Joni Aldrich SOS: Supporter of Survival

Joni Aldrich SOS: Supporter of Survival

  • CancerSOS: U.S. Cancer Issues COA Acts!

    Apr 06, 2014 | 100 min
    Dedicated community oncologists, cancer patients and family members advocate thru Community Oncology Alliance & CPAN (Patient Advocacy Network) on serious issues affecting cancer lives in the U.S. How far will patients have to go for treatment? Will the drugs they need be on a "shortage" list? An oral chemo prescription may cost thousands of dollars out-of-pocket. By 2020, will a newly diagnosed patient be able to find an oncologist? Guests: Michael Murray, Rick Payne, Iris Jimenez, Deb Madden, Ricky Newton, Susanne Johnson-Berns, Brett Wilson, Rose Gerber, COA Dir. of Patient Advocacy. Co-hosts Joni Aldrich and Dr. Peter Hofland.
  • CaregivingSOS: LOVE, Dementia and Caring

    Mar 28, 2014 | 53 min
    A loved one with dementia can be very different from the person that you loved. That's a bold truth. Guest: Deborah Shouse, author of Love in the Land of Dementia; Finding Hope in the Caregiver's Journey. When Alzheimer's disease began to claim her mother, it threatened the fabric of her parents' long and loving marriage. But over time, love shined through that fabric and couldn't be broken. If you love someone with dementia, Deborah and her father's story is your story. Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • AdvocacyHealsU: Mended Little Hearts

    Mar 28, 2014 | 51 min
    Congenital heart defects are the most common birth defect in the U.S. nearly 1% of―or about 40,000―births per year. Andrea Baer is VP of Mended Little Hearts and National Committee Chair. After the birth of her 3rd child, he was diagnosed with a Congenital Heart Defect. He needed open heart surgery to survive. Andrea says that she was very afraid and alone and almost immediately after his surgery, she felt compelled to make a difference in the lives of families who were facing the same journey. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • TreatmentSOS Study Colorectal Liver Mets

    Mar 28, 2014 | 52 min
    Research from the Netherlands has documented a link between colorectal cancer surgery and cells that spread to the liver. But the surgery is absolutely necessary to save the patient. The study proved that giving antibody therapy prior to the surgery reduces the risk of liver metastasis. Guest: Dr. Marjolein van Egmond, Netherlands Org. for Scientific Research, discusses this groundbreaking research that's waiting for funding before going to human clinical trials. Co-host Dr. Peter Hofland, Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET
  • CancerSOS: Richard's Rays of Hope

    Mar 26, 2014 | 51 min
    Richard Heimler is something that every lung cancer patient needs to know exists: a 10-year lung cancer survivor. There have been bumps in the road like metastatic brain cancer (did I say a bump?)! To celebrate survival, copies of his chest X-rays were given to family members to use as “canvases”. The frightful images transform into art and video: “Rays of Hope.” The framed X-rays will be unveiled at an ACS reception as a hopeful sight! Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • TheLiteratePatient: Protect Your Family

    Mar 25, 2014 | 52 min
    It's time for straight talk. One of the best ways to protect your family is to "get your affairs in order"--whether you are sick or not! In an instant, life as we know it can change. I had no idea that my husband would be diagnosed with cancer at 43. A Will, Living Will, Power of Attorney's, Trusts...and so forth, can prevent much heartache and strife should the unthinkable happen. Guests: Attorney Ramsey Bahrawy has 33 years experience as an Estate Planning and Elder Law. We discuss invaluable information about what you need documented for every phase of your life, and why you may benefit from having expert counsel as opposed to a software package or online service. Co-host Dr. Melissa Stew...
  • TreatmentSOS Firefighters Cancer Risk #2

    Mar 21, 2014 | 52 min
    Guest: Dr. Susan Shaw, environmental health scientist, author and Dr. of Public Health is investigating toxic chemical exposure in firefighters. Decades of heavy use of brominated flame retardants (PBDEs), resulted in many toxic chemicals in our couches, carpets, baby strollers, plastic TV casings, computers, and foam insulation. In fact, Americans have 10-40 times higher levels in their bodies than Europeans or Asians. What does this mean when firefighters enter a burning house or business? When the soot permeates their skin through their gear? The research is still unfolding more evidence of danger. Co-host Dr. Peter Hofland, Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • AdvocacyHealsU: Survivor Conv. Fun 4 All

    Mar 21, 2014 | 51 min
    Girls (women survivors) just wanna have fun, right?! Learn more in this spirited interview with Karen Shayne and Judy Pearson, the fun and inspirational founders of the National Women's Survivors Convention. And, yes, there's a serious side to Karen to Judy's advocacy work. Find out how the words "you have cancer" changed the focus of their lives to "transforming survivorship from a MOOD to a MOVEMENT by empowering, educating and connecting women whose lives have been touched by cancer." In Nashville July 31-Aug. 2, Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • CancerSOS: Military Base Cancer Exposure

    Mar 18, 2014 | 48 min
    Guest: Richard Clapp, Adjunct Professor U. Mass., Environmental Services Expert studying high incidence of breast cancer (and other cancers) in and around military bases in both men and women, Mass. Military Reservation (1994) and Camp Lejeune, N.C. (1950-1985). Hundreds of thousands of veterans, dependents and civilians have been exposed. Army Women in the study found 48% incr. risk of breast cancer (melatonin). Exposure to magnetic fields is just one issue. Marines with breast cancer study ongoing at Camp Lejeune. Many issues that have been exposed have been addressed. There are others. And, the total impact in human lives now and in the future is still unknown and frightening. Co-host Dr....
  • TheLiteratePatient: No Bedpan to Bedside

    Mar 18, 2014 | 50 min
    In U.S. hospitals, more than 290,000 surgical site infections occur every year (CDC). Some patients die; others live with serious, recurring infections. What could lower that dramatically? Hand washing by medical staff. Ask everyone who walks into your hospital room to wash their hands. Guest: Dr. Maryanne McGuckin, Patient Survival Guide: 8 Simple Solutions to Prevent Hospital- and Healthcare-Associated Infections. Co-host: Dr. Melissa Stewart, Practical Patient Literacy: The Medagogy Model. Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • TreatmentSOS: New Programs at LIVESTRONG

    Mar 18, 2014 | 51 min
    Guest: Chris Brewer, Deputy Dir. External Affairs, worldwide efforts of LIVESTRONG Foundation. Adolescent & Young Adult Oncology, Daily Cures & Cancer Hacks (the U.S. cancer care system for more support to survivors NOW), the “Big C” competition (international movement to create financially-sustainable enterprises to make the world better for the 32.5 million people living with cancer globally, and for their family, friends and caregivers) and more. Co-Host Dr. Peter Hofland, Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • CaregivingSOS: Essential Oils for Health

    Mar 13, 2014 | 53 min
    Jeff and I got the most restful sleep that we've had in a long time. Before bed, we used a drop of Lavender Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oil. No drugs, over-the-counter medications or supplements were involved. Similar oils have been used for health throughout history. Tracie Poerazaff and Aisake Vuikadavu (Oils Made Simple) discuss use of essential oils for caregivers and care receivers. Safe and effective for depression, sleep, pain, boosting the immune system, and dementia. Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • CancerSOS: Men Supporting Women with BC

    Mar 13, 2014 | 51 min
    When a man finds out that a woman he loves has breast cancer, it's uncharted territory for both of them. He can't "fix it". He must show support. But how? For example, is it time to just listen or are you solving a problem together? Wouldn't it be great to have a blueprint? Marc Heyison’s mother, Gloria, had breast cancer. He founded Men Against Breast Cancer (MABC), a national leader that helps male caregivers. His new book is: It’s Not Rocket Science: A Guy’s Blueprint to Caregiving. Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • TheLiteratePatient: Speak Up and Live!!!

    Mar 08, 2014 | 51 min
    Guest: Patricia Rullo, advocate, author and show host. Speak Up and Stay Alive! a patient advocate hospital survival guide, is the result of years of research and interviews in addition to real life mishaps. Pat speaks nationally – educating groups, clubs, organizations, and healthcare and hospital providers. As the hostess and producer of international radio shows, she stresses the need for an advocate at all times and shares the dangers – what they are, why and how they happen, and how to survive them. Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • TreatmentSOS: How to Own Your Cancer!

