Epiphany, 4 minutes

  • Fragile


Chrisette Michele

It's a long shot, but I'm feeling kinda of bold
When I saw you then my heart its in full control
Can we go, oooh baby, somewhere we can get to know each other

I'm kind of anxious; see Im not the kind of girl that would do this, I'm so far outside my world
But if I don't, I don't tell you baby, it'll kill me to never know, oooh

Don't leave me (Don't leave me)
I wanna live(I wanna live)
Can you see me (Can you see me)
Here on the edge (Here on the edge)
Boy don't tell me no, don't tell me no
While my heart is fragile, oooh
La la la la la la la la oh oh fragile (x4)
Lalalalalalalal eh

Boy don't tell me no, don't tell me no
While my heart is fragile

I ain't begging, that ain't ever been my style,
Something is different when I'm looking in your eyes

I lose, I lose my cool baby, the closer that you get to me ooohh

I can't take another second, ohh I'm jumping out my skin,
If loving is the game, then boy you got to let me win
Oooh baby, baby, baby, its like I can't barely breathe
No no no no no no!


I ain't begging, I won't plead,
I'm just asking you to see
[You will see me. You see me boy] x2

I ain't like this normally; I'm not the kind of fool you see
But don't you think, that you and me can barely be....


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