On The Rural Route 7609, 3 minutes

  • L.U.V.


John Mellencamp

Guilty 'til proven innocent
I'm thinking about the government
Wondering where the money went
Into outer space, I guess
Lying CS's everywhere
Pretty boys in their underwear.
Statue of Liberty
Who really cares
About freedom.

Singin' about l-u-v baby, luv
Singin' about l-u-v baby, luv

Throw up, throw down
Get yourself a better town
All these towns look the same
Self pity, number one recreation
We're dying in the USA.
Preacher man, he keeps
While he covets your wife
I ain't sayin' what's good
I ain't sayin' what's right.


Wait a minute, let me check my tan
Am I the same color as Superman?
Helter skelter in a foreign land
Monkeys versus dogs,
Lying under a big palm tree
With cream and bananas all over me
That's the way it's supposed to be
Here in the Garden of Eden.

[Chorus x 2]

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