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The Brian Lehrer Show

  • Airbnb and the Law

    Apr 24, 2014 | 22 min
    Airbnb, the short-term apartment renting web-based service, is trying to navigate its way through a legal gray zone, past subpoenas and taxes. Matt Flamm, senior reporter at Crain's New York, updates the latest developments.
  • Wildlife During the Longer Winter

    Apr 23, 2014 | 14 min
    We're not the only species that felt the unusually long and bitter winter. WNYC reporter Stephen Nessen, explains how rats were forced to eat trees. Asian tiger mosquitoes were also hit hard. And new kinds of birds are in the area. What signs of a long winter are you seeing in the city's natural world? Birders, which species are you seeing? Wildlife watchers and gardeners, what other signs of the polar vortex are you observing as spring begins? // Post by Brian Lehrer.
  • Clock Your Sleep: Adults

    Apr 23, 2014 | 28 min
    Dr. Carl Bazil, professor of neurology and director of the Division of Epilepsy and Sleep at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons discusses sleep for adults and all the pressures of parenthood, working life, and all the other things potentially keeping adults up at night--and what to do about it. Plus: Russell Sanna, executive director of the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School discusses sleep health standards he hopes companies will adhere to for the sake of their workers--and their bottom line.
  • Getting Into College: Accepted

    Apr 23, 2014 | 18 min
    Jacques Steinberg, senior vice president with Say Yes to Education, a national non-profit organization, and author of The Gatekeepers: Inside the Admissions Process of a Premier College, offers insight and advice for H.S. seniors and their parents facing the May 1 deadline to commit to a college choice -- including what factors to weigh in the decision, navigating financial aid and whether "double depositing" is fair play.
  • The Upshot: Our Middle Class is in Trouble

    Apr 23, 2014 | 29 min
    New York Times reporter and editor David Leonhardt discusses the recent data that show the US middle class is no longer the wealthiest in the world. Also, a little on what he's planning for The Upshot, The New York Times's new data-driven site. The US's middle class dominance is shrinking. Talking w/ @DLeonhardt @UpshotNYT at 10am today. — Brian Lehrer Show (@BrianLehrer) April 23, 2014

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