message that resulted is interwoven throughout the book and even more details are coming in book number two. We suspect you too will develop a craving to continue the journey.
  • Conscious Exploration with Nancy McMoneagle

    Apr 16, 2014 | 56 min
    Out of Body Studies established The Monroe Institute as a leader in consciousness research. Nancy McMoneagle is back at the helm talking shop and the diverse course line-up of programs supporting consciousness expansion. Dive in!
  • Energies Impacting the Earth with Lori Toye

    Apr 9, 2014 | 57 min
    What would you ask an Ascended Master? In Sisters of the Flame, Lori Toye introduces the Ascended Masters and their I AM America teachings. In this session, we talk about cellular awakening, ascension, thinking with the heart, working with The Violet Flame and new energies impacting upon us at this pivotal point in our earth history.
  • Living in the Quantom Age with Cynthia Sue Larson

    Apr 2, 2014 | 58 min
    How good can it get? Cynthia Sue Larson shines a light on quantum science and the entangled level of connection in our daily world experiences. Instead of seeing reality as apart from us and fixed in solid form, we can become aware of our ability to self adjust and jump into an outcome we desire rather than one that has been thrust upon us. Shift your reality and become a quantum creator.
  • My Animal, My Self with Marta Williams

    Mar 26, 2014 | 56 min
    Maybe you've read about or experienced a session with an Animal Communicator. Now hear from one who has written one of the best books I have ever seen on Animal Communication. It's real. It works but not everyone can teach it. Marta Williams can. We're learning from a pro. And it's such a great thing when our pets know we really get it!
  • Finding your Animal Spirit with Madeleine Walker

    Mar 19, 2014 | 57 min
    Incredible journey - Madeleine Walker updates about the recent Gathering of Animal Communicators for the Cetacean summit in Hawaii. Talk about an extraordinary experience, her current work in progress is a book that includes insight from Credo Mutwa - Powerful messages that incorporate the animal kingdom into our transformation from separation to wholeness and planetary awakening on a higher plane.
  • Recovering Our Mother Earth with Adam C. Hall

    Mar 12, 2014 | 56 min
    From Earth Conqueror to Earthkeeper - Adam C. Hall lived the American Dream -- and crashed. In our second meeting, we get into more of the nitty gritty of hearing voices, connecting with shaman, and a near fatal accident detailed in the book but more personal in the telling. There are no shortcuts on a journey of spiritual and planetary transformation.
  • Adventures with Ghosts with Tina Erwin

    Mar 5, 2014 | 55 min
    Ghosts have their own stories ...they sometimes show up with items you carry home from a trip to the thrift store. Clearing space and items from excess spirit baggage. An unexpected guest bumps Tina off the program... never a dull moment working with energy. Join us and see how Nate edited the final version. Keeping it real!
  • What Is Real Here?

    Feb 26, 2014 | 52 min
    Reality and Imagination. Working with spirit guides requires one have a certain level of comfort knowing there is no end to reality or creation. Everything one can imagine is real. That's what makes being here such a kick!
  • Positively Ageless with Patty Ray Avalon

    Feb 19, 2014 | 54 min
    "We are living fields of pulsating, vital, ever changing energy and intelligence and this is very good news! It means that we are always changing, always evolving into something new. Why not consciously choose regeneration, rejuvenation, wholeness and better health?" - Using Patty's Hemi-Sync programs to uplift and enhance your creative ability.
  • We Are Not Alone: Conscious Awakening to the Extra-terrestrial Reality

    Feb 12, 2014 | 58 min
    On this show Wendy speaks with Mary Rodwell about the extra-terrestrial reality.
  • Do You Quantum Think?

    Feb 12, 2014 | 56 min
    Do You Quantum Think? -- talking with Dianne Collins about taking the reins on reality creation .. making the most our "present" ... "New thinking that will rock your world. THE “QUANTUM” DISCOVERY IS THAT MIND DOES MATTER. The science that gave rise to the Industrial Age saw the universe as machine. The more accurate science today views the universe as mind. When we learn how to use and master the natural creation faculties of our own mind, life becomes easier, more exciting and ever more fulfilling."
  • Let Them Know That I am Here with Robyn L. Reynolds

    Feb 5, 2014 | 59 min
    Robyn started her journey by connecting to the spirit of a child who died. Her book is about her experiences of learning about life after death and incorporates some amazing spirit photography from around the world that demonstrates her unique knowing.
  • Do We Have Human History Right?