    Mar 08, 2014 | 52 min
    You have cancer. Now what? A must listen for newly diagnosed cancer patients and their families. How and why should you own your cancer? A passionate cancer patient advocate, Dr. Peter Edelstein is a double-board certified surgeon and member of the Surgical Faculty at the Stanford University School of Medicine. After years of experience partnering with cancer patients and their loved ones, Dr. Edelstein has determined that an important part of cancer treatment is for patients is to "own your cancer." This is the message of Dr. Edelstein’s new book by the same name. Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • CaregivingSOS Invention thru Care Mavens

    Mar 06, 2014 | 51 min
    Michael Neuvirth, entrepreneur, patent attorney, inventor, and as a caregiver for a loved one with dementia, Michael searched for Websites with caregiver resources and products. He couldn't find one, so he created caregiver reviews ( Michael's new company is Invention Generation, which is focused on creating needed innovations for the Sandwich Generation through a team of Care Mavens. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • AdvocacyHealsU: Italian Advocacy Dynamo

    Mar 06, 2014 | 56 min
    Guest: Camille Sanzone, For a Better Way. She's worked with victims of abuse, patients with AIDS, families in distress, and seniors with Alzheimer's disease. Yet to talk to Camille, she doesn't look at that as exceptional. She is one amazing, strong woman. This writer, speaker, educator, comedienne, philosopher, and poet has published 3 books: A Conversation with Some Angels, Drop the WAIT: Someday Is NOW!, and At the End of your Rope? TIE A KNOT & HANG ON! Prepare to be entertained, inspired and awed! Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • CancerSOS: Ladies Look Good, Feel Better

    Mar 06, 2014 | 51 min
    Guest: Koray Lucas, Co-Founder of Radiant Wraps, beautiful, silky wraps for breast cancer patients instead of those ugly, embarrassing hospital gowns. Koray's mother was pampered at her cancer center -- until she met "the gown". "Putting on that hospital gown was the one part of the entire process that made me feel sick, because at that moment, I looked sick. My personality was taken away, I was uncomfortable, cold and embarrassed." The Radiant Wrap was born! Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • TreatmentSOS: News on Hysterectomies

    Feb 28, 2014 | 52 min
    Every day, many women are told they need a hysterectomy for cancer or other issues. Thankfully, not all of these will be the BIG CUT. Guest: Dr. Lynn Kowalski, gynecologic surgeon, author of Not Your Mother's Hysterectomy. The book (and interview) is packed with knowledge every woman should know. Dr. Kowalski has performed 1,000's of hysterectomies, particularly minimally invasive procedures. If your doctor says "you need to have a hysterectomy", what will you ask? What are the types and considerations? Co-hosted by Dr. Peter Hofland, Onco'Zine. Joni Aldrich, M-F, 2:00 p.m. ET,
  • Treatment SOS: Dr. Alain Herrera & ECCO

    Feb 28, 2014 | 49 min
    Dr. Alain Herrera, Oncology and Hematologist Consultant and Assoc. Dir. at Kephren, a medical education, consulting and publishing company in Paris, France. Dr. Herrera discusses the importance of the ECCO (Europeon CanCer Organization) conference, and why these meetings are so critical in the world of cancer. He also discusses his amazing work in oncology, including gerontological oncology. Co-hosted by Dr. Peter Hofland, Onco'Zine. Joni Aldrich M-F, 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • LadiesWhoInspire: HopeFULL Patients Eat

    Feb 26, 2014 | 51 min
    Guest: Stephanie Williams (The HopeFULL Company) Frozen "Whole-Food Pops". Nutrition for cancer patients is crucial, but nausea and discomfort-even the smell of cooking food-can make it difficult to eat. HopeFULL’s homemade whole food pop recipes help manage the side effects of chemo, while providing the nutrition needed to prevent malnourishment. With BellyFULL Kits you can create homemade, frozen pops using ingredients you'd like your children to eat! Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • CaregivingSOS: Well Balanced Caregiving

    Feb 26, 2014 | 52 min
    Guest: Dr. Phyllis Quinlan (Nurse, Author, Coach) Topic: The Delicate Balance, Approach for Professional and Family Caregivers. “Caring is the act of turning compassion into action. Caregivers are amazing and generous people who often develop the signs and symptoms of Compassion Fatigue as a cost of prolonged caring for others in physical or emotional need. Compassion fatigue is the erosion of a caring nature. It can be the consequence of over exposure to patients, clients, or family members with chronic conditions.”~Dr. Phyllis Quinlan. Profoundly put! Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • CancerSOS: Women's Survivors Convention

    Feb 26, 2014 | 51 min
    Guests: Karen Shayne (Dolly) and Judy Pearson (Ellie Mae), co-founders National Women's Survivors Conv. Last Aug., 850 women cancer survivors met in Nashville for the 1st NWSC. They shared many things besides surviving a variety of cancers--among them SPIRIT and HOPE. Some were just starting their cancer journey, some took chemo in their room, and many had finished their treatment. All of these women left tapping their foot with a head full of wonderful memories. Info on 2nd NWSC July 31st-Aug. 2nd, Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • AdvocacyHealsU: Advocates for Advocates

    Feb 26, 2014 | 51 min
    Who advocates for advocates? At Community Oncology Alliance Patient Advocacy Network (CPAN), it's Rose Gerber, Dir. of Patient Advocacy. A survivor herself, Rose's experiences incl. meeting with legislators in Wash., D.C. on cancer policy issues. CPAN advocates may begin their journey thinking "I can't speak to the governor", only to find confidence through conviction (and their personal exp. with cancer) to say "I can" on behalf of all cancer patients and oncological professionals. Rose supports CPAN advocates through training, resources, and direction they need to facilitate critical changes in issues such as chemo drug shortages. Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on www.JoniAldr...
  • TheLiteratePatient: Clinical Trials 101

    Feb 24, 2014 | 52 min
    Clinical trials are often misunderstood. Guest: Meg Monday, survivor and oncology medical educator. Meg participated in cancer clinical trials (one that saved her life!). Research studies that test new medical approaches; each has a defined protocol. In cancer trials, patients receive the new treatment being studied or standard treatment; rarely are placebos used. Please don't leave it to your doctor (with limited time) to research clinical trials that may be a fit for your care. Note also that sometimes a trial requires that you haven't had any prior treatment. Listen for resources that will help. Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • TreatmentSOS: Help for Laryngectomees

    Feb 21, 2014 | 51 min
    Dr. Itzhak Brook, Prof. Pediatrics at Georgetown University, researcher, speaker, author (, cancer survivor and laryngectomee, which means you may need to turn up your volume for this incredible interview! We discussed throat cancer which is rare (prevention, symptoms, finding the right treatment), and the challenges that laryngectomee's face after treatment. As a physician, Dr. Brook's recognized and documented many medical errors during his treatment--from diagnosis of his recurrence to mistakes in surgery, and problems throughout his care, and now advocates for prevention. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • CancerSOS: Firefighters Cancer Risk High

    Feb 17, 2014 | 52 min
    Guest: Dr. Susan Shaw, Environmental Health Scientist. Since 2009, Dr. Shaw has been investigating the impacts of toxic chemical exposure on firefighters. Alarmingly, we know that firefighters are suffering from highly-elevated rates of cancers – prostate, testicular, bladder, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, multiple myeloma, skin/melanoma, and brain, and (as more women become firefighters) breast (6X the risk!). Thought to be related to exposure from chemicals in flame retardant materials and electronics, the diagnosis usually is for multiple cancers, and younger firefighters with aggressive cancers, including brain cancer. A MUST LISTEN TO--prepare to be shocked! Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p....
  • TheLiteratePatient: Survive, Don't Drive

    Feb 15, 2014 | 52 min
    We're talking about driving when you think you're having a heart attack or stroke! (Yes, people do!) Co-Host: Dr. Melissa Stewart: Practical Patient Literacy Guest: Coletta Barrett, Vice Pres., Mission Our Lady, Lake Regional Medical Center, and former National Chairman of the Board for the Amer. Heart Assoc. Heart disease is the #1 killer in the U.S., although we hear more about cancer. Besides prevention, we'll talk about signs and symptoms of heart attacks. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • TreatmentSOS Your Prescription Know-How

    Feb 15, 2014 | 51 min
    Guest: Karen Kellogg, Dir. Pharmaceutical Services, Utah Cancer Specialists. Topic: Medications; Got Questions? My husband wasn’t on any daily meds before cancer. Months later, we carried his prescriptions (for home use) in a cooler. It was a combination of steroids, pain killers, chemo drugs, antibiotics, anti-viral, and much more. When any doctor hands you a prescription, you should ask questions. What's it for? What are the possible side effects? How much will it cost? Is there a generic? Can I get it from any pharmacy? If I can’t afford it, is there help available? How can I tell a side effect from an allergic reaction? Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on www.JoniAld...
  • CaregivingSOS: Caring for Mom w/Dementia

