Brainwascht (Seeds Album Version)


Way To Normal, 4 minutes

Brainwascht (Seeds Album Version)
  • Brainwascht (Seeds Album Version)


Ben Folds

(1, 2, 3)

If you wanna write a letter, write a letter
If you'd rather make a phone call, pick up the phone up...
And call me
But if you had to say it all with a pop song,
Couldn't you at least have written me a good one?

[Chorus: x2]
She's brainwashed you, brainwashed you, brainwashed you, brainwashed you too.

Was it just a simple rewind and erase?
Was your mind squeaky clean in the first place?

If you've gotta write an essay, do your research
Stick your nose in a boy and girl fight, hear both sides first
There's something wrong being copied in a memo
In the form of a big ugly demo

[Chorus: x2]

Is there a funnel from her mind to your mouth now?
Cause you don't edit anything, it just comes out.

I gotta say it's pretty gay trading jabs in pop song
So maybe next time, you should just have a dance off.
A dance off

I think there's something in the Bible about forgiveness and love.
And more importantly about those stones and what your house is made of.
You might reflect upon your own arrangement.
94 gettin' blown in your basement.

[Chorus: x2]

She's brainwashed you (integrity)
She's brainwashed you (family)
She's b-b-brainwashed you (all-night rhyming dictionary)

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