Kiss Me Now

Confessions Of A Nice Girl, 3 minutes

Kiss Me Now
  • Kiss Me Now


Katie Armiger

Put on my high heels,
My little red dress,
And sugar cookie perfume,
And I don't care if you know I'm trying,
Its time that you got a up here,
You say you wish that you could find girl like me,
Its hilarious,
How obvious can one girl be?

Yeah it might feel a little bit funny at first
But I promise we can figure it out,
Let me show you tonight that its time we stop messin' around, kiss me now, kiss me now,

I see your smiling,
I catch you starin',
More than a friend would do,
I'm dropping hints like, like its my job,
Why, why you keep playing it cool.
Did u call me over just so we could hang out
Boy this little game yours playin' is really freaking me out.


I know I know I get it,
Your the gentleman type,
But lean a little closer let me change your mind

[Chorus: x2]

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