    Feb 15, 2014 | 52 min
    Because Hope Matters, Maryann Makekau, author, speaker, radio show host, and daughter/caregiver of her mother with dementia for the past 11 yrs. Qualified in the evaluation of learning, memory and executive brain function disorders, research contributions in geriatric memory recognition, and military training stress factors. During this interview, Maryann was at the hospital with her mother who had broken her hip. Listen for Maryann's profound wisdom through knowledge and experience. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • CancerSOS: Past the Cancer Shock & Awe

    Feb 11, 2014 | 52 min
    Guest: As a hospice chaplain for 14 years, Becky Sansbury walked and talked with hundreds of patients and families who were “rocked by shock”. Inspired by the collective wisdom of these courageous folks, plus current research being conducted in Post-Traumatic Growth, Becky created After the Shock™. This down-to-earth process equips people to move from reaction to resilience in disruptive times. Using a blend of humor, grit and crisis-tested know how, Becky helps people feel more comfortable dealing with tough topics and challenging times, offering both quick tips and long term processes for building resilience. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • AdvocacyHealsU: A+ Lung Cancer Advocates

    Feb 11, 2014 | 51 min
    Guests: Dedicated lung cancer advocates, including 13-year-old Gibson Wagner (with his mother, Holly Ladd), who lost his father (a non-smoker) to lung cancer when Gibson was only 3; and lung cancer survivor and founder of the Dusty Joy Foundation, Dusty Donaldson. Lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer, and yet it is one of the least funded cancers. This show highlights the fact that anyone can become an advocate--even at the young age of 13. Everything is possible, if we believe in a cause. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • TheLiteratePatient: What Should We Know?

    Feb 08, 2014 | 51 min
    INAUGURAL SHOW that can change lives--even save them. Hosts: Joni Aldrich, author, The Saving of Gordon: Lifelines to W-I-N Against Cancer, and Dr. Melissa Stewart, author, Practical Patient Literacy: The Medagogy Model, will discuss practical methods to grow from a passive patient into a literate, involved patient. It’s not our fault. We’re taught, but not the skills that we (as non-medical professionals) need when we’re diagnosed with a serious and/or chronic illness. And, our healthcare system is broken with physicians overworked and nurses understaffed a risky mix for prime care and safety—for a simple cough or a life-threatening disease. The Literate Patient will help you be an educated...
  • CaregivingSOS: The Cancer Click Coach

    Feb 07, 2014 | 52 min
    Guest: Donell Hill is The CancerClick Coach and Co-Founder / Partner CEO of The CancerClick International with Dr. Madlena Kantscheff. One of the nicest men I've ever interviewed, perhaps because he "is fulfilling his Divine Purpose" by combining his academic and actor training from Stanford University with his Panic to Powerful Cancer Coach training. Now, he teaches the husbands of cancer patients how to communicate with their wife and understand her new needs after a cancer diagnosis so they can powerfully support her with greater ease, clarity, and hope. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • AdvocacyHealsU: Patient Safety Advocate

    Feb 07, 2014 | 51 min
    Guest: Dr. Maryanne McGuckin, author, The Patient Survival Guide: 8 Simple Solutions to Prevent Hospital- and Healthcare-Associated Infections. What is the single most important tool that patients (and their supporters) can do to get them out of the hospital without a serious infection such as MRSA (the flesh eating virus)? Ask every healthcare worker (and guest) that walks into the room: "Have you washed your hands?" Isn't that simple? In 2010, 1.7 million patients in the U.S. developed healthcare-associated infections; 100,000 died! This is a info packed, must listen to show. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • CaregivingSOS: Caring On the Front Lines

    Feb 07, 2014 | 51 min
    Guest: Linda Clark’s caregiving journey began when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. The prognosis was bleak, even though she ultimately lived 2 years. Linda's experience training volunteers to lead prayer services, visit the sick, and visit people in nursing home settings gave her valuable skills. She'd even worked with a Rabbi to understand the power and importance of communicating with compassion and intent. Linda’s mission is to inspire others to volunteer and visit the sick with compassion! Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • LadiesWhoInspire: Life's Stepping Stones

    Feb 07, 2014 | 52 min
    Guest: Susan Wagers, entrepreneur, educator, speaker, and author who inspires everyone she meets. Discover how to gracefully turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. “Each of us have ‘crossroads’ in our lives where we decide (consciously or unconsciously) to give in and take whatever happens next or embrace change and take charge of our future.” Connect to your greatness with a few changes and lots of laughter. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • TreatmentSOS 1-30-14 A Complete Healing

    Feb 01, 2014 | 52 min
    Guest: Betsy Horn, author, A Little Touch of Cancer & How It Made Me Well. Betsy went through surgery and chemo for ovarian cancer, but it left her feeling that the healing process was incomplete. Betsy spent 3 weeks at the Paracelsus Clinic (biological medicine) in Switzerland. Mistletoe shots, hyperthermia treatments, removal of teeth with root canals and even mercury fillings and much more led to the complete healing of Betsy's mind, body and spirit--an experience she shares with the world. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • AdvocacyHealsU: 1-28-14 Imerman Angels!

    Jan 29, 2014 | 51 min
    Imerman Angels,, personalized 1-on-1 support for cancer fighters and caregivers. Guest: Hector Nunez, COO of Imerman Angels, and head and neck cancer survivor. He was determined to survive for his kids, who had just lost their mother to cancer. Hector connected with an Angel "mentor" that related to what he was going through. As a survivor, he left his job with Apple (!) to join Imerman Angels. Listen to Joni live M-F 2:00 p.m. ET
  • CancerSOS 1-27-14 Cancer & Obama Care

    Jan 28, 2014 | 51 min
    A great interview with focused information and advice on Obamacare for cancer patients. Guest: Dr. Mark Davis, author of Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, Prescription for Disaster. We discuss the critical issues before and after Obamacare that will affect cancer families, including insurance cost, continuum of medical care, and impact on research and development. Dr. Davis lost his own mother and brother to cancer, so he speaks with experience in cancer world. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • LadiesWhoInspire: Awesome Ruth Bachman

    Jan 28, 2014 | 52 min
    The inspiring Ruth Bachman, survivor and author of Growing Through the Narrow Spots. “Life is full of narrow spots, not all labeled cancer. However, cancer is the narrow spot that has given me the opportunity to look at life with a different perspective, not once, but twice. It informs the way I choose to live life every day.” Ruth Bachman lost her sister to cancer, and her own diagnosis resulted in the loss of her arm. But it could never take her spirit.... Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • CaregivingSOS Model 4 Caregiver Wellness

    Jan 26, 2014 | 51 min
    Guest: Dr. Eboni Green, Caregiver Wellness: The U model, supporting front-line direct caregivers, with an emphasis on caregiver stress, burnout, and related family conflicts through Caregiver Support Services. Her latest book is At the Heart of the Matter: A Spiritual Journey for Caregivers, which enables caregivers to look at ways to better care for themselves and enhance their wellness while providing care for a loved one. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • TreatmentSOS: Genomics & Breast Cancer

    Jan 26, 2014 | 51 min
    Guest: Dr. James Pellicane, dir. of Breast Oncology at Bon Secours Cancer Institute. What is genomic testing? How can it be used to prevent over-treatment (which can cause unnecessary long term side effects) and under-treatment of cancers (which can cause death)? The technology is here NOW, and breast cancer patients should ask their oncologist to use genomics to better define their treatment protocol. Co-Host, Dr. Peter Hofland, Onco'Zine. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • LadiesWhoInspire: Dr. Madlena Kantscheff

    Jan 26, 2014 | 51 min
    Guest: Dr. Madlena Kantscheff, survivor of uterine cancer. As usual, cancer didn't come at a good time. Madlena had fought to establish her own practice in Germany, had learned the language, and was a major contributor to her family. Faith pulled her through. Now, she enjoys perfect physical, emotional and spiritual health, and helps survivors move past fear and desperation, and start a new life after cancer. Just recently she shifted her focus to the husbands of cancer patients….a very underserved group of people. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • LadiesWhoInspire: Jas Boothe, Cancer Vet

    Jan 26, 2014 | 53 min
    Guest: Jas Boothe, a disabled 13 yr. Army Vet who was deployed to Iraq. A single parent, Jas lost everything during Hurricane Katrina. The next mo., she was diagnosed with an aggressive head, neck, and throat cancer. She was facing military discharge. She found there were no existing programs for female Vets with children, even those who were homeless. Jas realized that America had forgotten the women who have served, fought, bled and died. Find out what she did... Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • TreatmentSOS: Center of Cancer Education

    Jan 26, 2014 | 51 min
    Guest: Dr. Susan Silberstein,, Center for Advancement in Cancer Education, in honor of her husband lost to cancer. She has coached over 25,000 cancer patients. As author of the book Hungry for Health, as creator of the Beat Cancer Kit series, and as editor of the magazines Immune Perspectives and Global Woman, Dr. Silberstein delivers an important message about disease prevention and control through lifestyle education. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • CaregivingSOS: Journey Beyond Diagnosis

