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  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.35 - Shannon Morse

    Apr 06, 2014 | 67 min
    Episode url: Host: Jennifer Ruggiero, Co-Host: Christopher Gagnon, recorded on Thursday, April 3rd, 2014 The GNWI crew had a fantastic time talking with the talented and delightful Shannon Morse. Shannon is successfully making her way in the new media space. She is a nerd at heart as well, as she hosts, produces, and co-hosts some of the best tech shows around, such as Hak5, Tekzilla, Coding 101, Before You Buy, and more. In addition to chatting with Shannon about her work, we also discussed some of the best April Fools’ Day pranks, Microsoft’s Cortana (their answer to Google Now and Siri), and the new Amazon Fire TV. April Fools’ Day Pranks: http://googl...
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.34- KeyboardKungFu

    Mar 30, 2014 | 87 min
    Episode url: Host: Jennifer Ruggiero, CoHosts: Andrew Nelson & Christopher Gagnon, recorded on Thursday, March 27, 2014 On Episode 34, the team chatted with Vincent Brown from and learned all about Keyboard Kung Fu, Vincent's creation that teaches us how to use Mac keyboard shortcuts. We also learned about Earth Pyramid (, a project with which Vincent is involved. In addition to talking with Vincent about his work, we had some interesting discussions regarding these tech stories: Millennials are watching video on tablets and computers more than TVs Robot Revolution Drives Pittsburgh Reviv...
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.33-Stephen Heywood

    Mar 21, 2014 | 73 min
    Episode url: Host: Jennifer Ruggiero, Guest CoHost: Sarah Slocum - Recorded on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 On Episode 33, Jennifer and Sarah chatted with Stephen Heywood from Stephen is the creator of the TBB Network which produces shows such as Weekly Roundup, Broadcast Now, Throws Unlimited, and more. We chatted about industry start, the network, his studio, different shows, and what's to come! In addition to talking with Stephen about his network, we had a great time discussing these tech stories: Nob Hill hotel bar actually wants you to use Google Glass:
  • Get Nerdy With It:Ep.32-Mike Daboing 3D

    Mar 15, 2014 | 120 min
    Episode url: Host: Jennifer Ruggiero, Guest Host: Brad TechWebcast - Recorded on Thursday, March 13, 2014 We had the pleasure of speaking with Mike Daboing from & Mike is a 3D expert/specialist/programmer/creator. We spoke about how 3D works, the history and future of 3D, and much more. We really learned a lot from Mike and have a deeper appreciation for 3D! In addition to 3D, we also chatted about some tech news: Desktop Search to Decline $1.4 Billion as Google Users Shift to Mobile Google Street View R...
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.31 - Sarah Slocum

    Feb 28, 2014 | 70 min
    Episode url: Host: Jennifer Ruggiero On episode 31 of Get Nerdy With It, Jennifer had a talk with Social Media Strategist and Tech Writer, Sarah Slocum. Sarah is San Francisco’s latest Tech Hate Crime Victim. One week ago, Sarah was assaulted and robbed in a San Francisco bar for wearing Google Glass. Here is a ten second clip shot from her Google Glass: What ensued after this clip was Google Glass being ripped off her face, a chase, her belongings stolen (phone, purse, & wallet). Sarah was able to retrieve her Google Glass, however, unable to retrieve her purse, wallet, and android device. On a side note and to get nerdy, if y...
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.30-Soc Med Effects

    Feb 21, 2014 | 67 min
    Episode url: Host: Jennifer Ruggiero, Co-Host: Andrew Nelson, Guest Host: Vincent Brown Has social media had any effect on your ability to concentrate? Do you feel social media has affected in-person communications? Do you hear people talking in textspeak? Has our population’s ability to spell taken a turn for the worse? We discuss all of these items and more in Episode 30 of Get Nerdy With It.
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.29-Mich Kabay, PhD

    Feb 02, 2014 | 82 min
    Post Link:, Host: Jennifer Ruggiero, Co-Host: Andrew Nelson We are thankful to have been able to talk with Michel Kabay, PhD. Mich Kabay specializes in Operations Management, Information Assurance and Applied Statistics. He is a consultant in operations and security, as well as a Professor of Computer Information Systems in the School of Business and Management at Norwich University, the Military College of Vermont. He has been programming since 1965, and consulting in operations and security management since 1980. We had a great time listening to Mich’s various comedic accents, as well as talking about social media, the future of Facebook, Second Life, immersive...
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.28 - Chris Gray

