Everything They Owe

Until The End Of Time, 3 minutes

Everything They Owe
  • Everything They Owe



Imagine if we could go back
Actually talk to the motherf***ers that persevered (hehehe)
I mean the first motherf***ers that came in the slave ships
(Hey, excuse me, excuse me) you know? (Look)

We back for everything you owe, no longer oppressed
'Cause now we overthrow those that placed us in this rotten mess
But let's agree on strategy and pick out enemies right
Who stands accused of the abuse my own, kind do right

Pardon, not disregarding what you thinking but you must of been the ship
'Cause once I rip your whole s*** is sinking
Supreme ideology, you claim to hold
Claiming that we all drug dealers with empty souls

That used to tempt me to roll, commit to violence
In the midst of an act of war, witnesses left silent
Shatter, black talon style, thoughts I throw
It remains in your brain then of course it grows

Maybe, even your babies can produce and rise
Picture a life where black babies can survive past five
But we must have hope, quoting the reverend from the pulpit
Refuse to turn the other cheek we must defeat the evil culprit

Lace me with words of destruction and I'll explode
but supply me with the will to survive, and watch the world grow
This ain't bout talkin' bout problems, I bring solutions
Where's the restitution, stipulated through the constitution

You violated, now I'm back to haunt your nights
Listen to the screams, of the lives you sacrificed
And in case you don't know, ghetto born black seeds still grow
We comin' back, for everything you owe

I'm coming collecting the s*** that belong to me
Motherf***ers are running and ducking
I'm a crazy n**** on a mission wit a bad mentality
Armed with missiles guns grenades
Pull out the pin, free I'm coming

Not guilty on the grounds of insanity it was them or me
Busting at my innocent family, say they looking for ki's
I was home alone, blind to the prelude
Bust in, talking bout, "Where is the Quaalude?" What you say fool?

Where in the hell is the search warrant?
No feedback is what he uttered, before he screamed "N**** motherf***er"
Dropped me to my knees I proceed to bleed
Suffering a rain of blows to my hands and knees

Will I survive, is God watching?
I grab his gat and bust in self-defense, my only option, God damn
Now they got me going to the county jail
And my family can't pay this outrageous bail

Try to offer me a deal, they told me if I squeal
move me, and my people, to a mansion in Brazil
Not me, so this is how it ends, no friends
I'll be stressed and they just, repossessed my Benz

Told the judge it was self-defense, he won't listen
So I'm bumping this in federal prison, giving everything I owe

[Chorus: x2]

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