    Jan 26, 2014 | 51 min
    Guest: Greg Pacini (Author) Topic: Journey Beyond Diagnosis: Support During and After Illness for Survivors and Those Who Love and Care for Them, a book for survivors, caregivers, and medical professionals that likens an illness experience to a long drive. The book illuminates the many ups, downs, and curves of adversity along the road. There are special sections for caregivers. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • Ladies Who Inspire: Kathy Joosten, Actor

    Jan 26, 2014 | 51 min
    It was an honor to interview Kathryn Joosten (died 6/2/12, only 3 mos. later). Kathy was known for her role as Karen McCluskey in Desperate Housewives (who eerily died from lung cancer in the final season of the show), and The West Wing as Mrs. Landingham. Note that Kathy was having trouble breathing, and yet she was passionate, angry about lung cancer lack of research and new treatment. Listen to Joni M-F 2:00 p.m. ET
  • CaregivingSOS Dr. Isaac Jones, MaxHealth

    Jan 26, 2014 | 51 min
    Guest: Dr. Isaac Jones (Healthy Lifestyle Expert, Designer Health Centers) Maximizing Caregiver Health. Guest co-host Dr. Robert Rose, author Caregiving: The Secrets Are.... Dr. Jones and his team are focused on creating global health transformation. His vision is to create cutting-edge health systems for doctor’s offices around the globe and to educate the world on how to prevent disease and max. their health and wellbeing. Listen to Joni M-F, 2:00 p.m. ET
  • TreatmentSOS: Natural Relief for Pain

    Jan 23, 2014 | 51 min
    Dr. Dan Twogood began practicing at the International Sports Medicine Institute. He discovered the diet/pain connection. He wrote his first book, "No Milk" in 1992. As he learned more about chronic pain, he wrote three more books: "How to Rid Your Body of Pain", "MSG is Everywhere", and "Chronic Pain Gone 90 Days." Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • CancerSOS 1-20-14 PreDiagnosis BC Dreams

    Jan 23, 2014 | 52 min
    Did you have a premonition/dream that you had breast cancer BEFORE diagnosis? Dr. Larry Burk wants you to share your experience. After several of his friends shared their pre-diagnosis dreams, Dr. Burk is now studying this phenomenon for a book. One subject dreamed of her surgery -- and later was operated on by that surgeon! Post your experience on Dreams Cloud, and fill out a 19 question dream survey. It can be posted anonymously. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • AdvocacyHealsU 1-21-14 Toxic Justice

    Jan 22, 2014 | 51 min
    Nancy Swan, Author, Toxic Justice: The True Story of a Teacher's Chemical Injury & Battle for Justice. In 1985, Nancy Swan was critically injured after 3 days of exposure to toxic chemicals from a spray-on foam roofing system (still in use today!) applied during the school day. 1,000+ people (many of them children) were injured. Nancy's injuries incl. lung and brain damage. Her life changed forever. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • CaregivingSOS: Dr. Stan Goldberg

    Jan 17, 2014 | 51 min
    Listen to this interview for inspiration and knowledge. Dr. Stan Goldberg is cancer survivor, hospice volunteer, husband, father, Professor Emeritus at San Francisco State University. In 2009, he was named the Hospice Volunteer Association Volunteer of the Year. Author of: Lessons for the Living: Stories of Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Courage at the End of Life. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • Advocacy Heals U: Sorry Works!

    Jan 17, 2014 | 52 min
    Guest: Doug Wojcieszak is a disclosure consultant who has had personal and professional experiences with tort reform and medical malpractice issues. He lost his brother to medical errors. His family successfully sued the hospital and doctors. The hospital attorneys – not the doctors -- empathized with them, and they never admitted fault or apologized for the incident. Doug founded Sorry Works! to successfully promote apologies for medical errors as the solution to the medical malpractice crisis. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • AdvocacyHealsU Mom Invents Hickman Hider

    Jan 17, 2014 | 52 min
    Guest: Gayle Garson, whose daughter Robin was diagnosed with leukemia at 9-mos. old. The day after Robin was diagnosed, her Hickman was put in. Soon she discovered a problem that so many other parents face. “We didn’t want her tugging at the tubes and we didn’t want it near her diaper that’s full of germs and bacteria,” Gayle said. She developed the Hickman Hider to keep the Hickman clean and away from diapers and little busy hands. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • AdvocacyHealsU: A Father's Love at Work

    Jan 17, 2014 | 52 min
    Guest: Frank Burroughs, Abigail Alliance is committed to helping create wider access to developmental cancer drugs and other drugs for life-threatening illnesses. This is the touching and inspiring story of a father's love of a daughter, and how that has turned into help for others. The Alliance is dedicated to helping better inform cancer patients, other patients, and their doctors about Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • CancerSOS: Pediatric Long-Term Affects

    Jan 16, 2014 | 53 min
    Guest: Stephanie Zimmerman (Survivor) Topic: myHeart, yourHands (Childhood Cancer Late Effects of Treatment). As advances in pediatric cancers allow more and more patients to live into adulthood, doctors are concerned about the long-term health effects of the treatments that saved them. In a large study, more than 95% suffered from a chronic health condition by the age of 45, incl. pulmonary, hearing, cardiac and other problems due to their cancer or the treatment. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • TreatmentSOS: HOPE for Lung Cancer

    Jan 16, 2014 | 52 min
    Lung is the #1 cancer killer. Yet, there haven't been major advances in treatments for decades. Guest: Steven Young, the Addario Lung Cancer Medical Institute is dedicated to accelerating the discovery, development and delivery of new and more effective treatment options for lung cancer patients. ALCMI is determined to break down the barriers in research due to the stigma of lung cancer (it's not just a smoker's disease). Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • TreatmentSOS: Three Sisters Survival

    Jan 14, 2014 | 55 min
    Guest: Angel, Brenda they want the world to know. They want their story to inspire women everywhere to see that hope and family are stronger than cancer and that women, with or without a breast, are beautiful. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • CancerSOS: Blood Test for Lung Cancer

    Jan 14, 2014 | 52 min
    Guest: Greg Stanley (CCO of Oncimmune) Topic: EarlyCDT-Lung, Blood Test for Lung Cancer (all stages). In the war against cancer, the #1 goal should be prevention; #2 goal should be early diagnosis. This is the way to save lives, and improve quality-of-life of survivors. At a rate of 450 deaths on average every day in the US alone—lung cancer claims more lives each year than breast, colon, liver, kidney and melanoma cancers combined, due in part to inadequate early detection. A shocking 85% of lung cancer are diagnosed in late stage. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • CancerSOS: ElectroOncology Treatment

    Jan 13, 2014 | 52 min
    Guest: Tu Diep (OncoSec) Topic: ElectroOncology Therapy to Treat Skin Cancer and Solid Tumor Cancers. OncoSec’s proprietary delivery system, called the OncoSec Medical System™ (OMS), offers an innovative approach to battling solid tumor cancers including all types of skin cancer—thru a scientific phenomenon: electroporation. It involves applying a brief electric field to a living cell. Doing this causes a temporary opening of pores in a cell’s outer membrane—pores that close again within minutes once the electric field is discontinued. The cell’s permeability is temporarily increased, and a drug or other agent injected into the area can flow into the cell effectively. Listen to Joni live M-F...
  • DiagnosisSOS: Skin, Our Largest Organ

    Jan 12, 2014 | 50 min
    Guest: Dr. Cybele Fishman (Dermatologist) Topic: The Truth About Sun Exposure & Tanning Beds. We don't often think of our skin as the largest organ in our body. I'll be the first to admit that I like to have some suntan. What are the types of UV light, and what do they cause? Why are tanning beds evil? What are the main types of skin cancer, and what is their incidence? What are the most common sunscreen ingredients, and can they be dangerous? Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • TreatmentSOS: Humor, the Breast Medicine

    Jan 12, 2014 | 50 min
    Guest: Eileen Kaplan (Survivor & Author) Topic: Laughter Is The “Breast” Medicine. Eileen speaks with humor and heart on making the lifestyle changes necessary for combating all types of cancer. Her message of having a good attitude and positive thinking in life is crucial in dealing with the disease as well as taking good care of yourself, physically. She says that her journey was tempered by family and humor saying that "you can cry in joy or you can laugh in joy" and to keep in mind that laughter is therapeutic. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • Diagnosis SOS: Kids Kicking Cancer

    Jan 12, 2014 | 51 min
    Guest: Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg (Kids Kicking Cancer) Topic: Children “Victim” to “Victor”. Having lost his first child to leukemia at the age of 2, Rabbi Goldberg brings a wealth of personal experience and sensitivity to dealing with children and families facing life-threatening illness. His commitment to easing the pain of children with cancer and his dream of supporting healing through the empowerment of the martial arts resulted in the creation of the Kids Kicking Cancer. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • CancerSOS: Children with Lung Cancer

    Jan 12, 2014 | 51 min
    Guests: Bonnie Addario (Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation), Gabby Wilson (Child Lung Cancer Survivor), Dana Wilson (Gabby’s mother). 450 men, women and children die every day from lung cancer. That's a jumbo jet crash of death's per day! Not all are smokers, but that is the stigma for funding lung cancer research and new treatment development. Gabby Wilson was diagnosed at 7-years-old. If you have lungs, you can get lung cancer. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • CancerSOS: Viruses to Kill Cancer?

