KCRW's The Treatment

KCRW's The Treatment


  • Zach Braff: Wish I Was Here

    Jul 21, 2014 | 30 min
    Ten years after Garden State made a splash, Zach Braff talks about his new film as co-writer/director/star, Wish I Was Here.
  • Max Brooks: The Harlem Hellfighters

    Jul 14, 2014 | 29 min
    Elvis talks to Max Brooks, bestselling author of World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide, about his new graphic novel The Harlem Hellfighters.
  • Andy Serkis: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

    Jul 7, 2014 | 30 min
    Actor Andy Serkis brings depth to real-life characters, from Ian Drury in Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, to serial killer Ian Brady in the 2006 film Longford.
  • David Wain: They Came Together

    Jul 1, 2014 | 30 min
    Don't call him a cynic. David Wain may totally tear apart the romantic comedy genre in his new film They Came Together, but he does it lovingly.
  • Mimi Pond: Over Easy

    Jun 23, 2014 | 30 min
    Food, sex, and newfound freedom, all in comic form, by writer and cartoonist Mimi Pond in her new graphic novel/memoir Over Easy.
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Veep

    Jun 16, 2014 | 30 min
    "I'm not as nuts as these characters I play, but anxiety is a friend of mine," says actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus of her roles on Seinfeld, Watching Ellie, and now, Veep.
  • Clark Gregg: Trust Me

    Jun 9, 2014 | 30 min
    Actor/writer/director Clark Gregg on his second feature, Trust Me, and defending his character Agent Coulson to old school Marvel fans.
  • Jenny Slate: Obvious Child

    Jun 2, 2014 | 30 min
    "I don't want to scrub myself clean. I'm always interested in characters when they misbehave because of hurt." Comedian Jenny Slate on her first starring role.
  • James McAvoy: Filth and X-Men

    May 27, 2014 | 30 min
    Actor James McAvoy on his varied career, from "The Last King of Scotland" and "Macbeth" to "Filth" and "X-Men: Days of Future Past."
  • James Gray: The Immigrant

    May 19, 2014 | 30 min
    Director James Gray reteams with Joaquin Phoenix for his new film The Immigrant and makes the important distinction between "melodrama" and "melodramatic."
  • John Slattery: God's Pocket

    May 13, 2014 | 30 min
    "Arrogance is funny. There's nothing funnier than a confident fool." Actor John Slattery talks about the humor of retribution in his directorial debut.
  • Gia Coppola: Palo Alto

    May 5, 2014 | 30 min
    "It feels like being in love with someone who doesn't love back." Gia Coppola talks about the experience of making her first film, "Palo Alto."
  • Holly George-Warren: A Man Called Destruction

    Apr 29, 2014 | 30 min
    Holly George-Warren follows singer Alex Chilton's journey from 16-year-old phenom with the Box Tops, to finding his own voice with Big Star.
  • Franklin Leonard, Founder of The Black List

    Apr 21, 2014 | 30 min
    Franklin Leonard describes The Black List as "eHarmony for people who write movies and people who make movies."
  • Mark Harris: Five Came Back: A Story of Hollywood and the Second World War

    Apr 15, 2014 | 30 min
    "The sixth character was alcohol," journalist Mark Harris says of "Five Came Back," about five directors who filmed from the WWII trenches.
  • Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein: Portlandia

    Apr 11, 2014 | 28 min
    The creators and stars of IFC's original sketch comedy series "Portlandia" dish on its fourth season.
  • Mindy Kaling: The Mindy Project

    Apr 7, 2014 | 30 min
    Comedian Mindy Kaling talks about how her first big break, in an off-off-Broadway show called "Matt & Ben," was actually quite literal.
  • Dave Itzkoff: Mad as Hell

    Mar 31, 2014 | 30 min
    New York Times culture reporter Dave Itzkoff discusses Paddy Chayefsky's 'wandering in the desert,' and the making of his 1976 classic, "Network."
  • John Maloof and Charlie Siskel: Finding Vivian Maier

    Mar 27, 2014 | 39 min
    "I didn't know if it was good but I thought it was really good." John Maloof on finding a box of photos, a pivotal moment that led to the doc "Finding Vivian Maier."
  • Robert Rodriguez: El Rey Network

