That's My Word

Death Before Dishonor, 3 minutes

That's My Word
  • That's My Word


Trey Songz

Don't let his wrist game fool ya
You the deal, be my ghetto princess,
Need to leave him right where you found him
Shawty you goin' be straight without him
That's my word
And if your man can't please you, aint real
Go on and kick him to the curb
Need to leave him right where you found him
Shawty you goin' be without him
That's my word

Leave ya man I'm a betta look, why you steessin' on me
Way to challenged [unknown] the ... goddess
And I don't mind if you need time
Just as long as my number get dialed when you decide to walk out
So much stress on these shoulders
We ain't gotta fuck I just wanna hold ya, so close
Let you know that I'm here for you
Stop cryin', I don't wanna see no tears from you


That's my word and I stand on it
Take a chance on me
Start answerin' those phone calls, there homie
Move on, let's go do us
I'm thinkin' bout the car seat in the rover truck
Nah, I don't wanna rest nothin'
Just wanna let you know how committed I am to ya
Deep feeling for ya
I keep it 100 I'm the realest for ya


Brand new life, sky blue iced out
Rings quart thous' tonight
Brand new life, sky blue iced out
Rings fly, you my wife

What I gotta do to make you my girl
Take you to the hood, show you my world

Yeah I'm on my grown man
Out in public hold hand
Don't you feel better now that you took a chance

Two seat equip, big body full equip
Hair blowin' in the wind, shawty you straight with me


Songz and 2 P baby
You know there nothing ain't like us in the game

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