    Jan 12, 2014 | 52 min
    Guest: Brad Thompson (Oncolytics Biotech Inc.) Topic: Reolysin, Virus-Based Therapies for Cancer. Chemotherapy targets fast-growing cells like those typically found in rapidly growing tumors. But while chemotherapy can shrink tumors, they often grow back and become resistant to the treatment. So, chemotherapy is now often combined with other treatments that have different mechanisms for attacking and killing cancer cells. One approach that has proven quite promising is harnessing viruses to infect, multiply within and shred cancer cells; the virus targets tumors without affecting normal tissue. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • CaregivingSOS: Care+ Compassion Fatigue

    Jan 12, 2014 | 51 min
    Guest: Patricia Smith, Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project. Caring too much can hurt. When caregivers focus on others without practicing self-care, destructive behaviors can surface. Apathy, isolation, bottled up emotions and substance abuse head a long list of symptoms associated with the secondary traumatic stress disorder now labeled as Compassion Fatigue. Accepting the presence of compassion fatigue in your life only serves to validate the fact that you are a deeply caring individual. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • CaregivingSOS 1-8-14 The Caregiving Male

    Jan 11, 2014 | 51 min
    When Marc Heyison’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, he learned at a young age about caring for a family member. He founded two non-profit organizations, The Gloria Heyison Breast Cancer Foundation and Men Against Breast Cancer (MABC) a recognized national leader in care for the caregiver, and conducts workshops for male caregivers. Recently, Marc released his new book for all male caregivers with an effective approach that men will relate to: It’s Not Rocket Science, A Guy’s Blueprint to Caregiving. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • Treatment SOS, The Cancer Killers!!!!

    Jan 08, 2014 | 53 min
    Guests: Dr. Charles Majors and Dr. Ben Lerner (Maximized Living) Topic: The Cancer Killers! Maximized Living has embarked on a global initiative to educate and change the way healthcare is viewed and delivered based on a holistic process founded on 5 core, essential principles of health. ML Doctors use these essentials to identify root causes of health issues, remove interference and allow patients to build optimal health rather than mask or treat problems with medications and surgery. Maximized Living's processes restore the body's natural recuperative powers. Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • AdvocacyHealsU 1-7-14 Oral Cancer RAP

    Jan 08, 2014 | 51 min
    After being diagnosed at 33 with stage IV oral cancer, Eva Grayzel was given a 15% chance of survival. A champion for early detection, Eva founded the Six-Step Screening oral cancer awareness campaign, and authored several great children's book about cancer. Now, Eva auditioned for America's Got Talent for her Oral Cancer Survivor Rap: how often do you see a gray-haired, forty-something woman rap and break dance? Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • AdvocacyHealsU 7-30-13 N.E.D. The Band!!

    Jan 07, 2014 | 51 min
    No Evidence of Disease: N.E.D. the Band. A unique band of six gynecologic oncology surgeons from across the country, N.E.D. is taking healing and the arts to a new level. Created as a cover band to entertain their peers at a medical conference, they saw the potential to reach women in a powerful way - through music. What was started as a novelty meant to entertain, has turned into a powerful awareness movement to give a voice to women effected by gynecologic cancers. This includes NED music that you won't want to miss! Listen to Joni Aldrich live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • CancerSOS 7-15-13 Patient Literacy #2

    Jan 07, 2014 | 50 min
    2nd interview with Dr. Melissa Stewart about patient literacy. Her pioneering work has helped health care professionals engage patients thru improved education outlined in Stewart’s Medagogy principles. What are perpetual issues in healthcare? Why are there still many preventable, even fatal mistakes in healthcare? How can patients be part of the solution? (Beg. 2/7/14, Dr. Stewart will co-host our new show: The Literate Patient.) Listen to Joni Aldrich live M-F, 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • TreatmentSOS Practical Patient Literacy1

    Jan 07, 2014 | 52 min
    Dr. Melissa Stewart is dedicated to health literacy through patient literacy. Her pioneering work has helped health care professionals engage patients thru improved education outlined in Stewart’s Medagogy principles. What are perpetual issues in healthcare? Why are there still many preventable, even fatal mistakes in healthcare? How can patients be part of the solution? (Beg. 2/7/14, Dr. Stewart will co-host our new show: The Literate Patient.) Listen to Joni Aldrich live M-F, 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • CancerSOS 1-6-14 Medivizor Patient Info

    Jan 07, 2014 | 51 min
    Overwhelmed searching the internet about your illness (incl. cancer)? Listen as we discuss a free on-line resource, Medivizor, that provides info and updates (personalized for you!) such as cutting-edge research, treatment options, relevant clinical trials, and more. Doctors are overworked and understaffed; it's critical for patients and their families to be informed and involved after a life-changing diagnosis. Guests: Tal Givoly, Medivizor's co-founder, and AnneMarie Ciccarella, survivor. Listen to Joni Aldrich live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • CancerSOS 12-30-13 News on Blood Cancers

    Jan 07, 2014 | 52 min
    At the recent Amer. Society of Hematology meeting in New Orleans, LA, more than 22,000 physicians and researchers from 100+ countries discussed future treatments and studies that can improve the survivorship and quality-of-life for patients with leukemia, lymphoma and multiple myeloma--the blood cancers. Co-hosted by Dr. Peter Hofland, Onco'Zine, we discuss hot topics from the meeting (incl. killer T-Cells!) with Professor Stephanie Lee, the Society’s secretary and professor of Medicine at the Univ. of Washington. Listen to Joni Aldrich live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • DiagnosisSOS, You Can Beat Cancer Odds

    Dec 29, 2013 | 51 min
    Guest: Dr. Bernie Siegel (Legendary Author, Speaker) Topic: Survivor Traits, Beat the Odds. Bernie embraces a philosophy of living and dying that stands at the forefront of the medical ethics and spiritual issues our society grapples with today. “Don't do things to not die, do things to enjoy living. The by-product may be not dying.” (For a copy of this interview go to, click on Joni Aldrich, episode 6/5/12) Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • CancerSOS, A Patient's Personal Choice

    Dec 29, 2013 | 52 min
    Guests: Dr. Sashi Reddy & Alan Wright (Baylor Medical Center) Topic: Respect of a Patient’s Personal Choice. Cancer treatment (or not) is embedded with many decisions. While loved ones can weigh in on decisions, if you do not ultimately do what the patient wants, then how will you live with the results? If the patient is of sound mind, they should have the ultimate decision. (For a copy of this interview go to, click on Joni Aldrich, episode 6/4/12) Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • TreatmentSOS, Pro/Con Medical Marijuana

    Dec 29, 2013 | 51 min
    Guest: Kamy Akhavan (President of Topic: Facts in the Medical Marijuana Debate. Medical marijuana is legal in 20 states and DC. Unfortunately, as usual with many things in our country, it's not as simple as that. Many patients who are prescribed marijuana have to buy it from dealers on the street! Can you imagine? Considering the drugs that cancer patients get, is medical marijuana use so bad--especially if there are some benefits? I understand the narcotics control issue. (For a copy of this interview go to, click on Joni Aldrich, episode 5/31/12) Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • Ladies Who Inspire: Two Miracle Workers!

