Mind On My Man

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Mind On My Man
  • Mind On My Man


Carly Simon

I've got my mind on my man
I've got my man on my mind
He's everything to me, he's somthin' more special
Than any amount of lookin's gonna find

I'm not hooked on any her from an idle dream
But I'm idly dreaming of him
He's a lotus, that opens and closes
Notice he won't always let me in
So my mind is on my man, got my man on my mind

Sometimes he's sleepy
And I don't think he loves me
I worry about his lovin'
Ain't I crazy?

He's a Northern baby and a Southern child
He's a gentleman lost at the fair
He's a cowboy gettin' drunk at the Plaza
He has a place in my heart anywhere
And my mind is on my man, got my man on my mind

Written by CARLY SIMON

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