MarketWatch News Break

MarketWatch News Break

  • Home-builder confidence not thawing yet

    Apr 15, 2014 | 6 min
    The latest confidence index from their trade group indicates home builders aren't ready to get their hopes up.
  • Spring thaw and tax refunds drive retail sales

    Apr 14, 2014 | 7 min
    Retail analyst Britt Beemer says the one percent jump in March retail sales signifies more than the release of pent-up demand -- it indicates more people are e-filing tax returns.
  • The Masters without Tiger, and golf's money master

    Apr 11, 2014 | 4 min
    The Masters has to make do without its biggest star; and Arnold Palmer's star shines 50 years after he last won the tournament.
  • Stores have high April hopes after mixed March

    Apr 10, 2014 | 7 min
    The Easter bunny's absence knocked 2-3% off Narch sales at many chain stores, says Retail Metrics' Ken Perkins.
  • How bad news about mortgages could turn out good

    Apr 09, 2014 | 8 min
    Fallout from higher interest rates could make banks loosen credit to more normal parameters.
  • Amazon streaming service showing strength

    Apr 08, 2014 | 7 min
    While competition is growing among online video providers, analyst Rob Enderle of the Enderle Group says the real battle with the cable providers is shaping up.
  • Less love for NCAA champs, more love for the shoes

    Apr 07, 2014 | 4 min
    The 1979 NCAA championship remains the most watched in history. Plus, our love for basketball shoes is greater than our love for the game.
  • Private jobs at new high, but how good are they?

    Apr 04, 2014 | 8 min
    The private sector has recovered the jobs lost to the recession and then some. Wells Fargo's John Silvia thinks they're good jobs.
  • Watch wages, not job growth: RBC's Porcelli

    Apr 03, 2014 | 9 min
    RBC's Tom Porcelli says March job growth was likely just average. But that's not the number he cares about.
  • ADP jobs news not 'fantastic,' but step up: Zandi

    Apr 02, 2014 | 8 min
    Moody's Mark Zandi says ADP's March jobs report indicates a slightly stronger economy than we've seen lately.
  • Auto industry ends March with momentum

    Apr 01, 2014 | 8 min
    The end of March was unexpectedly strong month for most automakers, says Larry Dominique of TrueCar.
  • Under-achieving first quarter wraps up

    Mar 31, 2014 | 7 min
    Signals of continued support from Fed Chief Janet Yellen help boost stocks on last day of the first quarter of 2014.
  • Retail Expert calls Wal-Mart suit a win-win

    Mar 28, 2014 | 6 min
    Candace Corlett, President of WSL Strategic Retail says this battle of the titans lawsuit pitting Wal-Mart against Visa over swipe fees will look great to Wal-Mart customers.
  • Two factors hurt economic growth in six months.

    Mar 27, 2014 | 7 min
    Diane Swonk, chief economist with Mesirow Financial in Chicago, blames last fall's government shutdown and this winter's weather for holding back GDP.
  • A key segment of movie going audience shrinks

    Mar 26, 2014 | 9 min
    More than 1 percent fewer teens and young adults went to movies last year and's editor says there are several reasons why.
  • Housing reports send up some red flags

    Mar 25, 2014 | 7 min
    But one economic analyst says it's not time to worry yet because the weather might have played a part in the housing sector slowdown.
  • Economic Outlook Survey finds a spring thaw

    Mar 24, 2014 | 8 min
    The National Association for Business Economics says the tough winter did take about a half-percent bite from economic growth but much of that has only been postponed.
  • March Madness can make investors stupid

    Mar 21, 2014 | 4 min
    Mad about NCAA brackets gone bad? Don't invest. And, you don't always have to hide your March Madness obsession from the boss.
  • Why Joel Naroff isn't worried about Yellen's slip

    Mar 20, 2014 | 12 min
    Even if rate hikes start earlier than thought in 2015, "normal" interest rates are still at least three years off, says Joel Naroff.
  • What Fed's focus on 2015 rate hike means to you

    Mar 19, 2014 | 7 min
    Got credit cards, home equity debt? This year "may be your last hurrah for paying down variable rate debt," says Bankrate's Greg McBride.

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