Ribbon Of Darkness (Album Version)

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Ribbon Of Darkness (Album Version)
  • Ribbon Of Darkness (Album Version)


Marty Robbins

Ribbon of darkness over me
Since my true love walked out the door
Tears I never had before
Ribbon of darkness over me

Clouds a-gatherin' o'er my head
That kill the day and hide the sun
That shroud the night when day is done
Ribbon of darkness over me

Rain is falling on the meadow
Where once my love and I did lie
Now she is gone from the meadow
My love goodbye

Ribbon of darkness over me
Where once the world was young as spring
Where flowers did bloom and birds did sing
Ribbon of darkness over me

Here in this cold room lyin'
Don't want to see no one but you
Lord I wish I could be dyin'
To forget you

Oh how I wish your heart could see
How mine just aches and breaks all day
Come on home and take away
This ribbon of darkness over me

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