    Dec 26, 2013 | 52 min
    Guests: Gabrielle Bernstein & Meggan Watterson. Gabrielle is the best-selling author of May Cause Miracles! She appears as an expert on NBC’s Today Show, and has been featured on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday as a next-generation thought leader. Meggan is the author of the Introduction of REVEAL: A Sacred Manual For Getting Spiritually Naked. Her book is “a sacred manual”: sacred texts and spiritual voices of women. (For a copy of this interview go to, click on Joni Aldrich, episode 12/14/12) Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • DiagnosisSOS Princess Elle & Isle Capri

    Dec 26, 2013 | 51 min
    Guests: Lori Lober, Laura Myer & Angela Prindle (Authors) Topic: Princess Elle and Her Isle of Capri is a universal story of the vulnerable beauty and the innocent sorrow that illness has to teach us all. The whole family will hear what they need to in Elle's uplifting story of courage and fear in her battle with cancer. Her step-by-step journey will both inspire and touch those who are ready to take a moment to listen. (For a copy of this interview go to, click on Joni Aldrich, episode 5/22/12) Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • CancerSOS, Survival Against All Odds 1

    Dec 26, 2013 | 52 min
    Guest: Lori Lober. She'd lost her brother to cancer, so Lori knew how to be her own patient advocate after 2 yrs. of misdiagnosis for breast cancer. At Stage 4, Lori was given 18 mos. to live. Traditional treatments offered little hope of long-term survival--less than 3% for 5 yrs. Lori was determined to beat the odds. Now thriving a decade later, find out how she used the integrative approach with conventional treatment to WIN. (For a copy of this interview go to, click on Joni Aldrich, episode 12/19/11) Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on
  • CancerSOS 12-2013 Holiday Cancer Caring

    Dec 23, 2013 | 53 min
    Co-Host Chris Jerry; Guest: Rev. Bonnie Draeger, minister, survivor, and author of “When Cancer Strikes a Friend: What to Say, What to Do, and How to Help”. What makes having cancer at Christmas different from other times of the year? Being a good friend or family to someone with cancer during the holidays requires listening, respecting one another, and prioritizing. At the end of the interview, Bonnie shares her perception of "false" hope. (For a copy of this interview go to, click on Joni Aldrich, episode 12/23/13) Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on To learn more about Joni, go to
  • LadiesWhoInspire 12-2012 Message of Love

    Dec 23, 2013 | 53 min
    Guest: Rev. Judy Winkler, author of 8 Steps to Freedom and Answers to Life's Toughest Questions. LOVE. Sometimes life makes love difficult. But the holiday's are all about spouses, family, friends...and LOVE. (For a copy of this interview go to, click on Joni Aldrich, episode 12/21/12) Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on To learn more about Joni, go to
  • Treatment SOS 12-2012 A Message of HOPE

    Dec 23, 2013 | 53 min
    HOPE: A one-syllable word that will keep you going when all the other more impressive words fail to sustain you. ~Joni Aldrich. This pre-holiday show delivered HOPE in a big way. Guests: Meredith McNerney, survivor, founder of A Message of Hope Cancer Fund. A Message of Hope helps cancer patients in financial need. Glenda Standeven, survivor, speaker and co-author of 'Choosing to Smile', an autobiography by three friends who all had different types of cancer at different phases of life. (For a copy of this interview go to, click on Joni Aldrich, episode 12/20/12) Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on To learn more about Joni, go to
  • Ladies Who Inspire, Simple Self-Defense

    Dec 20, 2013 | 50 min
    Charley & Tracy Vega are the co-founders of Simple Self Defense for Women® an award winning company to promote personal safety of women through their PBS Television Special, DVD’s, & their very popular Seminars, Workshops & Professional speaking engagements. They specialize in self-defense for women from ages 9 to 91 with a focus on How to Simply Escape an Attack, NOT Stay and Fight! Charley & Tracy are TV shows stars and hosts. (For a copy of this interview go to, click on Joni Aldrich, episode 9/20/13) Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on To learn more about Joni, go to
  • CancerSOS Financial Help for Women w/BC

    Dec 20, 2013 | 51 min
    Guest: Molly MacDonald, survivor, Founder/President of The Pink Fund. The Pink Fund helps women (and men) focus on healing, raising their families, and returning to the workplace. The Pink Fund will provide short term financial aid during the brief period of treatment and recovery. Families facing breast cancer urgently need financial help now. (For a copy of this interview go to, click on Joni Aldrich, episode 9/16/13) Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on To learn more about Joni, go to
  • CancerSOS Styling Compression BC Sleeves

    Dec 20, 2013 | 51 min
    Guest: LympheDIVAs, Josh Levin. When Rachel Troxell and Robin Miller developed lymphedema, a side effect of BC treatment, they needed a compression sleeve. They were all rough textured, heavy, hot, beige, and bandage-like. Frustrated, Robin and Rachel designed a more elegant and comfortable compression sleeve. Tragically, Rachel died, but her family carries on her mission at LympheDIVAs. (For a copy of this interview go to, click on Joni Aldrich, episode 9/30/13) Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on To learn more about Joni, go to
  • TreatmentSOS 12-19-13 BC Breakthroughs

    Dec 19, 2013 | 51 min
    Guest: Dr. Peter Hofland, Publisher and Editor of Oncozine, the International Oncology Network for Cancer & Hematology News ( Peter and Joni discuss recent research findings from all over the world in the area of breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and quality-of-life from the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. These are "hot off the presses" from the meeting just last week. The interview will include topics such as clinical trials, over-treatment of patients, new treatments for triple negative BC, metastatic breast cancer treatment, and many other invaluable topics. (For a copy of this interview go to, click on Joni Aldrich, episode 12/19/13) Listen to Joni...
  • CaregivingSOS 12-18-13 I Laughed SO Hard

    Dec 19, 2013 | 53 min
    Guest: Elaine K. Sanchez, author of the unflinchingly honest and uproariously funny book, Letters from Madelyn, Chronicles of a Caregiver and co-founder of Based on her own experience, Elaine developed a passion for helping others cope with the emotional stress of caring for those who can no longer care for themselves. Humor is what makes her programs unique. Here is a link to a You Tube about a whacky plan an elderly woman shared with Elaine at a conference: Claudia Robs a Bank (search for it on You Tube). Listen to this show through to the end, and you will absolutely enjoy every moment! (For a copy of this interview go to, click on Joni Aldrich, episode 12...
  • CancerSOS 12-16-13 The Cancer Family

    Dec 19, 2013 | 50 min
    Guest: Cecelia Salamone, dedicated to the millions of caregivers around the world. Cancer and caregiving are now closely linked to patient survival. This interview focuses on that relationship, and on the difficulties of more than one cancer diagnosis within a family. Cecelia's father died from Multiple Myeloma. This year, her husband had lung cancer surgery. He survived, but it's hard for Cecelia to see a difference in the before and after cancer person. Even before her father and husband, her grandmother died from cancer. Her aunt is a 3X survivor, one of her cousins had stomach cancer and another had breast cancer. Many families face this reality, which leads to P...
  • AdvocacyHealsU 12-17-13 BC African Women

    Dec 19, 2013 | 52 min
    Guest: Juliet Aguwa (www.Courage to, Breast Cancer Survivor, Helping African Women Fight Breast Cancer. Juliet represents something that most women in Africa don't know exists: a breast cancer survivor. Courage To Dare is dedicated to creating advanced education and awareness about breast cancer to thousands of rural communities and individuals living in Wisconsin, Texas, and West Africa. From her personal experience, her vision for Courage To Dare Foundation was formed. Having gone through all the stages of treatment and emerging a survivor, Juliet realized that there were many African women and men that were not privileged to the information that she had, or access to the kind of...
  • Caregiving SOS 9-25-13 Caregiver Corps

    Dec 12, 2013 | 52 min
    Guest: Janice Lynch Schuster co-authored the award winning book: Handbook for Mortals: Guidance for People Facing Serious Illness. She is senior writer for the Center for Elder Care and Advanced Illness. The primary goal? To make it safe to grow old! Janice has also petitioned the Obama Administration to: “Create a Caregiver Corps that would include debt forgiveness for college graduates to care for our elders. More than 60 million Americans are family caregivers. They face challenges. Health suffers. Finances suffer. Families suffer. Aging Boomers will overwhelm our caregiving resources. Let’s create a Caregiver Corps that would marry college debt forgiveness with programs that place recent...
  • Advocacy Heals U 9-10-13 Cancer Climber

    Dec 12, 2013 | 51 min
    Guest: Sean Swarner had two deadly, different, and unrelated forms of cancer, once at thirteen and again at sixteen. One functioning lung; a prognosis of fourteen days to live; in a medically-induced coma for a year. Sean is the first cancer survivor to stand on top of the world…Mt. Everest. After being read his last rites, he astounded the medical community when he survived. He realized that no challenge would ever be too great, no peak too high. Sean proved it when he crested the peak of Mt. Everest. He decided to continue climbing and has since topped the highest peaks in Africa, Europe, South America, Australia, Antarctica, and North America, thus completing the “7-Summits”. After winnin...
  • AdvocacyHealsU 9-17-13 Collateral Damage