    Jan 29, 2014 | 56 min
    Forbidden Archaeology, Ancient Sacred Sites, Alternative History and Megaliths and Monoliths. Ross and Meredith organize crop circle tours in the UK and took a recent trip to South America visiting ancient megalithic sites.
  • Exploring the Non-Physical Reality with Wendy Garrett

    Jan 22, 2014 | 56 min
    Learning how to ground and be fully present in your awareness while exploring the non-physical reality is as easy as you tuning out the stuff that creates distraction and tension in your being. Trust that you are not alone and those who can assist are right beside you - coaching and assisting - in whatever way is required. No matter how it looks -- we are always in the right place at the right time. Reality is extraordinary!!
  • Experience the Camino with Kurt Koontz

    Jan 15, 2014 | 58 min
    Unlike the daily routines of life, every single day is filled with uncertainty. The terrain, weather, distance, stamina and acquaintances change on a daily basis. In this “challenged” environment, you will likely be sucked into the now. With so many unknowns, there is little time to waste on the past or the future. Spending 30-45 days in this zone will likely help you to rearrange your emotional backpack. The walk of a lifetime might be calling you ...
  • Comparing notes on the unseen with medium Traci Bray

    Jan 8, 2014 | 58 min
    Traci transitioned from the field of Law Enforcement. What fascinating circumstances life can present to those who learn to trust personal insight and claim their authentic path.
  • Recharge Your Own Energy

    Dec 18, 2013 | 58 min
    How about this for a hobby? Edd Edwards likes to play with lightening. Spend a few minutes with Edd and find out how you can recharge your own energy system or connect with Edd and let him give you a "tune up" .. from a Bio Intrinsic Energy Specialist ..
  • EarthKeeper Alliance with Adam C. Hall

    Dec 11, 2013 | 58 min
    Adam Hall nailed the American Dream! Then the nightmare of his own life condition woke him up. He undertook a life-changing metamorphosis that would ultimately alter his mind-set from Earth Conqueror to Earth Keeper. Each has the power within to find his own way home. Adam diligently persevered in tearing down the walls that kept him from hearing his angels and reemerged from his dark night of the soul to become an Earth Keeper carrying a torch for a bountiful and beautifully green future.
  • Adventures in Consciousness with Walter Stock

    Dec 4, 2013 | 56 min
    The Monroe Institute has a new Executive Director and several brand new programs. On the forefront of Adventures in Consciousness, we talk to Walter Stock - an introduction to an ongoing series beginning in February 2014.
  • Helping Ghosts Cross Over with Tina Erwin

    Nov 27, 2013 | 56 min
    Tina Erwin is back sharing her ghost stories from a ghost's point of view. We share a great prayer to help ghosts to cross over and give you an assist if you want help seeing ghosts and how to call in an Archangel. What happens when too many ghosts invade your space? You really don't want to be a ghost magnet.
  • Grouding Yourself with Sonja Grace

    Nov 20, 2013 | 56 min
    Grounding yourself to the 5th Dimension energies. What does that mean and how does that work? Sonja Grace, author of Earth Ways: Healing Medicine for the Soul: A Practical Guide for Ceremonies for the Earth, shares her expertise in working with the non-physical realm to effect intentional vibrational healing. Curious about how that might work for you? Tune in.
  • Unexpected Encounters with Energy

    Nov 13, 2013 | 57 min
    A death in the family changes the direction of the show. Today I talk about death and an unexpected encounter while engaging that energy. We also talk about Bob Monroe's Journeys Out of the Body, in reference to an upcoming interview with The Monroe Institute Executive Director/Walter Stock. All that and some metaphysical insight on expanding self awareness. We are incredible creators. And we are NEVER alone. The rest of the players in our reality would like us to get a clue.
  • Tina Erwin - 'Ghosts and Ghost Stories'

    Oct 30, 2013 | 56 min
    Part of expanding psychic knowledge is traveling and working in the real world. In the US Navy for 20 years, Tina Erwin retired as a Naval Commander in 1992. Tina says she knew from a very early age she had lived before and remembers getting into trouble in school for wanting to know, if energy is neither created nor destroyed what happens to souls when they die? We get into trouble today when we start talking about the power of frequency. The "live" show ended and we segued to record mode. Welcome to the brave, new world calling us to upgrade our conscious awareness. Ghosts are here to let us know death is not an ending.
  • Beyond the Physical with Mike Habernig

    Oct 23, 2013 | 57 min
    All things death, life after death, consciousness, out of body and more. The Path series explores the world of Metaphysics while you ride shotgun. Director Mike Habernig suggests film number three in the series may be the best yet. Still looking for a title. Watch the first two and see what you think.
  • The Life After Death Project with guest Paul Davids

    Oct 16, 2013 | 57 min
    Meet the incredibly fascinating and prolifically creative Paul Davids and hear him explain how his experiences with the deceased Forrest J. Ackerman spawned the Life After Death Project...he is prolifically creative and there are several sites to explore his work...we cover ghosts, UFOs and all sorts of para - anomaly...Enjoy!
  • Jim Harold - 'True Ghost Stories'

    Oct 9, 2013 | 56 min
    Join Wendy as she talks with best selling author and popular podcaster, Jim Harold about his most recent book, True Ghost Stories: Jim Harold's Campfire 2. Jim shares some of his favorite stories about some first hand experiences with ghosts and paranormal activity.
  • Remembering Contact with Gary Northcott

    Oct 2, 2013 | 56 min
    Remembering contact starting as a young child, Gary Northcott reveals a life rich with transcendent experiences. He credits the Gateway Program at The Monroe Institute for enhancing his awareness and remote viewing ability. He doesn't have a website. He is featured in the book Extra-Planetary Experiences by Thomas Streicher -- or email him at
  • Wealthy by Design with Kimberly Foss

