Spiralling (Two Ring Circus Version)

The Two Ring Circus, 4 minutes

Spiralling (Two Ring Circus Version)
  • Spiralling (Two Ring Circus Version)



I try hard
To put you out of mind
Every night alone
I`m thinking `bout you
Now can I avoid this
Pain without you
I won`t cry
Won`t be sorry no more
I know that this is
Something I`ll get over
Maybe I can learn to love another
It`s just a matter of time
It`s just a matter of time
It`s just a matter of time
It`s just a matter of time
Just because I lock
Myself in my room
It doesn`t mean that
I`m afraid to talk to
Those people I know
That might have you seen you
No return
I keep reminding myself
I look back
Don`t regret a single moment
I gonna mend this heart
Inside you`ve broken

Show me the way
They say safety in numbers
I lift up my eyes to the sky
And imagine a crowd
Of hearts that surround me
And give the me courage to die
Were you to weep
And lie at my feet
Then you`d wash all
My troubles away
And imagine the host
Of angels around me
That give me the courage to die

Written by BELL/CLARKE
Published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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