Eve-Olution, 4 minutes

  • Neckbones



It ain't so much about the words I say but how I say 'em
And I'm gon' play this game the best and make sure that I slay 'em
Even my enemies impressed 'bout how I make my moves
They tried to step it up but can't 'cause they just fake and lose
My niggas double are but I don't hide behind my dogs
Nigga, I'm holdin' mine
Bet against her, take a loss
And I ain't slackin' up
I gotta win at any cause
Intimidate you bitch niggas I got bigger balls
Ayyo I bet you can't stop her
She got a lotta shit wit her
Damn you's a fan don't try to block her
Man got you wantin' it
Fame how you hunger it
The talk curious 'bout the stalkin' uh huh oh who's she

[Chorus: x2]
Get up and move ya'self
This type of shit is good for ya health
Ain't nothin' better put therest on the shelf
I said forget the rest
'Cause she the one they talkin' about
I want to hear you say these words out ya mouth

Some claim they can't stand her
But they demand her, they watch her
These niggas want to lock her down and brand her
Some claim they can't take me
Baby don't make me do the thing I do to keep you here, you can't escape me
Gotcha, hear this music don't let nothin' stop ya
Dance and wave yo hands, let this beat start to rock ya
Every step, try to catch yo breath
In and outta control 'till you ain't got nothin' left
I love it when they wildin' out
I got 'em jumpin' around, see don't be shy
Don't hold it in baby just ride it out
Don't worry 'bout the time
Can't handle it? Then find the exit sign
I need the rest of y'all to lose ya mind

[Chorus: x2]

Bombshell got you breathin' heavy, is you ready?
She back, sick wit the blonde and I ain't stoppin'
So I'm droppin' already and holdin' steady
Niggas thought I wouldn't do it said screw it
They want to try to say face it forget them cowards, they blew it
My attitude is confidence, Philly sponsored this
And I ain't happy wit just "that's hot", I'm makin' monster hits
And I ain't satisfied wit what I got, I need a lotta shit
It's still a hustle for me baby, hungry nigga, common sense

[Chorus: x2]

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