Been Throwin Money

Death Before Dishonor, 4 minutes

Been Throwin Money
  • Been Throwin Money


2 Pistols

Any city that I'm in(ayy), they know that I'm the man(ayy), see I never hesitate I'm quick to pop these rubberbands(ayy), bitch I been throwin money(ahh ahh), bitch I been throwin money (ahh ahh) (2x)

[verse 1]
Great scots its rainin ben franks, 2 pistols in the buildin baby what you think? (ohh yea)
My brother razor told me it ain't trickin if ya got it, imma pop bottles, throw franks not dollas,
We gettin money over here what it do pimpin, buncha broke ass niggas man they ain't tippin,
Hold up you niggas get the fuck gone, witcha lil shots of patron, I'm on ace of spades homie (whats that?)
You see I'm ballin on a different level, flintstones in my watch y'all rock pebbles,
Clearly, you ain't fuckin with the young boss, I gotta new nickname jus call me vault


[verse 2]
Shawty got a ass on her, imma pop a rubberband on her,
Magic city Monday, onyx on Tuesday, Wednesday oz, tampa bay,
Thursday, I'm smokin on a blunt ho, mia rolex ya already know,
Friday, its back to the bay baby, hollywood nights, niggas payin for the head crazy,
Saturday, I'm in nyc, rendezous nah they too bougee for me,
Sunday imma take it back to the house, hot assets, murkset know what I'm talkin bout


1, 2, 3, we keep that money fallin from the sky, fallin from the sky, you know ya boy 2 pistols keep it fallin from the sky,
Fallin from the sky, fallin from the sky, you know the whole bmu keep it fallin from the sky,


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