It Was

Single White Female, 4 minutes

It Was
  • It Was


Chely Wright

I guess we guess are way through life
How many times do we really know for sure?
I was just hoping for the best
Then I woke up in these lovin' arms of yours
What I felt was unmistakable
When I fell for you

It was real, it was magic
It was calm, it was savage
It was cool as a breeze
It was warm to the touch
It was never enough
It was always too much
It did all the things love does
That's how I knew
It was

Who thought that I could laugh so loud
Then turn around and cry so many tears
I used to have so many doubts
But one by one you made them disappear
What I found was unbelievable
But I believe it's true


You asked what I felt when you walked through the door
Was it fear?
Was it clear?
It was all that and more


That's how I knew
It was

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