Everybody Wanna Know (Clean Version)

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Everybody Wanna Know (Clean Version)
  • Everybody Wanna Know (Clean Version)


Charli Baltimore

Yeah, what (Charli Baltimore)
Bout to lay it down for these muthafuckas
(Charli Baltimore)
What, speakin' on C. B'More
Yo, uh, yo, yo

Now everybody wanna know the outcome, of went I come out
My roads to success, pay dues, with the thumb out
Hitch-hike, from she nice, to she's the nicest
I permit chicks to front, now I got a license what
Everybody wanna know if I spit my own hits
Come to any session, any song in question
Drop 48 bars on spots like remixes

All hoes do is add on my words like prefixes
Roll Thorough Bitches from deep South to these sixes
Been way past cats ideas of mad riches
Phone numbers, bank accounts
They goin' match the time, what

9-9-9, 9-9, 9-9
And the punchline, give my best thoughts at "Crunch Time"
I drop cats front, part 2, three much
You want, hot shit, pop shit or some toxic
Underground gossip, '99, I lock shit, what

'Charli Baltimore' [Charli]
'Charli Baltimore' [The B.I.G.]
'Yeah, yeah, my crew with... entertainment'
'The Commission.. get it right'
'Charli Baltimore' [Charli]
'Charli Baltimore' [The B.I.G.]
'Yeah, yeah, my crew with... entertainment'
'The Commission...'

Yo, uh, yo
Now everybody wanna know the price
Go soft in the rays, in other words B, meltin' they Ice
Lyrically price, mostly rap cats, nigga
So if I dis ya, better have them 48-Master Mister or Misses,

Bitches, came in Beemo with Preim-O
Jet flight like flocks, in L.V., Reno
Casino, I'll play Ginger, I don't need no
D-rugs, to T-hugs, niggas wanna see us
Fall off, only thing we do is parl' off
If it's beef, only thing you do is call off

Talkin' about Starters, please, we got is sewed up
When we got shows where you're at, don't even show up
Niggas need to grow up, step they flow up
Accept they diamonds won't blow up, and put they dough up
On how I grow up, and know what
Catch you on the Charli, you don't blown up
Check the dial tone...


Yo, yo, uh
Now everybody wanna know my third, versatile
Niggas still tryin' to figure if I'm worth their while
Why rap about clothes, I'm amerced in style
Legally the hot shit, in reverse awhile

Catch an idea or two, it's my years, you through
In no time, I blow mine's, forget it, you who?
C-H-A-R-L-I, dot it, no 'E'
Ain't never been spotted, shit, niggas owe me
Can't nobody hold me to nothin' they can't show me
Knew half now, and half now, do the math now

See who laughs now, female, not free mail
Get the message like E-mail, rhyme with such detail
Here's to my songs like seashells, I derails
Rappers off my track if they yapping is wack
Cats attacking my back, you can see me head on
Yeah me, get'cha red on point, be dead on, uh


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