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Smoked Out
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Yo hit that bitch up...up...up...coo

We bout to get smoked out this bitch here tonight
When the last time you heard that shit (turn that shit up)
Damn its been a minute nigga (cough cough)
Still doin this shit (pass dat shit nigga)
Look..look....look for y'all niggas that don't know nigga
I really be smokin on my smoking songs (well alright)
You can smell it? (fuckin right)
That's that..(cough), that's that real shit you heard me
Oh shit
Hit this shit fool
You ain't scared huh? You can handle it?

Get ya ? with ya pipe and, cigar, papers, scissors and cut it up
Smoke somethin, sell somethin, roll somethin
If it ain't doeja then put up
I'm bout to let y'all bitches know somethin
I'm the nigga to holla at if you really tryna blow somethin
Scope houses ? like they inexpensive
Got cushion northern lights white without Tupac and Jimmy Hendrix
Just like the incense
Me run outta weed, is that senseless
For instance....
Imma be around this bitch smokin till I got dentures
Three smokin songs you two ? you know the ?
I mean its four smoke songs
I done got so blowed I forgot to count this one
Ain't no mystery, y'all niggas need to let that bullshit miss me
You know the history
Been smokin, keep movin boxes of fifty
You could live it high, could live it tipsy
But both gon get a nig fucked up
So tell me what's the difference
This that shit...the shit they can't stay woke off of
This that shit that ? can't smoke off of

[Chorus 4X]
(what you is?) I'm just a rap writer, before I get my nerve back
Lemmie go get my lemmie go get my lighter

Smoke alllll over this mutha fucka....bitch you ain't loaded
Cuuuuuu boom boom boom boom at the doe
If you gotta problem with me gettin high...suck a dick and die
Lemmie go get my, lemmie go get my, lemmie go get my,
Lemmie go get my LIGHTER
(cough cough) Cuuuuuu
Y'all muthafuckas ain't loaded
Nigga if y'all was muthafukin loaded like me you'd have your muthafuckin
Lighter up nigga
Put ya muthafuckin lighter in the sky nigga
Light that bitch up

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