Daring Daylight Escape

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Daring Daylight Escape
  • Daring Daylight Escape


Caedmon's Call

I've got my mind made up
I've got to love you or leave you fast
'Cause I've been thinking clear
And I don't know how long it'll last
Just like Uri Gellar, I'm bound
To twist the facts around
I've got to get them straight
Before my baby up and leaves town

'Cause I can't walk on water
And if I chase you, I might drown
And I'm already up to my neck

If I may pose a question,
It'll only take a second
'Cause I know that it's getting late
And depending on your answer
I might have the mind to make
A daring daylight escape
Because it's either high time
To make you mine
Or I swear it's time
To get outta town
So please say "yes" quick,
'Cause the sun's going down

London's nice but it's
The last place you want to go
But there's no crime and you can catch
A Broadway show
'Cause it's just so far and it's bound
To get a hold on you
And I've got front page headlines
Pulled right outta yesterday's news

You can read all about it
About boy meets a girl and then
Screws the whole thing up
Just like always

It's no crime to love you
And my heart's still doing time
It's acting on it's best behavior

Written by WEBB, DEREK
Published by Universal Music Publishing Group

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