    Mar 25, 2014 | 30 min
    Writer/director/producer Robert Rodriguez harkens back to the early days of television with his new network, El Rey.
  • Wes Anderson: The Grand Budapest Hotel

    Mar 18, 2014 | 30 min
    Wes Anderson ponders the line, I think the world he wanted to live in ended long before he entered it, while discussing his eighth film as director, "The Grand Budapest Hotel."
  • Dan Harmon: Community, Rick and Morty

    Mar 11, 2014 | 42 min
    "I don't trust authority. If your job is to tell me what to do, I think that's weird." Dan Harmon, the brain behind "Community," "Rick and Morty" and Harmontown.
  • Andy Daly: Review

    Mar 4, 2014 | 30 min
    Comedian Andy Daly on playing all-American archetypes with a David Lynchian dark side.
  • Dave Karger: Fandango.com

    Feb 24, 2014 | 29 min
    Dave Karger is unique among the ever-growing pack of 'Oscar experts.' He knows movies, yes. But what sets him apart is his historical sense of the Oscars.
  • Bruce Dern: Nebraska

    Feb 21, 2014 | 48 min
    Bruce Dern, whose turn in Alexander Payne's "Nebraska" earned him an Oscar nom for Best Actor, says "The biggest win I'll ever have is the guy gave me the role."
  • Phil Lord and Christopher Miller: The Lego Movie

    Feb 18, 2014 | 29 min
    Phil Lord and Christopher Miller on what it was like being nerds before the Internet made it cool, and starting a hunger strike in India.
  • Morgan Neville: 20 Feet from Stardom

    Feb 11, 2014 | 30 min
    "They were professional chameleons, yet they had to stay true to who they were as artists." Director Morgan Neville talks about his Oscar-nominated documentary.
  • Daniel Goor and Michael Schur: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Feb 5, 2014 | 30 min
    "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" co-creators and comedy veterans Daniel Goor and Michael Schur on "MASH," Stephen Merchant and "Hill Street Blues."
  • Kenneth Branagh: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

    Jan 29, 2014 | 38 min
    Director Kenneth Branagh talks about why Shakespeare and action movies have more in common than you think.
  • Alfonso Cuaron: Gravity

    Jan 27, 2014 | 30 min
    He's got the Critics Choice, Golden Globe, and DGA Awards for Best Director. Is an Oscar in the cards for Alfonso Cuarón?
  • Charles Lane: Sidewalk Stories

    Jan 22, 2014 | 39 min
    Contains explicit language. Charles Lane, creator of "Sidewalk Stories" on how he went from hating silent movies, to making one, in black and white.
  • Tracy Letts: August: Osage County

    Jan 17, 2014 | 30 min
    Playwright, screenwriter and actor Tracy Letts talks about being a 'Natural Born Dramatist.'
  • Nick Kroll: Kroll Show

    Jan 16, 2014 | 41 min
    Comedian Nick Kroll talks about 'sketchuational comedy' and explains what a Martuna/Tunatini is. WARNING: Contains adult content.
  • Don Cheadle and Matthew Carnahan: House of Lies

    Jan 13, 2014 | 41 min
    Actor Don Cheadle and creator Matthew Carnahan talk about ushering in the third season of "House of Lies" on Showtime.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio: The Wolf of Wall Street

    Jan 10, 2014 | 30 min
    Following "Django Unchained" and "The Great Gatsby," actor Leonardo DiCaprio continues to explore the corruption of the American Dream in "The Wolf of Wall Street."
  • Anjelica Huston: A Story Lately Told

    Jan 6, 2014 | 30 min
    Oscar-winning actress Anjelica Huston reflects on her relationship with her father, director John Huston, and why she hasn't had much luck directing movies.
  • David O. Russell: American Hustle

    Dec 30, 2013 | 30 min
    David O. Russell talks about music, cliches, and Jennifer Lawrence in a neck brace. Recorded live at Film Independent at LACMA.
  • David O. Russell: American Hustle

    Dec 23, 2013 | 30 min
  • Lee Daniels: The Butler

    Dec 23, 2013 | 30 min
    Have we seen enough movies about slavery and racism? "Hell no!" says director Lee Daniels.
  • Scott Cooper: Out of the Furnace

    Dec 17, 2013 | 30 min
    Writer/director Scott Cooper talks about the tragic personal loss that inspired his second feature, "Out of the Furnace."
  • Teller: Tim's Vermeer