    Dec 12, 2013 | 53 min
    Guest: Dan Walter, author of Collateral Damage: A Patient, a New Procedure, and the Learning Curve. This book is the true story of what happened with Dan’s wife, Pam (a nurse), after open-heart surgery to repair a valve and save her life went horribly wrong. What followed were statements by research doctors in unguarded moments such as “the pursuit of profit at the expense of patient safety” being part of the problem with our healthcare system today. Dan’s purpose in writing Collateral Damage was “to tell Pam that she does matter, and that her life is important—her story is important—and it deserves to be honestly told”. We all need to focus on the impact of preventable medical negligence! (...
  • Advocacy Heals U 9-24-13 Hope Matters

    Dec 12, 2013 | 51 min
    Guest: Maryann Makekau, author, inspirational speaker, blogger, talk radio co-host, and spirited entrepreneur. Maryann founded Hope Matters on the desire to make a difference in hurting lives worldwide. That motivation began with her Little Pink Book series, including "When Your Mom Has Cancer", "When Your Dad Goes to War", "When Your Grandma Forgets", etc. From the first book to bless a friend in need, a channel of hope was born. She makes it her mission to inspire others with the infectious quality of hope by reaching “the child within.” (For a copy of this interview go to, click on Joni Aldrich, episode 9/24/13) Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on To lea...
  • AdvocacyHealsU 10-22-13 Cancer Resource+

    Dec 12, 2013 | 51 min
    Guest: David Cowan is the surviving spouse of Alison Arnesen Cowan (lost to mucosal melanoma), and the founder of Ali’s Alliance Cancer Resource & Support List. The foundation's purpose is to provide an innovative resource via a website which features an online database which will serve as a specific search engine for resources, stories, news, and support. Imagine if you will a “one stop” service for all resources related to the shock, battle, triumph, and tragedy of the struggle against cancer. (For a copy of this interview go to, click on Joni Aldrich, episode 10/22/13) Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on To learn more about Joni, go to
  • AdvocacyHealsU 10-15-13 Annie Appleseed

    Dec 12, 2013 | 51 min
    Guest: Ann Fonfa, cancer survivor and founder of The Annie Appleseed Project. Diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 44, Ann was suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. This made it impossible for her to have chemotherapy. Gathering information on what in 1993 was only called “alternatives”, Ann found out so much through her search for answers. Her research and insights eventually evolved into The Annie Appleseed Project, which is recognized around the world. It challenges the existing treatment paradigm, questions the existing research methods and subjects, and proposes new directions for both ending with true Integrative Oncology. About 90,000 guests visit their Website monthly...
  • Treatment SOS 12-5-13 Cancer in India

    Dec 12, 2013 | 51 min
    Guest: Dr. Venkat Karra, researcher in India, and founder of Karra Annapurna Charitable Trust, a non-profit organization in honor of his mother who was lost to cancer. (Note: We had some sound issues during this interview, but we were connecting with India.) We discuss all aspects of cancer in India, a country where in 2005 non-communicable diseases (including cancer) accounted for 53 % of deaths and surpassed the incidence of communicable diseases. There are many aspects of cancer detection and care that are critical concerns, in fact, there is no way to know how many people in India have cancer or die from cancer each year, because many cancers are never diagnosed. (For a copy of this inte...
  • CaregivingSOS 12-11-13 Elder Law Matters

    Dec 12, 2013 | 51 min
    Guest: Attorney Ramsey Bahrawy is an Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney. He represents individuals and families in both simple and sophisticated estate planning strategies. He also advises families with special needs, whether children or adult, on estate planning matters. Attorney Bahrawy represents elders and caregivers to plan for future or, in some circumstances, an immediate need for institutional medical care in applying and qualifying for Medicaid, making or adjusting estate plans such as Wills, Trusts and Advance Directives, estate administration, fiduciary litigation, Will contests, guardianship of elderly persons, and elder abuse. (For a copy of this interview go to
  • AdvocacyHealsU 12-10-13 Dolls4Alzheimers

    Dec 12, 2013 | 51 min
    Guest: Jacque Mays, founder of Dolls4Alzheimers, an organization that has provided 700 dolls to women (and a few men) with Alzheimer's Disease. As a child, Jacque's hope and relief from personal violence was her own doll. Later, as a doll shop owner, Jacque found her calling of giving life-like dolls to those in need. Many dementia patients suffer from agitation and distress. Dolls have been shown to vastly help in these areas, because it takes the patient back to a time when they were housewives and highly productive. Having a doll brings back happy memories of parenthood, and can reawaken positive memories of being useful and needed; being loved and of loving. (For a copy of this interview...
  • CancerSOS 12-09-13 Side Effect: Expense

    Dec 12, 2013 | 51 min
    Guest: Dr. Yousuf Zafar, gastrointestinal medical oncologist and health services researcher at the Duke Cancer Institute, and co-author of "Full Disclosure — Out-of-Pocket Costs as Side Effects". His research explores ways to improve care delivery for patients with cancer. His primary area of interest is in the cost of cancer care. He has conducted institutional and national studies on how treatment-related costs impact cancer patients' experience. His current work focuses on how the cost of care can drive medical decision-making and impact the physician-patient relationship. (For a copy of this interview go to, click on Joni Aldrich, episode 12/9/13) Listen to Joni live M-F at...
  • TreatmentSOS Dating/Love After Cancer!

    Dec 09, 2013 | 51 min
    A love-filled TREATMENT SOS? The topic is love and dating after cancer! How long should you wait to tell your love interest? How do you work "I have cancer" into the conversation? There are enough difficulties in the world of dating-being a cancer survivor can add a dimension that some might find challenging. Not my guest Charlie Nox. This show could have many survivors looking at dating after cancer in a whole new perspective. Charlie says: "Learn how cancer is your access to getting dates, having sex, finding love, and being more fulfilled in your dating life than ever before!" Charlie is joined by her boyfriend, Jonah, so we can hear both sides of the story. (For a copy of this interview ...
  • TreatmentSOS "Give no deadly medicine."

    Dec 09, 2013 | 114 min
    Special program on pediatric medical negligence. Many people don't know that medical negligence is the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States. On this show, Joni Aldrich interviews parents who have lost children to medical negligence. While it's difficult to hear, it contains critical information that every parent should know before pediatric medical care. Remember the Hippocratic oath? “I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon’s knife or the chemist’s drug.” (For a copy of this interview go to, click on Joni Aldrich, episode 4/27/13) Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET o...
  • DiagnosisSOS Cancer Must PRE-Treatment

    Dec 09, 2013 | 52 min
    Guest: Michael Horwin is the founder of the Cancer Monthly organization. The Cancer Monthly website allows patients and their loved ones to access the results of hundreds of cancer treatments. Cancer Monthly is the only centralized source of the survival rates and side-effects of hundreds of the latest cancer treatments. It also provides access to clinical trials, a cancer encyclopedia, the largest cancer community on the internet, a comprehensive cancer glossary, reports on alternative and integrative approaches, and much more! Michael was inspired to start this organization when he lost his two-year-old son to brain cancer. After the tragedy, he found out that his son...
  • CaregivingSOS The Fearless Caregiver (2)

    Dec 09, 2013 | 51 min
    Guest: A noted speaker, writer and publisher on caregiving issues since 1995, Gary Barg is Founder and Editor-In-Chief of the first national magazine for caregivers, Today’s Caregiver, as well the original online caregiver community, Gary might have been the first person to utter the word "caregiving"! Today’s Caregiver magazine and combine information, advice and reader’s stories with interviews with celebrity caregiver such as Leeza Gibbons, Rob Lowe, Dana Reeve, Barbara Eden and Debbie Reynolds, among others. Gary created The Fearless Caregiver Conferences, hosted across the country, which brings together caregivers to share their knowledge and experience and ...
  • CaregiverSOS The Fearless Caregiver (1)

    Dec 09, 2013 | 51 min
    Guest: A noted speaker, writer and publisher on caregiving issues since 1995, Gary Barg is Founder and Editor-In-Chief of the first national magazine for caregivers, Today’s Caregiver, as well the original online caregiver community, Today’s Caregiver magazine and combine information, advice and reader’s stories with interviews with celebrity caregiver such as Leeza Gibbons, Rob Lowe, Dana Reeve, Barbara Eden and Debbie Reynolds, among others. Gary created The Fearless Caregiver Conferences, hosted across the country, which brings together caregivers to share their knowledge and experience and wisdom. His book, The Fearless Caregiver, is filled with practical adv...
  • Diagnosis SOS 11-27 Expert on Lymphoma

    Dec 02, 2013 | 52 min
    Guest: Scott Smith, MD, PhD, FACP, Associate Professor Medicine, Hematology/Oncology at Loyola University Medical Center. Lymphoma is the most common type of blood cancer in the United States. It is the seventh most common cancer in adults and the third most common in children. Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma is far more common than Hodgkin's lymphoma. Lymphoma can occur at any age, including childhood. Hodgkin's disease is most common in two age groups: young adults 16-34 years of age and in older people 55 years of age and older. Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma is more likely to occur in older people. So, what are the symptoms, prognosis, and are there new treatment options? (For a copy of this interview go...
  • CaregivingSOS 11-27-13 Thanksgivukah 101