    Jan 24, 2014 | 112 min
    Post Link:, Host: Jennifer Ruggiero, Guest Co-Host: Brent Waitneight What happens when the lead nerd behind the Total Nerd Takeover network comes onto Get Nerdy With It? A nerdtopian show. On episode 28, we invited fellow podcaster and creator of the Total Nerd Takeover network, Chris Gray, to join us. News stories discussed: - Hershey’s to make custom 3D-printed chocolate - Internet users ditch “password” as password, upgrade to “123456” - Splashdata’s Worst Password List - Your Refrigerator is Vulnerable to a Cyber Attack We had a great time chatting with Chris about podcasting, his websites, and shows: - Behind The Iron Throne – The unofficial podcast f...
  • Get Nerdy With It:Ep.27-Brent Waitneight

    Jan 18, 2014 | 67 min
    Post Link:, Host: Jennifer Ruggiero, Co-Host: Andrew Nelson We had a great time with fellow tech enthusiast and geek, Brent Waitneight. Have a listen as we chatted about the latest tech news and highlights from CES 2014. What were some of your favorite items from CES 2014? Please tell us in the comment section below!
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.26 - Indy Showcase

    Jan 09, 2014 | 83 min
    Post Link:, Host: Jennifer Ruggiero, Co-Host: Andrew Nelson On episode 26, we had a super time talking with fellow podcaster, Kinte from Kinte has been working in the podcasting industry since the early days, in both consulting and producing. He and the team have a great assortment of shows: - Talking Hell On Wheels: Hell On Wheels Podcast - The Spotlight Radio Show - Talking About Walkers: The Walking Dead Podcast - The Spotlight: Hollywood Edition - Harry’s Code: A Dexter Podcast - The Insanity of Optimum Buster - …and more! Check out If you are interested about podcasting and want to learn about other...
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.25 - Keith Teare

    Jan 07, 2014 | 61 min
    Post Link:, Host: Jennifer Ruggiero, Co-Host: Andrew Nelson You are invited to have a listen to Episode 25 of Get Nerdy With It, as we had a very interesting talk with Keith Teare from Palo Alto incubator, Archimedes Labs and We chatted about Keith’s latest social app, Chance by Chance dives into the anonymous & private space, allowing you to take a chance and chat with a stranger, and maybe make a new friend. The app is currently available for iOS and is free to download: We also spoke with Keith about his start in technology, inspiration, what exciting tech trends are fo...
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.24 -

    Dec 26, 2013 | 42 min
    Show Link: Host: Jennifer Ruggiero, Co-Host: Andrew Nelson, Guest Co-Host: Brad from On Episode 24 of Get Nerdy With It, we had the pleasure of chatting with Andrew Cunningham from Zarfo is a social video chat and live broadcasting service. Have a listen as we chatted about the Zarfo website, Zarfo app, and future plans for Zarfo! Also, be certain to check out and claim your username before someone else grabs it! Follow Andrew Cunningham online in the following spaces:
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.23- ChatterboxLive

    Dec 14, 2013 | 51 min
    Post Link:, Host: Jennifer Ruggiero, Co-Host: Andrew Nelson, Guest Co-Host: Brad from Episode 23 of Get Nerdy With It was a fun time as we were able to speak with internet broadcaster, Steve Clingan from Chatterbox Live, and get pretty nerdy. Have a listen as we chatted with Steve about his Chatterbox Live show, his equipment, how he got started and more! Be certain to follow Steve Clingan online in the following spaces:
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.22- Big Nerd Ranch

    Nov 22, 2013 | 60 min
    Post Link:, Host: Jennifer Ruggiero, Guest Co-Host: Brad from On episode 22 of Get Nerdy With It, we had the treat of chatting with Bill Phillips from the Big Nerd Ranch. Bill Phillips is the co-author of Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide, a software developer and an instructor at Big Nerd Ranch. In episode 22, Bill explains to us what makes classes at the Big Nerd Ranch special and what type of services they offer. We also chatted about app development and the book he co-authored with Brian Hardy about Android programming. If you would like to learn how to develop and program, the ranch has a solution for you. Be certain to visit big...
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.21 -David Amerland