    Dec 10, 2013 | 30 min
    The usually silent half of Penn & Teller on how a fateful dinner in Las Vegas led to the discovery of a 350-year-old mystery.
  • Lenny Kravitz: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

    Dec 3, 2013 | 30 min
    Lenny Kravitz talks about acting the same way he talks about music, quoting Miles Davis, who said, "It's all about the notes you don't play."
  • Malcolm D. Lee: The Best Man Holiday

    Nov 26, 2013 | 30 min
    Writer/director Malcolm D. Lee on why it took him 14 years to make a sequel to "The Best Man." Plus, what is a 'black' movie, anyway?
  • Will Slocombe: Cold Turkey

    Nov 25, 2013 | 37 min
    Writer/director Will Slocombe talks about making his first feature on a shoestring budget in twelve days... starring Peter Bogdanovich.
  • James Wolcott: Critical Mass

    Nov 19, 2013 | 30 min
    From the Village Voice, to Vanity Fair, to the New Yorker, and back to Vanity Fair, writer James Wolcott talks about his long career as an observer.
  • Steve McQueen: 12 Years a Slave

    Nov 12, 2013 | 29 min
    Director Steve McQueen makes films about things that people don't really talk about, but to him, they are deafening. He says, "If you're an artist, you have to have balls."
  • Dan and Stacy Chariton: The English Teacher

    Nov 7, 2013 | 31 min
    Husband and wife writing duo Dan and Stacy Chariton talk Art with a capital "A" and Romance with a capital "R" in their first film as screenwriters, "The English Teacher."
  • Kurt Sutter: Sons of Anarchy

    Nov 6, 2013 | 30 min
    Hamlet, Strindberg, Israel Horovitz, Oedipus... and motorcycle gangs. Kurt Sutter, creator of 'Sons of Anarchy,' on his biggest influences.
  • Alec Baldwin and James Toback: Seduced and Abandoned

    Oct 29, 2013 | 30 min
    They picked the title first, and the rest followed: Alec Baldwin and James Toback on their new doc hybrid for HBO, "Seduced and Abandoned."
  • Jenji Kohan: Orange is the New Black

    Oct 22, 2013 | 29 min
    'The most contemporary thing on television,' according to Matthew Weiner, isn't actually on television. Creator Jenji Kohan talks Orange is the New Black.
  • Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele: Key & Peele

    Oct 15, 2013 | 29 min
    Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele talk about the intersection of code-switching and comedy, and how the internet is changing their definition of success.
  • Mahamat-Saleh Haroun: Grigris

    Oct 10, 2013 | 15 min
    Chadian director Mahamet-Saleh Haroun talks about what he calls 'film de quartier,' films of the neighborhood.
  • Jeff Probst: Survivor

    Oct 9, 2013 | 30 min
    Emmy winning reality show host Jeff Probst talks strategy, storytelling, and Survivor.
  • Kyle Patrick Alvarez: C.O.G.

    Oct 1, 2013 | 29 min
    Writer/director Kyle Patrick Alvarez on finding source material, most recently David Sedaris' short story C.O.G., and making it into a film that is distinctly his own.
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Don Jon

    Sep 24, 2013 | 29 min
    Actor and first time writer/director Joseph Gordon-Levitt explains why "Don Jon" is not a movie about porn addiction.
  • Michael C. Hall: Dexter, Kill Your Darlings

    Sep 21, 2013 | 29 min
    With the series finale of "Dexter" looming, award-winning actor Michael C. Hall reflects on the particular challenge of getting an audience to warm up to a lonely serial killer.
  • Edgar Wright: The World's End

    Sep 11, 2013 | 29 min
    Director Edgar Wright confesses he originally pitched "Shaun of the Dead" as Mike Leigh's "Love is Sweet," but with zombies. Mike Leigh's take? "Well it certainly had zombies."
  • Olivia Wilde: Drinking Buddies

    Sep 4, 2013 | 29 min
    Growing up in a family of talkers, actress Olivia Wilde quickly learned that there was nothing worse than being called boring.
  • Wong Kar-wai: The Grandmaster