    Nov 27, 2013 | 51 min
    Guest: A. Michael Bloom, President and Caregiving Without Regret™ Expert, Bloom Coaching and Performance LLC, and author, "The Accidental Caregiver's Survival Guide: Your Roadmap to Caregiving without Regret". As a caregiver, you may be looking at the holidays with a pound of trepidation instead of a pound of turkey. With patients in various stages of illness, you may be overwhelmed, depressed, and (dare I say) dreading this time of year when others might be going about decking their halls with abandon. There is much to consider with special emphasis on the needs of the patient, such as listening to their wants/needs, special food preparation (minus the germs), and preparing for guests (minu...
  • CaregivingSOS 10-9-13 No Regrets Caring

    Nov 27, 2013 | 52 min
    We are all human. Being a caregiver does not make us superhuman. Guest: A. Michael Bloom, Caregiving Without Regret™, has helped to revitalize the careers of hundreds of family and professional caregivers with practical, tactical soul-saving coping strategies and support them in saving lives. With a wealth of practical expertise as both a family and professional caregiver, Michael serves as a welcome and sought-after catalyst to guide caregivers and health and human services leaders to stay energized and committed to work that has never been more important or vital than it is today. Happy clients say many remarkable things about the impact of Michael’s work on their lives and work. This comm...
  • TreatmentSOS 11-14-13 Dr. Lise Alschuler

    Nov 26, 2013 | 51 min
    Guests: Dr. Lise Alschuler is a naturopathic doctor with board certification in naturopathic oncology. She's co-author of the recently published The Definitive Guide to Thriving After Cancer! and co-host of Five to Thrive Live! on W4CS. Both Dr. Alschuler and her co-author Karolyn Gazella are cancer survivors, who have turned that and prior experience into a specialty of surviving and thriving after cancer. Cancer survivors often live with the terrifying knowledge that some day their cancer may return. Dr. Alschuler and Karolyn focus on methods for survivors to build a strong anti-cancer defense system of health and wellness based on a five-step plan. It is the only program that provides the...
  • Treatment SOS 11-20-13 Dr. Susan Love!!!

    Nov 26, 2013 | 52 min
    Dr. Susan Love, She has dedicated her professional life to the eradication of breast cancer. As Chief Visionary Officer of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, she oversees an active research program centered on breast cancer cause and prevention. Her activist reputation comes from her role as one of the “founding mothers” of the breast cancer advocacy movement in the early 1990’s as one of the founders of the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC). Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book, deemed “the bible for women with breast cancer” by The New York Times, was released in its fifth edition in October 2010. A true visionary, Dr. Love’s recent projects include the Army of Wome...
  • Cancer SOS 11-25-13 ASH Meeting 2013

    Nov 25, 2013 | 52 min
    The American Society of Hematology – the preeminent professional society concerned with the causes and treatments of blood disorders - will have their Annual Meeting later this year from December 7 to 10 in New Orleans, Louisiana. On this show, we will look ahead at some of the most exciting clinical studies that will be presented during this meeting. We discuss the latest news and information about cancer and blood related disorders - from diagnostics to clinical trials and drug development to treatment and patient care. Guests: Dr. Peter Hofland, the executive editor and publisher of Onco’Zine; Professor Janis Abkowitz, the current president of the American Society of Hematology; and Profe...
  • Cancer SOS 11-18-13 END Breast Cancer!

    Nov 25, 2013 | 51 min
    Is it conceivable that--within our decade--no woman will ever have to hear the words "you have breast cancer" or "your breast cancer is back" again? Guest: Dr. Vincent Tuohy, an immunologist at the Cleveland Clinic, discovered The Pink Vaccine. Researchers at Cleveland Clinic’s Lerner Research Institute found that a single vaccination could prevent breast tumors from occurring in mice genetically bred to develop breast cancer, while also inhibiting the growth of already existing breast tumors. While the research was originally published in 2010, recently Cleveland Clinic Innovations has created a spin-off company to develop a preventive breast cancer vaccine with Dr. Touhy’s guidance. The ne...
  • Cancer SOS 9-9-13 Decoding Annie Parker

    Nov 21, 2013 | 53 min
    Guests: FORCE (Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered) Amy Byer Shainman, Dr. John Rimmer, and Conni Murphy Topic: The Hollywood Feature Film Decoding Annie Parker, a film based on two remarkable women. Annie Parker is a sharp-witted young woman who watches her mother and sister fall victim to breast cancer. When she is diagnosed with the disease, she believes that her cancer is hereditary and fights back against immeasurable odds. Dr. Mary-Claire King is the Berkeley geneticist whose discovery of the BRCA1 gene and its link to hereditary breast cancer forever changed the understanding of the disease. It is considered one of the most important scientific discoveries of the 20th century. With an...
  • CancerSOS 6-17-13 FORCE Cancer Empowered

    Nov 21, 2013 | 51 min
    Guest: Amy Shainman, Sue Friedman, Wendy Unger (Survivors) Topic: FORCE (Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered)
  • Advocacy Heals U 7-2-13 Chiqeeta Jameson

    Nov 21, 2013 | 54 min
    Guest: Chiqeeta Jameson, Cancer Survivor and SonoCine Co-Host: Chris Jerry ( Chiqeeta spent years in high level positions in the film production industry, until she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It changed her life forever. She left her high level position to work/advocate for SonoCiné, Inc., a company that manufacturers SonoCiné AWBUS, an automated whole breast ultrasound screening technology designed to find small invasive breast cancer in women with DBT (dense-breast tissue). Chiqeeta knows that the inventor of this technology, Dr. Kevin Kelly, Breast Imaging Radiologist, saved her life because of his belief that ultrasound can detect in dense-breast tissu...
  • CancerSOS 10-8-13 I'm Dense; My SonoCine

    Nov 21, 2013 | 49 min
    Guest: Dr. Carrie Morrison, Dir. of Breast Imaging, Mammography Diagnostics Imaging Assoc. I admit it; I was frustrated with the consistently inconclusive results of my mammogram's. Over and over, I got my sort-of "happy gram", and I was told to come back for follow-up screening. Thanks to Chiqeeta Jameson, SonoCine, I found out my breast density is a 3--meaning that I'm dense, and abnormalities can sometimes not show in mammograms. I traveled to St. Luke's Hospital for my SonoCine (Auto Whole Breast Ultrasound). I'm so thankful I followed my instincts. My SonoCine found two small intraductal cysts that didn't show on my mammogram. The staff at St. Luke's arranged a needle biopsy. The pathol...
  • Caregiving SOS 11-13-13 Health Whisperer

    Nov 20, 2013 | 51 min
    Guest: Hari Khalsa, owner of Healthcare Whisperer‚ a healthcare advocacy company. In this role and as a family nurse practitioner‚ Hari has direct experience in navigating the healthcare system in order to find patients the best possible healthcare. Hari has practiced in a wide variety of settings including family practice, HIV/AIDS medicine, community healthcare, and international healthcare. She is committed to the belief that every person deserves to be treated with dignity‚ integrity and compassion. (For a copy of this interview go to, click on Joni Aldrich, episode 11/13/13) Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on To learn more about Joni, go to www.JoniAl...
  • Advocacy Heals U 11-12-13 Miracle Mike

    Nov 20, 2013 | 51 min
    Guest: Miracle Mike, Mike Rayleigh. Miracle Mike is dynamic, caring, inspirational, humanitarian, and—of course—a survivor on a mission! Mike has just celebrated a very important 9th anniversary that changed his life forever. So, why is he known as Miracle Mike? We’ll discuss Mike’s latest project: Cancer With co-host Chris Jerry ( (For a copy of this interview go to, click on Joni Aldrich, episode 11/12/13) Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on To learn more about Joni, go to
  • CancerSOS 11-11-13 Inflammation & Health

    Nov 20, 2013 | 51 min
    Guests: Sharon Olsen Topic: What is inflammation and what causes it? What is chronic inflammation? Is there a connection between inflammation and pain? Can inflammation be the root cause of most diseases, including cancer? What are some of the supplements or herbs you can take for inflammation? Are there changes in diet that can help fight inflammation? What are your cancer prevention strategies? This is a deeper, more important topic than you may realize. Featuring professional commentary by Dr. Peter Hofland, Onco’Zine ( International Oncology Network. (For a copy of this interview go to, click on Joni Aldrich, episode 11/11/13) Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:0...

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