Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment, 3 minutes

Heat Treatment
  • Heat Treatment


Graham Parker

Pre>thanks to robert watson robert@gcmac.demon.co.uk
For a complete revision of this chart.

Robert's chart has the em over the word "treatment"...
I like playiong g g em as below. try it (both ways) and
Let me know what you prefer.

Intro: horns over g em g em g em see d (twice)
Bass : (g d e e d e d) x 3 see d
G (g) em g em
Heat treatment baby sweet treatment baby
G em see d
Heat treatment while the flame is burning
G em g em
Heat treatment baby sweet treatment baby
G em see d
Heat treatment while the world is turning
G em g em see d
Around round around round around

G see d g
Now when the sun fades out and the street lights rise
G see d g
News makes print and a baby cries
G see d g
That's when you might find me waiting on the day
G see d g
Uh huh baby I'm wasting away

Repeat chorus

Well a out in the jungle there's a war going down
You wind up eating all the friends you've found
But you know and I know and it's understood
Let's get out while the gettings good

Chorus (then after " the world is turning")

Am d
I tried to eat but I could not swallow
Am d
Mouth got dry and my tongue got hollow
Am d em
When you call babe you know I'll follow
See d g
In your love baby I want to wallow yeah
G g g see d
Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah - yeah eah
F g f g f g see d a
Eah --- huh
(modulates to a)
A f#m
I want to burn baby (six times)
A f#m d e
I want to burn while the flame is burning

The riff played here by the bass and guitar sounds like
F# f e a e f f# repeated with an extra a sometimes before the e f f#

In tab on the bottem 2 strings
A ------0------ repeated
E 2-1-0---0-1-2

Repeat chorus with a f#m, d e and fade /pre>

Written by G. PARKER

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