    Aug 29, 2013 | 30 min
    Wong Kar-wai, director of "Chungking Express" and "In the Mood for Love," on why "The Grandmaster" is his first true kung fu film.
  • Patrick J. Adams: Suits

    Aug 21, 2013 | 30 min
    Actor and photographer Patrick J. Adams shares what Dustin Hoffman taught him about being afraid, and acknowledging it.
  • David Gordon Green and Emile Hirsch

    Aug 15, 2013 | 30 min
    NOTE LANGUAGE ADVISORY: Paul Rudd, Emile Hirsch, and Lance LeGault? David Gordon Green talks about the unlikely combo of actors in his latest film, "Prince Avalanche."
  • James Ponsoldt: The Spectacular Now

    Aug 13, 2013 | 29 min
    James Ponsoldt opens up about his childhood in Athens, Georgia, which included a lot of television, Walker Percy... and stepping.
  • Gary Baseman: The Door is Always Open

    Aug 6, 2013 | 29 min
    Pervasive artist Gary Baseman invites us into his childhood home, literally, with his new exhibit at the Skirball.
  • Guillermo del Toro: Pacific Rim

    Aug 1, 2013 | 48 min
    Guillermo del Toro joins Elvis for a Q&A after a screening of Pacific Rim at Film Independent at LACMA, to talk about his first film since 2008's Hellboy II.
  • Maggie Carey: The To-Do List

    Jul 29, 2013 | 29 min
    Writer/director Maggie Carey explains why her film, The To-Do List, is not a romantic comedy.
  • Ryan Coogler: Fruitvale Station

    Jul 23, 2013 | 29 min
    On New Years Day 2009, Oscar Grant was fatally shot by a transit officer at the Fruitvale BART station. Four years later, first-time director Ryan Coogler tells his story.
  • Terry Moore: Strangers in Paradise, Echo, Rachel Rising

    Jul 16, 2013 | 29 min
    The creator of "Strangers in Paradise" comic book series, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, on how he created the world of David, Francine and Katchoo.
  • Nat Faxon and Jim Rash: The Way, Way Back

    Jul 9, 2013 | 29 min
    Which writer/director of "The Way Way Back" used to be in a touring hand-bell choir complete with baton twirlers?
  • Justin Lin: Fast and Furious 6

    Jul 2, 2013 | 29 min
    Rue McClanahan and Bea Arthur in "Fast & Furious?" According to Justin Lin, drawing inspiration from "Golden Girls" isn't as weird as you might think. Recorded live at the LA Film Festival.
  • Joe Manganiello: True Blood

    Jun 25, 2013 | 29 min
    Joe Manganiello's run on "True Blood" was only supposed to be six episodes. Now he's starting his third season with the show. So what happened?
  • Sofia Coppola: The Bling Ring

    Jun 18, 2013 | 29 min
    Sofia Coppola on 'indulging' in reality TV and other forms of trash culture while writing her latest feature, "The Bling Ring."
  • Christopher Guest: Family Tree

    Jun 11, 2013 | 29 min
    Director Christopher Guest talks about the personal discovery about his own family that inspired his latest project, HBO's "Family Tree."
  • Todd Phillips: The Hangover Part III

    Jun 4, 2013 | 29 min
    How Todd Phillips turned his fascination with heterosexual male relationships into the most successful R-rated comedy franchise of all time.
  • Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy and Richard Linklater: Before Midnight

    Jun 3, 2013 | 38 min
    The director and co-writers of "Before Midnight" talk about how much has changed in the 18 years since "Before Sunrise." (CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE)
  • Eli Roth: Aftershock

    May 28, 2013 | 29 min
    Eli Roth explains what happens when you cross a film purist with an octocam.
  • Sarah Polley: Stories We Tell

    May 20, 2013 | 29 min
    Director Sarah Polley turns the camera on herself in her latest film, "Stories We Tell."
  • Terence Nance: An Oversimplification of Her Beauty

    May 14, 2013 | 29 min
    Filmmaker Terence Nance talks about the difference between screening his debut feature at Sundance and in Brooklyn.
  • David Benioff and D.B. Weiss: Game of Thrones

    May 7, 2013 | 29 min
    After a 5-hour lunch with series creator George R.R. Martin, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss reveal that making Game of Thrones came down to one question. CONTAINS SPOILERS
  • Jeff Nichols: Mud

