Sue's Gotta Be Mine

The Great Del Shannon, 2 minutes

Sue's Gotta Be Mine
  • Sue's Gotta Be Mine


Del Shannon

Sue, why don't we go away
(go away)
Sue, we could leave today
(leave today)
Sue, what would your daddy say
(daddy say)
Sue, will he see things our way
(our way)

Come on, baby, we'll fund us a preacher man
In time your daddy will understand
Sue, who cares what people say
(people say)
Sue, let's leave today
(leave today)
I'll find us a secret hide-away
I'll get a job and I'll work everyday
Sue, you gotta be my baby
(be my baby)
Sue, you gotta be mine
(all the time)
Sue, you gotta be my baby
(be my baby)

Written by DEL SHANNON
Published by BUG MUSIC

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