    Nov 09, 2013 | 54 min
    Post Link:, Host: Jennifer Ruggiero, Co-Host: Andrew Nelson On episode 21 of Get Nerdy With It, we had the pleasure of talking with SEO expert David Amerland from David is the author of an Amazon #1 Best Seller, Google Semantic Search, a detailed guide to semantic search, the semantic web and the new SEO and marketing. Would you like amplify your online presence and boost site traffic? You definitely need to listen to episode 21 as David Amerland provides us with excellent knowledge regarding Google Semantic Search, Google Analytics, SEO, Online Marketing, Social Media, and more. Also, be sure to visit David’s website to read up on SEO tips, SE...
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.20 -

    Oct 25, 2013 | 69 min
    Post Link:, Host: Jennifer Ruggiero, Cohost: Andrew Nelson Thank you to Saul Fleischman from for being on our 20th Get Nerdy With It show! Hashtags are everywhere, and you are probably using them in your posts. However, how effective are they for you? Are you maximizing your hashtag results, or do you feel as though you are creating hashtags for nearly everything without an analytic process? Using the right hashtags will get you and your posts discovered online. They help increase visibility and drive traffic. However, the "right" hashtags that will yield the most results are not always apparent. To help you select hashtags that will be the mos...
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.19 - techAU

    Oct 17, 2013 | 47 min
    Post Link:, Host: Jennifer Ruggiero, Cohost: Andrew Nelson Thank you to Jason Cartwright from for being on Get Nerdy With It tonight. We had a great time talking with Jason about techAU, Carboncast, app development, devices, Google Glass, and much more. Jason runs techAU, which is an awesome tech website showcasing the latest tech news and product reviews. In addition to running techAU, Jason is also an app developer for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. If you are a windows phone user, be sure to check out Carboncast. Carboncast is an outstanding Windows Phone podcast solution. Be sure to follow Jason Cartwright online in the following spaces: te...
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.18 -Albert Grassia

    Oct 05, 2013 | 76 min
    Post Link:, Host: Jennifer Ruggiero, Cohost: Andrew Nelson Ever have one of your online accounts hijacked, or know someone who has? Even if you think you are safe online, you would be surprised at what vulnerabilities you may have. There are a lot of online security concerns today. Therefore we invited security expert, Albert Grassia from the Grassia Group to join us. Have a listen to this episode to learn about important online security tips and how you can keep your accounts secure. You can find The Grassia Group online in the following spaces: Also, we are excited to announce that each ...
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.17 - Voxer

    Sep 25, 2013 | 34 min
    Post Link: On Get Nerdy With It episode 17, we had the honor of chatting with Voxer CEO & Founder, Tom Katis. Also, a big welcome to the Get Nerdy With It team for Andrew Nelson! Andrew made his guest host debut on this special episode. Voxer is an integrated multimedia push-to-talk application that enables users to instantly send voice, text and photos to individuals & groups in real time. There is both a business and consumer version of Voxer. Voxer is one of our favorite apps here at Get Nerdy WIth It. If you haven’t tried Voxer yet, we strongly suggest you install the app. Download Voxer for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone, and be certain to check o...
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.16 - Circlosope

    Sep 12, 2013 | 39 min
    Post Link: On episode 16, we had the pleasure of getting nerdy with the talented Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh, creator of Circloscope! Circloscope is an all-in-one circle management tool for Google+. It enables you to scrub your Google+ circles, filter by engagers, relevance, verified names, location, work, education, one way circles (people that don’t circle you back), inactivity, and more… all in mass operations. There is a free trial version and a premium version, with more to come very soon! Have a listen to learn more, and be certain to check out Circloscope on If you aren’t using this tool for G+ yet, we strongly suggest you try it!
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.15 - Ryan Crowe

    Aug 27, 2013 | 56 min
    Post Link: Interested in social media? Would you like to learn more about the different platforms and fantastic best practices? Then you definitely do not want to miss Episode 15 as Jody Raines and Jennifer Ruggiero spoke with social media strategist, Ryan Crowe... and got nerdy. Ryan Crowe aka DR Crowe has been featured as one of the top 5 people to follow on Google+, has been on the official Google+ Suggested User List, and voted one of the best Google+ users to follow, and with good reason. Ryan creates engaging, useful content. Ryan has also created a G+ community called Social Media Professionals. Social Media Professionals is a nearly 10,000 strong c...
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.14 - Talos Tsui