    May 2, 2013 | 28 min
    BONUS EPISODE: Jeff Nichols joins Elvis Mitchell in front of a live audience to talk about his latest film, "Mud."
  • William Friedkin: The Friedkin Connection

    Apr 30, 2013 | 29 min
    William Friedkin once received three paintings as a gift from a fan? an unknown artist named Jean Michel Basquiat. What he did with them, plus other stories from his new memoir.
  • Mira Nair: The Reluctant Fundamentalist

    Apr 23, 2013 | 29 min
    After visiting her father's homeland, director Mira Nair makes a film about the American Dream... from a different perspective.
  • Danny Boyle: Trance

    Apr 16, 2013 | 31 min
    BONUS EPISODE: Danny Boyle and Elvis Mitchell in front of a live audience after a screening of Boyle's new film, 'Trance.'
  • Shane Carruth: Upstream Color

    Apr 16, 2013 | 29 min
    Writer/director Shane Carruth talks about writing, directing, and starring in his second feature, "Upstream Color."
  • Robert Redford: The Company You Keep

    Apr 9, 2013 | 29 min
    Legendary actor, director, and philanthropist Robert Redford sits down with Elvis Mitchell to talk about his latest film as director, "The Company You Keep."
  • Callie Khouri: Nashville

    Apr 1, 2013 | 29 min
    Elvis talks to Oscar winning screenwriter Callie Khouri, creator of the ABC series "Nashville."
  • David Mamet: Phil Spector

    Mar 27, 2013 | 27 min
    BONUS EPISODE: Elvis Mitchell talks to playwright, screenwriter and film director David Mamet about his new HBO film, "Phil Spector."
  • Casey Wilson: Happy Endings

    Mar 26, 2013 | 29 min
    Actress, comedian and screenwriter Casey Wilson talks about her big year at Sundance, and her ABC show, "Happy Endings."
  • Kevin Pollak: How I Slept My Way to the Middle, Kevin Pollack's Chat Show

    Mar 18, 2013 | 29 min
    Elvis chats with Kevin Pollak, actor, comedian, impressionist, author and host of "Kevin Pollack's Chat Show."
  • Nick Offerman: Somebody Up There Likes Me

    Mar 11, 2013 | 29 min
    Actor and handicrafter Nick Offerman talks about his latest film, the show that made him famous, woodworking, and ham.
  • Tom Stoppard: Parade's End

    Mar 5, 2013 | 29 min
    Oscar-winning writer Tom Stoppard talks about his latest adaptation, Ford Madox Ford's tetralogy, "Parade's End."
  • Mike White: Enlightened

    Feb 26, 2013 | 29 min
    Mike White talks about his Golden Globe-winning series "Enlightened," now in its second season on HBO.
  • Tim Burton: Frankenweenie

    Feb 19, 2013 | 29 min
    Tim Burton talks about his Oscar-nominated stop-motion animation film, "Frankenweenie."
  • Roman Coppola: A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III

    Feb 13, 2013 | 29 min
    Roman Coppola talks about his second feature film as director, his Oscar nomination, and working with Charlie Sheen.
  • Paul Thomas Anderson

    Feb 11, 2013 | 39 min
    BONUS EPISODE: Elvis Mitchell in conversation with Paul Thomas Anderson, recorded live as part of the Film Independent at LACMA program.
  • Roman Coppola: A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III

    Feb 11, 2013 | 29 min
    Roman Coppola talks about his second feature film as director, his Oscar nomination, and working with Charlie Sheen.
  • Amy Berg, Lorri Davis, Damien Echols: West of Memphis

    Feb 7, 2013 | 27 min
    BONUS EPISODE: Director Amy Berg and co-producers/subjects Lorri Davis and Damien Echols on their documentary West of Memphis, recorded live at Film Independent at LACMA.
  • Nick Kroll: Kroll Show

    Feb 5, 2013 | 29 min
    Elvis talks to comedian and actor Nick Kroll about his new show on Comedy Central.
  • Matthew Lillard: Fat Kid Rules the World

    Jan 31, 2013 | 29 min
    With over two decades of acting under his belt, Matthew Lillard talks about his debut feature as director.
  • Matthew Lillard: Fat Kid Rules the World

    Jan 31, 2013 | 29 min
    With over two decades of acting under his belt, Matthew Lillard talks about his debut feature as director.
  • Ruben Fleischer: Gangster Squad