    Sep 25, 2013 | 56 min
    Two-parter -- First half hour -- New York Times Bestseller Wealthy by Design: A 5-Step Plan for Financial Security author Kimberly Foss financially offers insight on how to harness the combined power of professional advice and personal goals to build stable, profitable portfolios—for the present and for the future. Plus - she gets a great endorsement from Ben Stein ... second half hour Wendy dives into the deep end of the metaphysical pool -- implementing conscious manifesting. Trust your own knowing ... and build on that to create your reality.
  • Global Consciousness from a Local Perspective

    Sep 18, 2013 | 57 min
    My interview today touches on local and global Eco awareness. Laura Lombardi and Moses Brings Plenty, discuss the Concert for Climate event being held in Kansas City. We talk about Free Eco focused environment and the importance of water.The event includes Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and writer Bill McKibben. Use this as a template to create your own community event!
  • Exploring the I Am America Teachings with Lori Toye

    Sep 11, 2013 | 56 min
    Lori Toye is known for the best-selling I AM America Earth Changes Maps, which introduced spiritual teachings of prophecy and the Time of Change. Her initial work was published more than twenty years ago before public awareness of the serious environmental issues of Global Warming and Climate Change. Lori's work has been featured on NBC, FOX, UPN, London's Carolton Television, in the Washington Post and the New York Times. She joins Wendy Garrett to discuss her latest work, A Teacher Appears on this week's edition of Conscious Living.
  • Lillie Leonardi on Conscious Living

    Sep 4, 2013 | 56 min
    Might be the last person one would expect to share a story about angels - a career Law Enforcement professional. When you hear Lillie Leonardi, it becomes apparent angels have no regard for our lack of awareness. We may simply need to allow ourselves the ability to see them. Seen and Unseen - they are among us.
  • The Power of Gratitude

    Aug 28, 2013 | 60 min
    Lisa Ryan incorporated the power of Gratitude into her daily routine and rewrote her life script. Since 2009, she's launched a new career, new book, 2 Movies and ... that's the short list .. Try it .. note 5 things a day that you are grateful for .. It's that easy ....
  • Sassy Belles with Beth Albright

    Aug 21, 2013 | 59 min
    My interview today with Beth Albright - we crossed paths at KCMO in Kansas City... (early 90's). She's got a dynamite new career .. and a fab Kirkus review to boot. ...loaded with awesome southern charm ... and what happens when you create a life that shouts the joy ofowning your roots...
  • Authentic Medium with Traci Bray

    Aug 14, 2013 | 55 min
    An authentic Medium? Right now there are 20 credited as such through The Windbridge Institute. Traci Bray is one of them. Quite a departure from her career in law enforcement. Working as a fullt-time Medium, Traci found a niche for which she is a perfect fit. Connecting dots with Traci.
  • Everyday Oracles with Ann Bolinger-McQuad

    Aug 7, 2013 | 57 min
    The Universe speaks to us in so many ways. We are in constant contact when we learn how to read our code. Everyday Oracles opens a door into the library of wonder, where the mystery reveals insight...
  • Transitions: A Nurse's Education About Life And Death

    Jul 31, 2013 | 57 min
    Becki Hawkins, a hospice nurse and a chaplain, is the author of "Transitions: A Nurse's Education About Life And Death". She sat by the bedside of seriously ill and terminally ill patients for more than 30 years as an oncology and hospice nurse. During that time, she listened to patients describe various kinds of spiritual experiences, including near-death experiences.
  • The Afterlife of Billie Fingers with Annie Kagan

    Jul 24, 2013 | 56 min
    Annie Kagan discovered her bad boy brother wanted to write a book to help people get through some of life's tough passages -- passages he knew up close and personal. He died. The kicker? Now he had stuff to share about the afterlife. Meet a bad boy with a great story; it includes Heaven, mystery, pearls and loving sisters.
  • Alien Abductions with Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner

    Jul 10, 2013 | 57 min
    Are you a candidate for alien abduction? Working together to thread more pieces of the alien abduction puzzle together, Kathleen Marden -- niece of Betty and Barney Hill -- and experiencer Denise Stoner present a list of compelling accounts. There, they underscore the ongoing mystery while suggesting a potential purpose for abduction. Read The Alien Abduction Files - the most startling cases of human-alien contact ever reported.
  • Vacation Encounters

    Jul 3, 2013 | 56 min
    Deceased relatives, spirit guardians, Psyops, and UFOs. The kitchen sink of metaphysics. Life with the nightlights is a trip.
  • Connecting with Reality with Wendy Garrett

    Jun 19, 2013 | 55 min
    Reality is as big as you can imagine! In learning to connect with the unseen others, spirits, guardians, elementals, transdimensionals and non-corporeal beings with whom we share constant presence, we have to reformat our hard drive to create a new playing field. Start by shifting your focus to create white noise ... and a space to manifest your upgraded level of awareness.

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