After Dark

Platinum Masters, 3 minutes

After Dark
  • After Dark


Kitty Wells

After dark you come slipping back to me
From the one who shares your name but scorns your love
While the one who has your name from scandal is free
But the whole world my darling looks down on me
Don't you think I have no pride or shame
Don't you care that we're the gossips of the town
Does our love to you just mean a past time lark
Are you ashamed to be with me till after dark
[ fiddle - steel ]
Here out late I can't help but doubt your love
So many things you've promised have turned to lies
You say I'm your love and you're all mine I'm so tired of double talking your alibis
Don't you think I have no pride...

Written by WELLS, KITTY
Published by Universal Music Publishing Group

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