    Aug 23, 2013 | 42 min
    Post Link: Join us for Episode 14 as we got nerdy with Mr. Talos Tsui from The Iconfactory. Learn about how The Iconfactory got started, why some developers choose to develop for iOS over Android, and the development of their fantastic tools and apps: Twitterrific Flare xScope Din-O-Matic Astronut Take Five Pickin’ Time Frenzic iPulse IconBuilder Side note: Speaking of apps, if you use iOS and haven’t installed Twitterrific yet, you really need to. It is the smartest and most gorgeous Twitter App I have ever used, and on sale in the iOS app store at the moment. Find Talos Tsui and The Iconfactory in the following spaces:
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.13 - Chris Porter

    Aug 15, 2013 | 74 min
    Post Link: Have a mess of spaghetti behind your tv? Ever fumble with remotes and programming? Thinking about cutting the cord? On episode 13 of Get Nerdy With It, we had a blast speaking with Chris Porter from Video Solutions. Learn about the current state and future of video and home media. Have a listen as we chatted about home video installation, cutting the cord, 4K, 3d, remote controls, cable, satellite, Chromecast, AppleTV, Roku, TiVo, Samsung, and the future of home media solutions.
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep: 12 - Wayne Sutton

    Aug 08, 2013 | 66 min On episode 12 of Get Nerdy With It, we had the pleasure of speaking with Wayne Sutton. A designer, digital media thought leader, and speaker, Wayne Sutton delivers value to individuals, organizations, and brands through product and market knowledge. Wayne Sutton is the founder of, which manages and rates founder pitches. He is also the cofounder of, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to expose students to entrepreneurship, app development, technology and STEM education. Wayne has been featured on CNN, BBC, USA Today, TechCrunch, Mashable, Black Enterprise, and more!
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.11 - Darren Vaz.

    Jul 30, 2013 | 53 min
    Post Link: Nerdy and Sports? Do those two words go together? On Episode 11, Jennifer Ruggiero and guest host, Eric Darlington, got nerdy Darren Vazquetelles from, and yes anything can become nerdy (even something as cool as sports). ;) This episode may make you a bit nostalgic and take you fellas back to the good old days when you were a kid collecting sports cards. We chatted with Darren about sports, players, the art of box breaks, what makes cards valuable, performing box breaks live online, and much more. Have a listen! Let us know what you think! Please leave your feedback/comments below.
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.10 - Chris Voss

    Jul 23, 2013 | 68 min Such a entertaining episode this was with chatting with Chris Voss from! Chris Voss, featured on the Forbes list of top social media influencers for 2012 and 2013, was kind enough to spend some time talking with Jennifer and guest host Brad from about a plethora of topics. Discussed were social media practices, products, reviews, photography, online fidelity, vegemite, and much much more. You definitely do not want to miss this one. Have a listen!
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.9 - Craig Shipp

    Jul 18, 2013 | 71 min
    Super episode with Craig Shipp! Craig is the creator of, a network of local community portals. The network includes 30 websites that cover the Mid-Atlantic region of Maryland and Virginia, along with North Carolina and Florida. We chatted about Craig’s unique marketing strategy with local businesses and the web. We also chatted about Craig’s equipment that he uses when he films and photographs local events. Craig was one of the first in the Google+ Hangouts arena to record hangouts and put them on YouTube before “Hangouts On Air” launched. Today, Craig has the Hangout10 is a network that promotes Google+ Hangouts On Air shows. He has a weekly show...
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.8 - ThemeBeans

    Jul 10, 2013 | 40 min
    We just got nerdy with Rich Tabor, creator of ThemeBeans. creates beautiful, professional, and modern WordPress themes for your website. We chatted with Rich about how he got started into creating WordPress themes, about the ThemeBeans team, ThemeBeans product support, ThemeBeans plug-ins, tips on how one can get started creating WordPress themes, and of course learned about their awesome themes such as… Folo Spruce Weblog Base Blooog Acute Words Aboard Rambles Vanillabean Want to get into creating some of your own WordPress themes? Check out some of the training sites that Rich suggested… and You can buy ThemeBeans themes from, C...
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.7 - John Alley