    Jan 22, 2013 | 29 min
    Ruben Fleischer talks about his latest film, which stars Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, and Ryan Gosling.
  • Dustin Hoffman: Quartet

    Jan 16, 2013 | 29 min
    Oscar winning actor Dustin Hoffman talks about directing his first feature, and shares tales from his storied career.
  • Dustin Hoffman: Quartet

    Jan 16, 2013 | 6 min
    Oscar winning actor Dustin Hoffman talks about directing his first feature, and shares tales from his storied career.
  • Quentin Tarantino: Django Unchained

    Jan 9, 2013 | 29 min
    Quentin Tarantino's new film depicts an ex-slave's heroic journey in the context of a Western.
  • Judd Apatow: This Is 40

    Jan 2, 2013 | 29 min
    Director Judd Apatow on his latest film, which stars his wife, Leslie Mann, and his two daughters, Maude and Iris.
  • David Chase: Not Fade Away

    Dec 26, 2012 | 29 min
    Elvis Mitchell talks to "Sopranos" creator, writer/director David Chase about his first feature film.
  • John Hodgman: That Is All

    Dec 19, 2012 | 29 min
    Elvis Mitchell talks to writer, actor, and deranged millionaire John Hodgman.
  • David O. Russell: Silver Linings Playbook

    Dec 13, 2012 | 29 min
    Writer/director David O. Russell talks about his latest film, an adaptation of the novel "Silver Linings Playbook," by Matthew Quick.
  • David O. Russell: Silver Linings Playbook

    Dec 11, 2012 | 18 min
    Writer/director David O. Russell talks about his latest film, an adaptation of the novel "Silver Linings Playbook," by Matthew Quick.
  • Janusz Kaminski: Lincoln

    Dec 5, 2012 | 29 min
    Janusz Kaminski talks about his thirteenth collaboration with director Steven Spielberg, Lincoln.
  • Harvey Weinstein: The Intouchables

    Nov 30, 2012 | 29 min
    Elvis Mitchell talks to producer and Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein about 'The Intouchables,' and why this just might be Hollywood's new Golden Age.
  • Louis C.K.: Louie on FX

    Nov 30, 2012 | 29 min
    Elvis Mitchell talks to comedian Louis C.K. about his FX show 'Louie,' which he writes, directs, stars in and co-edits.
  • Alfred Molina: RED

    Nov 30, 2012 | 29 min
    Elvis talks to actor Alfred Molina about his prolific career and his latest turn, as artist Mark Rothko, in the play RED.
  • Steven Soderbergh: Magic Mike

    Nov 30, 2012 | 29 min
    Elvis Mitchell talks to director Steven Soderbergh about his most recent film, which stars Channing Tatum as Mike, a stripper and entrepreneur living in Florida.
  • Alex Kurtzman: People Like Us

    Nov 30, 2012 | 29 min
    Elvis Mitchell talks to veteran writer/producer Alex Kurtzman, who recently directed his first feature film, 'People Like Us.'
  • Benh Zeitlin: Beasts of the Southern Wild

    Nov 30, 2012 | 29 min
    Elvis Mitchell talks to Benh Zeitlin about his first feature film as director, co-writer, and co-composer.
  • Chris Nolan: Memento

    Nov 30, 2012 | 30 min
    Elvis Mitchell hosts director Chris Nolan whose films include Following and his new film, Memento.
  • W. Kamau Bell: Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell

    Nov 30, 2012 | 29 min
    Elvis talks to socio-political comedian W. Kamau Bell about comedy, Chris Rock, and his new show, 'Totally Biased.'
  • Nicholas Jarecki: Arbitrage and Breaking In

    Nov 30, 2012 | 29 min
    Elvis Mitchell talks writer/director Nicholas Jarecki about his new film, 'Arbitrage.'
  • Dax Shepard: Hit and Run

    Nov 30, 2012 | 29 min
    Elvis talks to actor Dax Shepard, who starred in, co-directed, and wrote the new film 'Hit and Run.'
  • Bill Hader: Saturday Night Live

    Nov 30, 2012 | 29 min
    Elvis Mitchell talks to actor Bill Hader about beginning his eighth season on 'Saturday Night Live' and his Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

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