    Jul 06, 2013 | 70 min
    Get Nerdy With It: Episode 7 - John Alley from Recorded on July 3, 2013 Hosts: Jennifer Ruggiero, Christopher Rizzo In honor of the July 4th holiday, we invited John Alley from USAwares to the show. USAwares focuses on “Made in the USA” products/companies. Jennifer and Christopher chatted with John about buying USA-made products, the difference between “Made in the USA” and “Assembled in the USA,” where to find those products, and his new website that will be launching shortly. Read more at Please follow us online at... Facebook: Twitter:
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.6 - Tech Webcast

    Jul 06, 2013 | 76 min
    Get Nerdy With It: Episode 6 - Tech Webcast Recorded on June 27, 2013 Hosts: Jennifer Ruggiero, Jeff Tickle Please excuse this episode's technical Skype glitches consisting of "drop outs" and "mute malfunction." Tech Webcast is a weekly Australian technology podcast about computers, gadgets, and all realms dominated by geeks. They broadcast every Saturday at noon Sydney, Australia time (Friday night for those of us in the states) for a weekly update on tech news and chat with a featured guest. The Tech Webcast show hosts have a fun rapport & manage to always have interesting guests on the show. We chatted with Tech Webcast creator & host, Brad Techwebcast, and the show cohosts Andrew Cunning...
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.5 - Durianrider

    Jul 06, 2013 | 75 min
    Get Nerdy With It: Episode 5 - Durianrider Recorded on June 23, 2013 Hosts: Jennifer Ruggiero, Vincent Brown We had a fantastic interview with Harley Johnstone aka Durianrider. Harley is an international speaker, activist, and athlete on a mission to increase public awareness of the benefits of a high carb, low fat raw/vegan lifestyle. He also exposes fads and gimmicks in the health & fitness world. We spoke with Harley about health, fitness, cycling, nutrition, vegan lifestyle, and his use of YouTube and social media to spread the good word. We also chatted about how his 29+ million views YouTube page was pulled down without notice, but after an online petition promoted via social media, wa...
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.4 - Xander Deccio

    Jul 06, 2013 | 43 min
    Get Nerdy With It: Episode 4 - Xander Deccio, Rocktographer Recorded on June 18, 2013 Hosts: Jennifer Ruggiero, Frank Ruggiero On Get Nerdy With It Episode 4, we interviewed Rocktographer, Xander Deccio. Xander is a site partner and chief photographer for Seattle Music Insider. If you’re into music, enjoy seeing shows, and like awesome photos of your favorite musicians, you should give this episode a listen. Xander’s Rocktography can be found in the following spaces… Read more at http://getnerdywithit.c...
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.3 - Noble Ackerson

    Jul 06, 2013 | 65 min
    Get Nerdy With It: Episode 3 - Noble Ackerson from Recorded on June 6, 2013 We spoke with Noble Ackerson about his web application development work with non-profits & small businesses. We also discussed Noble’s experience with Google Glass, our thoughts on Google Glass privacy concerns, his SWEET app in development called GlassFit (a virtual fitness coach), as well as the many cool ways he has used Glass to-date. Read more at Please follow us online at... Facebook: Twitter: Google Plus: Let us know what you...
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.2 - Vintuitive

    Jul 06, 2013 | 65 min
    Get Nerdy With It: Episode 2 - Vincent Brown from Recorded on 5/16/13 Show hosts Jeff Tickle and Jennifer Ruggiero chatted with Vincent Brown from Vin, web developer/promoter/inventor, gave his advice and thoughts on social media marketing, website development, and more. Read more at Please follow us online at... Facebook: Twitter: Google Plus: Let us know what you think. Please leave your comments below. Thank you for listening!
  • Get Nerdy With It: Ep.1 - Throwboy

    Jul 06, 2013 | 33 min
    Get Nerdy With It: Episode 1 - Roberto Hoyos from Recorded on May 5, 2013 On our first episode, Jennifer & Frank got nerdy with Roberto Hoyos from We chatted about how got started, his unique pillow creations, and the future of Throwboy. Read more at Please follow us online at... Facebook: Twitter: Google Plus: Let us know what you think. Please leave your comments below. Thank you for listening!

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